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Tomato + sweet wine? Yamaku turns strange CP seconds into a summer antidote | daily new product stew Vol.16

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Zero alcohol sweet wine can relieve summer heat and improve intestines
In Japan, kanjiu is a traditional sweet drink with a history of thousands of years. Most of the sweet wine is made of rice, and the clear liquid is obtained after fermentation. Because it is rich in nutrition, it has long been recognized as a health drink by the Japanese government and has become a household drink widely consumed by Japanese people in summer.
Yamaku launched this “miqu Gan wine”, which is rich in lycopene and β- The “tomato” of carotene is therefore rich in natural dietary fiber, glucose, oligosaccharides that help improve the intestinal environment, essential amino acids and B vitamins. Even children and people who are not good at drinking can safely drink it. At the same time, the tomato with sour taste neutralizes the common sweet taste in sweet wine, making it refreshing and easy to eat. It is a good strategy to solve summer heatstroke, and it is also a good product for beauty.
Image source: item rakuten.
Smooth taste, low calorie, high satisfaction
This tomato liqueur is generally viscous, but there is no obvious sense of granularity. It tastes very smooth, cold and refreshing with fruit flavor. The ingredients are very simple. Each box of 100g has only 88kcal of heat. There is no burden when you put one box on a hot summer day.

Blending of multiple categories, rice wine is not only a “single product”
When it comes to rice wine, the first impression of the public may be the glutinous rice ferment, or the mellow white Japanese and Korean rice wine. Regardless of the form, the rice wine ingredients list generally contains only grain ingredients. First, simplify the production process and reduce costs; The second is to ensure pure taste. This is also the key to win consumers in Japan, where rice wine is fully integrated into people’s lives. However, this tomato sweet wine has a different way. When tomatoes are added to traditional rice wine, the finished product has no sense of contradiction. The addition of tomatoes not only improves the nutritional expression of rice wine, but also makes the taste of only fermented wine more soft, which is actually a bold innovation of rice wine.
Miso manufacturers give examples of alcohol free wine out of the circle
Yamaku Foods Co., Ltd. is a company founded in Tokushima as a pickle shop. Since 1985, when “cooked miso” and “instant miso soup” were sold, their rich flavor and ease of use have won widespread popularity and quickly become signature products. This sweet wine, which makes it proud, is also made from its original rice distiller’s yeast and takes full advantage of years of miso production technology.
Image source: item rakuten.
At present, alcohol free drinks on the market are usually designed to further meet the needs of adults in special scenes. Even if they can be regarded as summer thirst quenching drinks, their strong hops taste is not very friendly to children and women who can’t drink and don’t like alcohol. Although this tomato sweet wine is called “wine”, it can be equivalent to an intestinal friendly fermented drink; The light pink color and soft taste of tomatoes also make the product more suitable for children and women. How can alcohol free rice wine be extended to a wider range of consumer groups? This product is a reference case.
Image source: yamaku official website
Diversified eating methods, more rich experience
Tomato liqueur tends to be thick and thick in texture. In addition to drinking directly, it can also be used to make sherbet like fruit flavored yogurt, and can also be frozen and eaten as “ice cream”. Consumers can also use their imagination to DIY different ways of eating. In the process of creation, they also have a deeper experience of products.


Country of origin: Japan
Company & Brand: yamak foods
Category: beverages / alcoholic beverages
Applicable to: the public
Ingredients: koji, rice, tomato powder
Nutrient composition table:
Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place
Specification & Price: 150 yen / box (excluding tax)
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