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Feihe innovated and upgraded the patent can inner code, and worked in a multi pronged manner to improve the market health

In order to help regulate the market and promote the sustainable development of the industry, recently, the packaging of Feihe products was upgraded to a patented can inner code, so as to better safeguard the interests of channels and consumers and continuously improve the health of the market.

It is worth noting that the internal code technology of flying crane can is the first patented technology in the industry. The code is located in the D-shaped area (on the powder scraper) in the aluminum foil, which is completely hidden and cannot be stolen. When scanning the code, you must open the can and open a new era of internal code.

The relevant person in charge of Feihe said that the internal code of Feihe can not only provide consumers with a better consumption experience through cash red envelopes, exchange points and other internal code benefits, but also enable channel merchants to focus more on standardized market development and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Achieve a disruptive breakthrough and create a patented tank inner code in zone D

It is understood that the internal code of Feihe patent can achieve a disruptive breakthrough in the existing internal code technology, and innovatively put the code assignment position of the integral code on the powder scraper. Consumers only need three steps to scan the code: opening the cover, uncovering the film, and scanning the code, and they can enjoy the corresponding rights and interests. This design is not only very convenient, but also meaningful.


On the one hand, the internal code of Feihe patent can belongs to the real “secret code”, which has a very low possibility of being destroyed before the milk powder is opened for use, which can effectively prevent human theft and strengthen the secrecy of the internal code.

In addition, during the two-year research and development of the internal code, Feihe carefully considered the possible food safety and other issues in the process of assigning the code.

Different from being assigned on the aluminum foil paper in the milk powder can, the internal code of Feihe patent can has significant advantages, such as no impact on the tightness of milk powder, no risk of foreign matters in online code assignment, and no contact between the internal code and powder, which can better ensure the quality and safety of milk powder.

Specifically, the inner code of the inner code patent tank is designed on the powder scraper, and the coding process is online intelligent production, which has no contact with the environment and personnel. It can not only avoid the aluminum foil being punctured by the laser in the coding process, which brings the risk of milk powder leakage, but also avoid the debris problem caused by the traditional laser coding, and there is no risk of foreign matter in the whole process.

More importantly, the can inner code designed on the powder scraper can realize the contact between the inner code and milk powder 0, which is more safe, reliable and reassuring.

In addition, the inner code of the flying crane can is on the powder scraper, which can not only be permanently saved with the tank, but also easier to scan. After the user uncovers the film, he can scan the code directly and at any time, and enjoy the corresponding cash rewards and integral rights.

Solve the pain points of the industry and protect the interests of compliance operators

In recent years, in the continuous development of the milk powder industry, there have also been some chaos, such as “one-piece distribution”. For consumers, the products received from these channels are often products with destroyed integral codes and traceable source codes, which makes it impossible for consumers to trace the product information, and it is very easy to buy milk powder with quality problems such as old dates and air leaks, reducing consumers’ trust in the brand.

In addition, these sales behaviors that disturb the market order also make the market fall into a vicious competition state, and there is a risk of counterfeiting and shoddy, affecting the long-term healthy development of the industry.

In this context, as one of the industry leaders, Feihe spent two years developing and launching the industry’s first patented technology can code, aiming at the pain points of the industry. The location of the code is more hidden and secure, achieving the real “secret code” attribute. Moreover, Feihe has also issued various favorable policies for all parties to attract consumers and channel merchants to actively participate, better maintain the market development environment and help the industry return to a benign state.

For consumers, scanning the inner code of the can can not only get points to exchange for gifts, but also 100% cash red envelopes, with a maximum amount of 188 yuan. In addition, by scanning the code, consumers can also enter the star mother Association platform to obtain personalized customized childcare services with more than 40 million mothers to solve childcare problems in different periods and different needs.

In addition, the upgraded internal code is not easy to be destroyed. By tracking abnormal sales information, enterprises can better protect the rights and interests of compliance operators, so that channel providers can focus more on standardized market development and provide better services for consumers.

Adhere to mutual achievements and work together with partners to seek common development

In fact, in order to create a good market environment and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, Feihe has been making every effort to take various ways to solve problems for partners and achieve common development.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the general environment, the pressure on dealers’ capital turnover has increased. Feihe has taken various ways to continue to reduce dealers’ inventory, reduce the financial pressure of channels and improve the freshness of products. At present, Feihe has become one of the leading brands in product freshness in the industry.

In recent years, Feihe has also been constantly promoting digital upgrading and constantly improving the service capacity of terminals. For example, through the digital system, it solves the problems of “purchase, sale and inventory” of terminal goods, access to new users, and revitalization of existing users. Through the online training system, service personnel can learn professional parenting knowledge anytime and anywhere, and jointly guard the health of Chinese babies with Baoma.

Not only that, over the years, Feihe has adhered to mutual achievements and joined forces with Peking University, Lanzhou University, Taiyuan University of technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of science and technology and other universities to continue to carry out MBA and EMBA courses training courses for China Feihe dairy strategic partners to help young partners improve their management skills.

“Feihe firmly believes that there is no secret to development, let alone a shortcut. We should work together with our partners to move forward in a down-to-earth manner, do a solid job in industrial construction and industrial innovation, and open up a development road of symbiosis and common prosperity in exploration.” Caifangliang, President of China flying crane, once said.

In the future, with years of profound technological accumulation, Feihe will continue to take practical actions to maintain the healthy and orderly development of the dairy market, and lead its partners to explore more market opportunities to achieve common development.

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