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Sam will welcome a wave of opening. Swire Coca Cola points to a very positive turnaround in the market. Blue bottle coffee sells picnic mats, liangpin store promotes its own brand of mineral water, and meituan’s affordable ice cream orders exceed one million

Hot company information and announcements



Yangleduo will consider expanding its scale according to its sales situation in China

According to Nikkei. Com reported on July 8, Jixing Meiyuan, general manager of Guangzhou Yakult in charge of the overall business in China, the average daily sales volume of Yakult in the entire Chinese Mainland market was 6.98 million bottles in 2021, of which 2.82 million bottles were sold in Guangzhou Yakult, 50 times the sales volume in 2002. Yakult has 6 production bases in Chinese Mainland, and will consider expanding its scale according to the sales trend. Mei yuanjixing said that at present, we should further cultivate Yakult and Yakult light (low sugar) products. (

I Moutai intercepts more than 66 million abnormal appointments in 100 days

According to the wechat official account of Moutai, Guizhou, I Moutai has been in trial operation since March 31, and it was exactly 100 days yesterday. As of July 7, the risk control system has intercepted more than 66 million abnormal appointments. With this foundation, I Moutai began to announce the weekly launch period of Feitian 53%vol 100ml Guizhou Moutai in all provinces of the country from July 5. In the past 100 days, Maotai 1935 has achieved a total sales of nearly 900million yuan, and Xiaomao 100ml has invested more than 1.2 million bottles, achieving a sales of nearly 500million yuan. (

Dexin food broke through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and more than 50% of its income depends on major customers such as Ruixing and Starbucks

Recently, Dexin food, a beverage ingredient supplier, submitted a prospectus to Shenzhen Stock Exchange to apply for listing on the main board. According to the prospectus, Dexin food plans to raise 900million yuan, but as of the end of 2021, the total assets and net assets of the company are only 728million yuan and 460million yuan respectively. In 2019 and 2020, Starbucks was the largest sales customer of Dexin food, accounting for 32.62% and 22.25% respectively, far exceeding the proportion to the second largest customer. In 2021, Ruixing coffee surpassed Starbucks for the first time and became the largest customer of Dexin food. The current sales volume was about 127million yuan, accounting for about 23.93% of the current revenue. (blue whale)

Noodle brand Laosan seeks A-share listing

Recently, the noodle brand Miss Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Miss food”) pre disclosed its prospectus and plans to apply for listing on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, raising 974million yuan. From 2019 to 2021, Miss food achieved an operating revenue of 1.348 billion yuan, 1.947 billion yuan and 2.223 billion yuan respectively, with net profits attributable to the parent company of 113 million yuan, 171 million yuan and 103 million yuan. The net profit of the company decreased by 39.82% in 2021. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

Frozen products log in US stocks online or through spac

Fujian frozen Online Network Technology Co., Ltd., a B2B online frozen food distributor in China, said it was considering listing in U.S. stocks by merging with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Frozen online is expected to be listed on NASDAQ as early as the first quarter of 2023, with a valuation of US $1billion. Since its establishment, frozen products online has received investment from Longling capital, Shunwei capital, Huixin capital and other institutions. In the latest round of financing, frozen products online raised about 120million yuan (about US $17million), and plans to build more cold chain infrastructure, strengthen supply chain operations, and achieve national market penetration. (IPO knew it early)

Sam will welcome a wave of opening, and seven stores will appear in the second half of the year

On July 5, the wechat official account “Wal Mart Recruitment” released the recruitment announcement of Sam’s new store in July. Seven new stores, including Shanghai Baoshan store, Chongqing Jiulongpo store, Nanning store, Wuxi store, Changsha Yuelu store, Beijing Daxing store and Shanghai Zhenru store, will open one after another. After all the seven stores are opened, Sam will have 40 stores in China, as well as many stores under construction, such as the first store in Xi’an, the second store in Tianjin, Qianhai store in Shenzhen, the first store in Jinan, and the first store in Dongguan. Sam’s plan to “open and build 40-45 stores by the end of 2022” in China has been overfulfilled. (

President of Swire Cola: there was a very positive turnaround in the market in June

Su Wei, President of Swire cola, said recently that in the past two to three months, due to the impact of the epidemic, major sales channels, such as supermarkets, stores and restaurants, have been controlled. After the opening of Shanghai in June, it saw a very positive turnaround in the market. “We are very confident in the recovery of the Chinese market and will not change our long-term investment in the Chinese market.” (China business daily)

