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Daily fresh pragmatics “hug” warm Shanghai! It’s fun and loving to communicate with consumers in this way

In the highly competitive and homogeneous dairy industry, humanistic care has increasingly become the key to the resonance between brands and consumers.

Since the end of June, the good news such as the restart of Tangshi and the opening of Disney park has accelerated the recovery of the vitality and vigor of Shanghai in the past. For residents living in this city, it requires not only their own courage and confidence, but also the encouragement and support of the outside world to regain their love for life and work and find the pace of life in the past.

The new benchmark brand of high-end fresh milk, daily Xianyu, launched an activity called “restart beauty, embrace together” to give consumers the power to heal with action.

During the event, the brand not only reproduced consumers’ desire for a better life with a humorous tone, but also acted together with partners in the contract industry to show the unanimous care of the food industry.

In fact, daily Xianyu has never been absent since the beginning of the epidemic in Shanghai. Since March, the brand has been guarding this metropolis with a population of 25million with its own strength to ensure that fresh milk, as a necessity of life, is also fresh.

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The three characteristics of this activity are the breadth of content output, the depth of emotional resonance and the height of Industry Association.

At the beginning of the project, daily Xianyu confirmed the core of communication – hug. In social etiquette such as shaking hands, holding hands, kissing and hugging, hugging is not only a high emotional expression that can cross gender, age and background, but also a return of ritual sense that Shanghai consumers have been looking forward to for a long time.

This time, Xianyu daily interprets hugging as the theme of “restart beauty, hug together”, and also uses symbolization as a minimalist expression, which runs through the communication.

In terms of content creation, daily fresh words go deep into the details of life, and “serialize” small lucky moments in life with a magnifying glass. This also allows it to have a wide range of content. No matter what age group of consumers, they can find resonance and emotion here.

From Uncle hugging the tree on the morning run, old aunt hugging the sisters who danced with them in the square dance, little girl hugging the stray cat in the park, young man hugging his colleagues in the office, to children hugging their playmates, in the daily camera, everyone’s hugging story varies from person to person, ordinary and touching.

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Every experienced consumer is also the creator of the story. Daily Xianyu also handed back the microphone to consumers to tell their own hug story, and also deepened the emotional depth and concentration of “hug”.

This time, the pyramidal communication structure composed of KOL, Koc, plain people, etc. enabled the activity to achieve uninterrupted content creation from PGC to UGC, continuously promoted the popularity of the activity, and achieved wide dissemination on wechat, Weibo, Tiktok, xiaohongshu, focus advertising and other platforms, with continuous topic fermentation.

Daily Xianyu is also committed to mobilizing the strength of the industry to highlight the consistent consumer care of partners in the ecosystem at the height of the industry.

This time, many snack brands such as Ahua Tian, Oreo, Hutou Bureau Standard Chartered cake, daily Heiqiao, buerjia candy, miaokerando, oatly milk and coffee brands such as oatly and bear claw coffee, as well as platform enterprises such as Ding Dong shopping and JD fresh food have joined the voice camp.

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Unlike the simple blue V forwarding cooperation, daily Xianyu focuses on presenting the internal relationship with partners and strengthening the creative expression of content. This also makes it go out of the inherent impression of the breakfast scene, strengthen the binding with emerging scenes and categories such as afternoon tea and coffee, and increase the exposure on the real-time distribution platform.

More than online communication, offline communication opportunities and a strong sense of experience are also what consumers expect after the epidemic, which is what daily Xianyu focuses on providing.

This time, daily Xianyu cooperated with xiongzhao coffee Jingpin store to launch an offline tasting activity. Consumers present can not only taste “Baobao special drink”, but also hug and take photos on site.

Shanghai is one of the most popular areas of coffee culture in China. Deepening the connection with coffee categories will also broaden the consumption scene for daily Xianyu.

The “hugging” activity of online and offline integration is an excellent case that Xianyu daily pays attention to improving the ability of consumers to communicate with consumers and continuously outputs positive and positive values.

At present, the satisfaction of emotional value is a major focus of consumers’ attention, and it is also the focus that fresh milk, a rigid demand category with high consumption frequency, needs extra efforts.

The trend report of “six innovation hotspots of 2022 food and beverage” released by tmall food shows that from physical health to mental health, with the invasion of social and life pressure, the pursuit of emotional satisfaction is becoming increasingly intense. 87% of consumers believe that food brings relaxation and emotional satisfaction in addition to taste bud satisfaction.

In terms of daily fresh language, “fresh ability” is the foundation and emotional value assists, which will also continue to win brand favor in Shanghai and increase the market share of this important fresh milk consumption town.

Soochow Securities Research Report shows that consumers in East China have significantly higher awareness and acceptance of low-temperature fresh milk. As early as 2020, the fresh milk penetration rate in Shanghai has reached 72%, far higher than the national average of 31%.


For the people of Shanghai, moved by the daily fresh words, the story should start earlier.

In the early stage of the epidemic, the difficulties in purchasing materials made it a little extravagant to buy fresh milk everywhere on weekdays. We should be eager for the needs of consumers and think about what consumers think. We should act quickly every day, respond to the demands of consumers at the first time, and adhere to the practice of corporate social responsibility at special times.

During this period, daily Xianyu focused on the whole chain management of production, storage, sales and transportation to ensure that every link does not fall off the chain.

In terms of production, the brand allocates fresh milk produced on that day from Ma’anshan factory every day; In terms of sales, digital tools such as small program group purchase were launched in time, and the salesperson took the lead in person; In terms of transportation, its own clouded leopard logistics has done a good job in the whole cold chain guarantee of fresh milk, a short-term insurance product.

In the tense supply guarantee work, daily fresh language also reflects special humanistic care. It provides free fresh milk to the elderly in the community, highlighting its overall view of corporate social responsibility.

Behind the small matter of delivering fresh milk well is the awareness that daily fresh words concern the overall situation of society. Adhering to consumer demand first requires enterprises not only to be innovative and forge ahead in products, but also to always care about society. With the wind and rain, the responsibility is greater and heavier.

Under the epidemic, the dairy industry is continuously benefiting from the rising health awareness of consumers. The China agriculture outlook report (2022-2031) shows that in 2021, milk consumption was 59.72 million tons, an increase of 11.8% over the previous year, and the growth rate was at a historical high, significantly higher than the average growth rate of 3.6% in recent 10 years.

Among many brands in the industry, the report card of daily Xianyu is particularly beautiful. According to the annual report, the sales of this brand series nearly doubled in 2021, five times the growth rate of the industry.

Behind the high growth is the long-term business thinking of daily Xianyu and the construction of a three-dimensional brand. Its A-side is rational. Its first competitiveness is the continuous attention to consumers’ nutritional demands and the corresponding breakthrough in “fresh ability”, which has laid a high-quality brand image; On the B side, it is perceptual, and its second competitiveness is its brave commitment to social responsibility, which shapes the image of a brand with temperature and positive energy.

Despite the ever-changing industry, a brand that constantly pays attention to consumer demands and dares to assume social responsibility will continue to stand at the forefront.

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