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With a monthly sales volume of 60000+, Michelle ice city has become popular again, not milk tea and coffee

1: 1 Snow King’s “ton ton bucket”
The monthly sales volume reached 6000+
. Following the introduction of various cute peripherals with Snow King IP images, snow ice city has played a new trick in the peripherals this time.
is different from the previous surroundings. Honey Snow’s brain hole is wide open this time, and the IP image of everyone’s favorite brand spokesperson “Snow King” is used as the periphery. Snow King, which used to appear as a cartoon image, is now transformed into a common water cup in daily life, and its creative shape has brought great surprises to netizens.       
“Ton ton bucket” DIY expression bag
Just a few days after
went online, with its lovely image, “ton ton Tong” immediately captured the hearts of a large number of netizens on major social media. Search # Snow King ton ton ton bucket related topics on the little red book, and its browsing volume has reached one million. On Tiktok, there is nearly 1.7 billion playback volume under the ton ton bucket label.
“lovely love, my heart will be melted by the Snow King”, “I declare that the happiness of this summer is given by the Snow King”, “with this water cup, I can dazzle 18 cups of milk tea a day” and so on.
according to the pictures released by the official Weibo of snow city, in terms of appearance, it is completely transparent. The ton ton bucket of Snow King almost reproduces the image of Snow King in 1:1. Holding it in your hand is like having a Snow King all the time. In addition to appearance, the strength of “Snow King” can’t be underestimated. Its capacity is 700ml. Its round stomach can not only be used to hold water, but also can be used to hold milk tea in the milk tea shop to experience the happiness of “tons, tons, tons” in one bite.
Source: official flagship store of snow city
In addition, it also uses a creative cup cover, which can have a variety of drinking positions. As long as you take off the crown for the Snow King yourself, you can put the straw into drinking. In addition, it is also equipped with a rope, which can also be carried with you.
at present, the “ton ton ton bucket” has been launched in the official Taobao store of mixue ice city, and the price-effective mixue has also continued its consistent parity style on the “ton ton bucket”, and has also launched a 2 cup 19 yuan event on Taobao, which makes people call “the happiness of 9.9 yuan, the Snow King gives it to me”. By observing the sales data displayed on Taobao, we achieved a monthly sales volume of 60000+.
Peripheral products are a “business”
In recent years, with the rise and spread of the concept of surrounding brands, because of its high added value, major tea brands have also focused on this “business”, launching brand related peripheral products and strengthening brand construction have become a popular trend in the tea industry.
1. Like tea “artistic inspiration” surrounding, transfer brand tone
tea head brand Xi tea joined seven original design brands last year, taking the color and flavor of its popular popular product duorouqingti as the creative inspiration, and jointly launched a number of duorouqingti co branded peripheral products, including peripheral products in many fields such as lighting, masks, aromatherapy wax candles, jewelry, cosmetics and so on.
in addition, there is a large canvas bag made by Xicha, which highlights the unique artistic inspiration of “fantastic ideas” of Xicha, making the brand image more popular. At the same time, the slogan of “Qingsong takes away” also conveys the concept of green environmental protection and Qingsong consumption advocated by Xicha.
Tea loving and meaty, qingti joint name surrounding
it is understood that in 2018 alone, Xicha launched nearly 100 peripheral products, including beauty, clothing and life. The types include lipstick, clothes, hat, stereo, bag, umbrella, mobile phone case, socks, etc.
in addition, some time ago, Xicha also launched a tea residue cup with Fujiwara Hao, which integrates the trend culture into the traditional tea culture. Once launched, it is very popular. From “inspirational tea” to “inspirational surroundings”, such a rich surrounding culture is also conveying the brand tone and culture of tea loving.
2. Starbucks, the “ancestor” of the surrounding area, makes the surrounding area a brand symbol
as the big brother of the domestic coffee market, Starbucks can also be regarded as the “ancestor” in terms of going out of the surrounding areas, and Starbucks also achieves the extreme in playing around the surrounding areas.
is like Starbucks’ exclusive Christmas surroundings every year. From 1997 to now, the long-term value accumulated over the years has made the surroundings of Christmas cups a landmark of Starbucks. A few years ago, Starbucks launched a cat’s paw cup. Once it was on sale, it was snapped up by consumers, and it was also popular in all major social media. A cup is hard to get in physical stores, and it has been fried to twoorthree times the usual price on e-commerce platforms.
in addition, Starbucks has also launched various Pink mini tote bags, pink round cake bags, small Xiangfeng Lingge bags, and seasonal style bags. And this year, Starbucks also made clothes across the border, launching the Starbucks bear doll version of the raincoat and so on.