Guangzhou and Swire signed a cooperation agreement

Yesterday afternoon, the Guangzhou municipal government and Swire Corporation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. According to the agreement, the two sides will deepen and expand cooperation in real estate, aviation, beverages, shipping, retail, hotels, health care, art and culture, tourism and other fields, and establish a high-level consultation and departmental counterpart liaison mechanism to promote the implementation of cooperation matters. (Ocean net)

Coliform group of 2 batches of Meiyile ice cream exceeded the standard

Recently, the Guangdong provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau issued a notice on the disqualification of 15 batches of food. Among them, 2 batches of Nuomici ice cream produced by Guangdong Meiyile Food Co., Ltd. were listed because the coliform group did not meet the national standards. The information shows that the two batches of products with problems are Nuomici ice cream, green tea flavor and durian flavor respectively. According to public data, Guangdong Meiyile Food Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional ice cream manufacturers in South China, with high, medium and low-grade products. (Xiaoxiang Morning Post)

Haikou 6 Mushan cafes opened to welcome guests

In recent days, six Mushan cafes under Hainan agricultural reclamation hot farming industry group Co., Ltd. have opened in downtown Haikou to welcome guests. It is understood that the opening of 25 Mushan coffee stores is one of the projects of Hainan agricultural reclamation this year. Haiken hot work, the unit that unveiled the list, set up a special class, headed by the main person in charge of the enterprise, and established an efficient working mechanism to ensure the completion of the opening of 25 Mushan coffee stores within the year. (Hainan Daily)

Liangpin store launches its own brand of mineral water

Liangpin store recently launched a new private brand mineral water called “liangpin Living Spring” in its store. From late May, the company will take this mineral water as an opportunity to launch six private brand beverages in all stores across the country. Since last year, liangpin stores have doubled the capacity of the beverage area in some large stores across the country, while introducing imported milk. (Sina Finance)


According to the wechat official account of bluebottle coffee, the brand app is selling peripheral products such as picnic mats, thermos bags, accompanying thermos cups and mugs, “embracing the freedom to sit on the ground”. Among them, the online price of an imported washed kraft paper picnic pad is 198 yuan. (snack generation)

Quick reading of food industry information


Consumer prices rose 2.5% year-on-year in June



The order of affordable ice cream on meituan has exceeded one million orders

Since June, the affordable ice cream orders on meituan have exceeded one million orders, of which the top five ice cream takeaway sales are: Yili bitter coffee, qiaolezi Qiao crisp stick, Mengniu green mood, Yili pudding series, Yili milk raisins, almost all of which are traditional brands well known to users. In terms of the overall order price, ice cream below 3 yuan accounted for more than 70%, and the parity ice cream in the range of 3 yuan -10 yuan increased the fastest, with orders increasing by more than 150% year-on-year. Among them, the relevant search volume of “ice cream wholesale” increased by 323% year-on-year. As a typical representative of affordable ice cream, the sales volume of snow lotus, priced at 50 cents a bag, has soared by 199% on the takeaway platform since July. By the end of the month, the number of cold drink wholesale stores and snack bars selling ice cream on the platform had increased by 30% year-on-year. (e-commerce News)


Recently, the topic of “ice cream Assassin” has been searched frequently. How about Guangzhou? The reporter learned from the Guangzhou municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau on the 8th that the market supervision and administration department recently launched a special law enforcement action of “clearly marked ice cream prices”, and took action to rectify the problems of unclear pricing, disordered pricing and price fraud in the ice cream sales market. At present, more than 600 business entities have been inspected, more than 1000 “price warning letters” have been distributed, and 4 “Notice of order to correct” have been issued. (Yangcheng Evening News)

Nanjing: Zhong Xuegao passed the sampling inspection

Recently, Nanjing Market Supervision Bureau organized a special supervision and sampling inspection of summer hot selling food, and the results showed that more than 200 brands of Zhong Xuegao passed the sampling inspection. Among them, in the circulation and production links, a total of five products of zhongxuegao brand, which are currently of great concern on the Internet, including zhongxuegao sea salt coconut (sea salt coconut flavor) ice cream, zhongxuegao velvet cocoa (milk chocolate flavor) ice cream, Zhongxue Gao Banqiao (milk chocolate flavor) ice cream, Zhongxue Gao light milk (milk flavor) ice cream, and Zhongxue Gao Youzhi black tea (black tea cheese flavor) ice cream, all of which passed the sampling inspection, Comply with national food safety standards. (


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Friday that he would terminate the agreement to buy twitter for $44billion on the grounds that Twitter had seriously violated many of the terms of the agreement. In response, twitter responded that it would take legal action against musk to implement the M & a transaction. (Zhitong Finance)

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