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Another brand has entered the mineral water track, and Naixue’s tea investment tea brand tea Yiji… | a week’s hot news

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1. JUNLEBAO promotes the first sheep milk powder, which is lovable, 5-fold nutrition, and pays attention to the baby’s self-care
2. Panpan entered the mineral water track, and baofali pure natural mineral water was newly listed
3. Minayo released the daily nutrition package, the first customized package for Chinese women in the industry
4. Black zero Shangxin α 107 coffee solid drink, with oil soluble oil to accelerate fat burning
5. Ding Dong buys vegetables and promotes the first refined puree fresh beer “1972 farm”, which is only available on shelves for 24 hours
6. Suntory lefen bubble drink is on the market, and the fruit juice content ≥ 50% is naturally sweet
7. Pepsi’s meinianda is a popular combination of new passion fruit green coconut flavor and low sugar formula
8. Naixue’s tea investment tea brand tea Yiji
9. JUNLEBAO officially launched its IPO and strives to complete its listing in 2025
10. Xianle health plans to acquire 80% equity of best formulas in the United States
11. Chuange tries the water and enters the prefabricated dishes to restore the taste of small seafood in the restaurant
12. Coffee food technology enterprises completed two rounds of financing in a small universe, and initiated three-dimensional freeze-dried “coffee blocks”
13. Laboratory level health and nutrition brand unomi received pre-a+ round financing from Li health, and the investors are Kaihui fund and Xianfeng evergreen


On July 3, JUNLEBAO launched its first pure sheep milk powder, zhenweiai, with a layout of subdivisions and a perfect product matrix. The new product adopts 100% whole sheep whey, with the lactoferrin content of no less than 100mg per 100g, 4.0g of OPO structural oil, and contains high-quality protein A2 β- Casein and five nucleotides are also adjusted according to the new national standard of milk powder. Essential nutrients such as choline, manganese and selenium are added to protect the healthy growth of the baby. At present, the trial price of 170g cans in tmall flagship store is 79 yuan.
Source: JUNLEBAO flagship store


Foodaily observed that leopard, a brand of Panpan, made efforts to use new pure natural mineral water and entered the circuit. The water source of the new product is selected from Fujian and Jiangxi. It is directly bottled and produced with 9 process control standards. It is rich in metasilicic acid, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and other minerals. The pH value is between 7.0+-0.5, and the weak alkaline meets human needs. It has two specifications: 360ml and 550ml. The price of tmall flagship store is 360ml*24 bottles /36 yuan, 550m*24 bottles /48 yuan.
Source: official flagship store of Panpan food
Earlier, the brand also launched a water special electrolyte water, with electrolyte formula + walnut oligopeptide + plant extract as the highlight, scientific proportion, to supplement the loss of exercise. Tmall flagship store sells at 580ml*15 bottles /84.9 yuan.
Source: official flagship store of Panpan food


On July 6, functional food brand minayo announced the launch of the first customized daily nutrition package for Chinese women to meet the nutritional needs of women of 20+, 30+, 40+ different ages. There are 3 soft candies in each package of the new product in the form of 12 vitamins + 4 minerals +x. the third x soft candies are exclusive ingredients specially customized for skin of different ages: 20 + people have specially added double whitening ingredients glutathione + nicotinamide, 30+ people have added “brain gold” DHA algae oil, 40+ Bonito elastin and other ingredients, which are accurately matched. The official wechat applet now sells for 129 yuan for 20+ female nutrition packs, 139 yuan for 30+ female nutrition packs, and 149 yuan for 40+ female nutrition packs.
Image source: minayo relaxed new nutrition


Recently, Huaxi biological’s black zero launched a new product α 107 coffee solid beverage, the new product uses Brazilian imported A-level Arabica coffee beans and green coffee powder to enhance the overall flavor; In addition, c8-mct, CLA conjugated linoleic acid, virgin coconut oil and other high-quality oils are added to accelerate fat reduction with oil soluble oil. Resistant dextrin and small molecule sodium hyaluronate imported from France are also added, without sucrose, to be a “light” girl in summer. Now tmall flagship store sells for 5g*14 cups /99 yuan.
Image source: Black zero flagship store


Recently, Ding Dong shopping launched its first self owned refined beer brand “1972 farm”, which was launched simultaneously and sold only 24-hour refined crude beer. The new product uses Qiandao Lake water and barley malt imported from Europe and the United States, and uses hops Simcoe and CITRA specially for fine brewing. It is fermented in the upper layer of Al style for 28 days. The taste is fresh, light and soft, with rich flower and fruit fragrance. Different from the filtration and sterilization operations of ordinary beer before leaving the factory, the new product will not be filtered, diluted, sterilized or added with preservatives after continuous fermentation in the tank, so as to retain the original flavor.
Image source:


