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Pinduoduo strongly condemned the malicious and exaggerated publicity event. Zhong Xuegao responded that the ice cream “couldn’t be burned”, Shanghai Fengxian Municipal Bureau of supervision carried out a special inspection on the “ice cream Assassin”, and Amazon took a stake in the takeout service provider

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Zhong Xuegao responded that ice cream “can’t burn”

Today, Zhongxue high wechat official account issued a statement saying that Zhongxue high sea salt coconut ice cream has recently attracted more attention from all walks of life. All ice cream products of the company are produced in accordance with the national standard gb/t 31119-2014 frozen beverage ice cream and leave the factory after passing the test. Carrageenan, which is concerned by consumers, comes from red algae and is widely used in ice cream, ice cream and drinks. An appropriate amount of carrageenan helps to maintain a relatively stable state of milk protein in ice cream. (issued by the company)

Dongpeng beverage: it plans to increase capital of 185MILLION US dollars to Hong Kong Dongpeng

Dongpeng beverage announced today that the company plans to continue to increase the capital of Hong Kong Dongpeng in the form of cash contribution, with the proposed capital increase of US $185MILLION. After the completion of this capital increase, the registered capital of Hong Kong Dongpeng will increase to US $190million. (company announcement)

Baoli food starts to apply for purchase, and cooperative enterprises include KFC, etc

Today, Baoli food, a compound seasoning company, opened its subscription at a price of 10.05 yuan / share, with a price earnings ratio of 22.98 times, belonging to the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company has established cooperative relations with KFC, pizza hut, McDonald’s, DEX, Burger King, Domino’s, Shengnong food, Tyson China, Cargill and Chia Tai food. (Zhitong Finance)

JUNLEBAO junchuang second family ranch starts construction

Recently, the JUNLEBAO junchuang animal husbandry second family ranch project with a total investment of 120million yuan officially started construction in Guanzhuang Township, Huanghua city. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in March next year, with an annual output of 4100 tons of fresh milk. (Cangzhou daily)

New foreign investment in Chali

Recently, Guangzhou Chali Group Co., Ltd. newly invested in Guangzhou Chali YOUPIN Trade Sales Co., Ltd. with the legal representative Wang MEIXIA and a registered capital of 100000 yuan. Its business scope includes food sales (only pre packaged food); Internet sales of food (only pre packaged food); Tea set sales; Food sales. (business system)

Yogurt microblogging fake lottery? Account permissions have been restored

Recently, the Weibo false activity exposure platform issued a document saying that yousuan milk failed to issue the prize after multiple sweepstakes. The Weibo official contacted and verified the situation for many times, but there was no feedback, and there was no obvious follow-up processing. The lottery permission of this account has been frozen. On July 6, the Weibo false activity exposure platform issued a document saying that after communication, the @ excellent yogurt has recently contacted the corresponding winning users on the relevant lottery activities to explain the situation and arrange the reissue of prizes. Relevant winning users can query their own account private messages and view the prize distribution logistics information in the winning list@ Yogurt actively cooperated and followed up, and its account lottery authority has been restored. (iDoNews)

Different meat customers join hands with Dexter to launch different hamburgers

Today, beyond meat announced the establishment of cooperation with Dexter, a well-known local western fast food brand, to launch plant-based hamburger beef patties in some stores across the country. From July 6, consumers can taste the new product of “triple cheese planting beef fort”; In order to celebrate the launch of new products, consumers also have the opportunity to enjoy the second half price new taste discount within a limited time. (issued by the company)

Coca Cola official publicity spokesperson

Today, Coca Cola officially announced its brand spokesperson Yang Yang. (issued by the company)

Dongpeng beverage and Yao fund jointly launched the “youth out of the basket plan”

Today, the launching ceremony of the 2022 Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season was held in Beijing. Dongpeng beverage was officially announced as a public welfare strategic partner of Yao foundation. The two sides jointly launched the “youth out of the basket program” to support the physical education of 110 rural primary schools through hardware and support education donations.