Various surroundings of Starbucks
Based on the strong brand potential of the head brand, when the peripheral effect is large enough to radiate to consumers, there will be a unique phenomenon: customers will buy coffee for the sake of the surrounding, which is also the value of the surrounding unique “business”.
3. “Garden party” with pleasant tea appearance, and develop independent surrounding stores
when it comes to the surrounding topics, it must be inseparable from the pleasant color of tea.
, as a representative of the national style tea brand, is also a school in the surrounding culture. The unique “tour round” theme store is a kind of store opened by chayan Yuese for the surrounding area.
“garden party” is equivalent to chayan’s grocery store. You can buy various cultural and creative peripherals full of chayan’s brand style, such as limited casual tea cups, kraft paper notebooks, badges, hand account tapes, markers, etc., which are relatively moderate in price.
“Garden party”
But in fact, this kind of peripheral stores is not only about making profits, but also about strengthening consumers’ brand cultural recognition of tea beauty.
as the name suggests, the biggest point of “garden party” is “tour”. The “garden party” combines the ancient store decoration of chayan, and the surrounding design and naming words carry the brand culture. Customers unknowingly deepen the brand memory in this “shopping” and playing.
Look at the new trend around the brand from the perspective of “ton ton barrel”
looking back at the fire of “tons of barrels”, it seems that there are new trends around the brand behind it.
1. “Childishness” and “children’s orientation” poke more at the psychology of young groups
“it’s a little naive for primary school students, but it’s just fine for adults”. This is a popular passage on the Internet.
nowadays, some adults and college students can be seen everywhere on the internet doing childish behaviors similar to those of primary school students. In fact, it reflects the psychological state of modern young people that “they should also reveal light in boring days”.
whether it is the “ton ton bucket” of miyue this time or the Kentucky Fried Duck around KFC, which was previously designed for International Children’s Day, they have accidentally become popular among young people, which also shows that the appearance is relatively “naive”, and the childlike shape just pokes the preferences of “older children”. Even in busy and tired days, we should maintain childlike innocence, “older children” are also looking for happiness.
“Being strangled by fate”
seems to be around “childish” and “children oriented”, but it captures the psychology of young groups and follows the consumption orientation of main consumer groups. “Childish” and “children oriented” may be seen as a popular trend around brands in the future.
2. “Fun” has become a new keyword
when we look at the topic of “tons of barrels” on social media, we find that “Snow King” is not just a peripheral so simple, “fun” has become the key word of the peripheral this time, and various netizens have unlocked more ways to play with their unrestrained imagination.
• wonderful fusion of “ton ton bucket”
“ton Cup” has also become an artifact for loading other drinks because of its 700ml large capacity, and netizens have played a new trick. Therefore, there are operations of loading pure milk, coke and black tea. Some people directly load the cup with a sundae, and then there is a big white belly “Snow King” and a blackened version of “Snow King”. Netizens call “you will never guess what is in the belly of Snow King”.
Smoothie “Snow King”
blackened version “Snow King”
In addition, there are more funny operations. Netizens took “tons of barrels” to other milk tea stores to “smash the yard” and asked the clerk to put it in this cup of “Snow King”. The clerk’s brother said: bold! But for the love of Snow King, I’ll spare you this time.
• office mascots and street walking artifacts
because of its lovely appearance and applicability, “ton ton bucket” has also become the mascot of many migrant workers’ offices. If you put it on your desk and take a look at the lovely “Snow King” after work, it seems to relieve a little fatigue.
in addition, due to the unique design of the rope, it also adds the function of carrying around, so it has also become a street walking artifact of many netizens. In hot summer, it has also become a unique scene to put a cup of lemon tea in “ton ton barrels”, take “Snow King” shopping with friends, take photos and punch cards, and drink a sip of lemon tea when thirsty.
• DIY expression pack
and other netizens have played a rich imagination, combined with the image of “Snow King” to make a series of interesting expression packs, and developed new ways to play.
such as “being strangled by fate”, “smile in the face of life”, “a belly of bad water”, and so on.
“Face life with a smile” expression pack
in the tense and fast-paced pace of life, contemporary people are often full of pressure because of work and life. These “Snow King” expression packs are also a way for adults to vent their life pressure, and also reflect the psychological demands of modern people and the mainstream trend of young people to pursue fun and interest.
In the tea market in the era of involution, the surrounding areas have gradually become the battleground of tea brands, and the practicality and beauty of surrounding products are essential. But after all, “win the consumers and win the world”, maximize the use of surrounding areas to convey brand culture, truly “play” with consumers, and generate touch and connection, so that the brand and surrounding areas can achieve each other, which is also the significance of brand surrounding.
Author: Li Yanhao; Source: China Beverage Express (id:zgypkb), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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