On June 30, Suntory’s official website announced that the new lefen bubble drink will be sold nationwide in July. The original juice content of the new product is ≥ 50%, without additional sugar, showing natural sweetness, and the alcohol content is less than 0.5%. There are two kinds of flavors: Pink pomelo mogito flavor, added with imported concentrated red pomelo juice, combined with bubbles and clear wine fragrance, brings just the right freshness; The flavor of sparkling wine is strictly selected from imported concentrated white grape juice, which is full of fruit fragrance. It can be drunk whether it is accompanied by meals or parties. At present, the price of tmall flagship store is 330ml*12 bottles /92.5 yuan.
Source: Suntory


On July 7, PepsiCo’s meinianda went up to the new passion fruit green coconut flavor, blending two popular online celebrity flavors. The new low sugar formula is refreshing and not greasy, highlighting the fruit flavor. The package is mainly in two small fresh colors of green and yellow, with cartoon illustrations of coconut and passion fruit, showing youthful vitality. In addition to the 600ml large package, it also provides 330ml small cans, which is suitable for more drinking scenes. Now tmall flagship store sells at 330ml*24 cans /99 yuan.
Image source: Pepsi beverage flagship store


It is reported that Naixue’s tea made its first investment after it was listed. Its subsidiary Meihao self Power Investment Co., Ltd. has completed the equity investment in Shanghai jiuwenqian Catering Management Co., Ltd., the tea brand chayiji, with an investment amount of 248500 yuan and a shareholding ratio of 19.9%.
The first chayiji store was opened in Shanghai in June 2020. It is mainly distributed in Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. The concept cartoon image of Kong Yiji is used on the packaging, which is more personalized.
Image source: chayiji official website


Recently, Zhong Yan, vice president of JUNLEBAO dairy group, said in an interview with Shijiazhuang daily that JUNLEBAO has officially launched the IPO project and strives to complete the listing in 2025. In 2021, JUNLEBAO’s overall operating sales revenue was 20.3 billion yuan, and the sales volume of milk powder exceeded 100000 tons. In the first half of this year, it also maintained a double-digit sales growth.
According to the data, the business scope of JUNLEBAO dairy includes infant milk powder, low-temperature liquid milk, normal temperature liquid milk and animal husbandry. It has 21 production plants and 13 modern large-scale pastures in Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Jilin and other places, and its sales market covers the whole country.
Source: blue whale Finance

10、仙乐健康拟并购美国Best Formulations 80%股权

On the evening of July 7, xianle Health announced that it planned to issue shares to specific objects to raise no more than 1.35 billion yuan for the acquisition of 80% equity of best formulas and to supplement working capital. The transaction consideration paid for the acquisition of equity is about US $180million, about 1.211 billion yuan. Xianle Health said that after the completion of this transaction, the company will take 80% of best formulas as the core overseas platform to expand its business in the Americas, so as to enhance the company’s popularity and competitiveness in the global market.
Best formulas, founded in 1986, is mainly engaged in the production and sales of vitamins, minerals, special nutrients and other nutritional supplements. Since 2019, best formulas has started to lay out two business segments: fudge and personal care, with a number of global retailers and high-quality brand customers in the field of health and health care.
Image source: best formulas official website


It is reported that the brand of Chuange fish dumplings under Qingdao Yichuan Fresh Food Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new brand “Chuange fresh food” in 2022 with the help of the advantages of the offline catering industry for 13 years, focusing on the research and development of Qingdao characteristic seafood products based on small seafood and fish processing products, and is committed to restoring the restaurant flavor. Four products, namely spicy crab claws, spicy clam meat, spicy cuttlefish meat and spicy octopus, have been launched to test the water and enter the prefabricated vegetable track.
Picture source: Chuange fresh food


It is reported that a small universe of coffee and food technology enterprises announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of angel round and angel + round financing, with the investors being red dot China and LanChi venture capital. This round of funds will be used to accelerate the R & D innovation and supply chain construction of “coffee cubes”. At the same time, its first self built three-dimensional freeze-drying plant landed in Tianjin.
A small universe was founded in 2021, and it is the first three-dimensional freeze-drying “coffee block”. Using aerospace and biomedical freeze-drying equipment, the coffee extract goes through the three-dimensional freeze-drying process, and is freeze-dried and formed at one time without adding any substances. At present, it has two coffee block products: No. 76 deep roasted cocoa flavor with mellow taste and No. 55 medium roasted hazelnut flavor with light taste. The products are mainly sold online, while offline stores such as ole ‘, 711 and other boutiques and convenience stores are settled.
Source: 36 krypton


It is reported that the laboratory level nutrition brand unomi Youli health has completed the pre-a+ round of financing, and the investors are Kaihui fund and Xianfeng evergreen.
Unomi was officially launched in April 2021. It is committed to providing healthy, scientific and convenient youth nutrition solutions for post-90s consumers, and focuses on three basic areas: skin beauty, urban health and basic nutrition. The cumulative sales volume of unomi in the first year of its launch is nearly 100 million yuan. Unomi focuses on research and development. It has 11 joint research and development laboratories around the world, plans all in probiotics track, and relies on extreme products to seize the minds of users.
Source: 36 krypton
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