Announcement of greenhouse gas emission verification report of Yuanqi forest Guangdong factory

Today, Yuanqi forest announced the greenhouse gas emission verification report of its Guangdong factory on its wechat official account. Yuanqi forest Guangdong plant checked greenhouse gas emissions from January 2021 to December 2021 and passed ISO 14064-1:2018 certification. (issued by the company)

Ben&jerry’s sues the parent company Unilever

Yesterday, ben&jerry’s sued its parent company Unilever to prevent the latter from selling its Israeli business to local licensees. S filed a lawsuit in Manhattan district court, saying that the sale may damage the integrity of the ben&jerry brand. S the board of Directors voted 5 to 2 to sue, and the two directors appointed by Unilever disagreed. (Reuters)

Yum! Brand is selling KFC business in Russia

Yesterday, yum! Brand said that it was conducting in-depth negotiations on the sale of the franchise rights of KFC restaurants in Russia to local buyers, and then planned to withdraw completely from the country. The company has now completed the sale of the Russian Pizza Hut business to local operators, who are renaming these restaurants. (Reuters)

Wal Mart was pointed to some suppliers to charge new fees

Recently, according to a memo read by Reuters, Wal Mart will start charging new fees from some of its suppliers next month to cope with rising fuel and transportation costs. According to the memorandum, the company will impose a “charge for goods” of “charge for goods” and charge a fuel surcharge based on the fuel cost of transporting goods. (Reuters)

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Shanghai infant milk powder supply guarantee task completed

Recently, as a supplier guarantee enterprise in Shanghai, foreign milk powder enterprises have taken a series of emergency measures to ensure market supply. Wyeth nutritionals promised to “deliver to the door” within 48 hours, and Danone also helped citizens find offline stores updated every day through its official milk powder service platform “feed freedom”, and organized community direct purchase; Danone also cooperates with dada express and Fosun business flow, which squeeze out 30 and 10 trucks to deliver directly to the community every day in the tight transportation capacity, and can cover the milk powder needs of 500-600 community families every day. On the one hand, fisiland used the applied pass to timely distribute the milk powder of Meisu Jiaer to the community where the consumers are located. (First Finance)

Shanghai Fengxian Supervision Bureau launched a special price inspection on the phenomenon of “ice cream assassins”

According to @ Shanghai market regulation Weibo news, in recent days, Shanghai Fengxian District market supervision and Administration Bureau has carried out a comprehensive special inspection on relevant prices in response to the recently hotly discussed phenomenon of “ice cream assassins”, focusing on the illegal price behaviors such as non-compliance with the specified price and price fraud in the process of selling ice cream, such as snack bars, supermarkets, cold drink wholesale stores and other market entities. The inspection found that most stores in the area can achieve clear pricing and aligned goods labels. At the same time of the inspection, the law enforcement officers also warned the operators that they must clearly price all the goods and earnestly perform the responsibilities of the operators. (Interface)

Pinduoduo strongly condemns the malicious exaggerated propaganda event

On July 4, 2022, some netizens reported that a shop called “leogo pet food” on pinduoduo shopping platform had exaggerated publicity such as bloody and untrue product descriptions, which attracted netizens’ attention. According to the latest news, the police have launched an investigation on this matter, and pinduoduo platform has also publicly responded, strongly condemning such illegal acts, saying that it will resolutely investigate and investigate the legal responsibility of relevant personnel, and will fully accept lessons, improve prevention awareness, and prevent the gap of malicious and exaggerated propaganda. (see news)

Suning Tesco responds to rumors of bankruptcy liquidation

Today, Suning Tesco official micro released a statement saying that the online rumors of “Suning Tesco bankruptcy liquidation” were rumors. Suning Tesco currently operates normally, and its business is stable and good. For false rumors and false information on the Internet, the company will investigate legal responsibilities according to law and safeguard its own legitimate rights and interests. Previously, there were rumors in the market that a supplier applied to the court for bankruptcy liquidation of Suning Tesco. (issued by the company)

Amazon shares in grubhub, a takeaway service provider

Today, Amazon has agreed to acquire a 2% stake in grubhub, a takeaway service provider under just east takeaway, and grubhub will provide its prime members with one-year services. This transaction is a timely help to just east. The company’s share price has fallen by 70% this year. Shareholders have asked to sell grubhub or find partners for it. The latter was purchased by the former for $5.8 billion last year. (Zhitong Finance)

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