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Dumpling shops with 2000+ stores are also eyeing prefabricated dishes

yuan Jiyun dumplings have a long way to go to make prefabricated dishes.
No one expected that the epidemic repeatedly plunged the catering industry into the darkest hour, but prompted the popularity of the prefabricated vegetable track.
According to media reports, the sales of prefabricated vegetables nationwide increased by more than 100% year-on-year in March, and the year-on-year growth rate in Shanghai, where the situation is the most severe, has exceeded 250% in nearly half a month.
For a while, new and old players from Quanjude, Haidilao, Xibei, xinbailu and other restaurants joined the bureau to prepare dishes. Some catering brands even took the opportunity of banning food in the epidemic to launch new prefabricated dishes, so as to explore a new growth curve.
Even Yuanji dumplings, known as “South Yuanbei Xi”, 2000+ stores, which claim to sell 3billion dumplings a year, also began to cross categories, from dumplings to the prefabricated vegetable track, and began to stir up the situation in the prefabricated vegetable track.
The C-end of prefabricated dishes is constantly changing
Prefabricated dishes originated in the United States and matured in Japan, and are now the “hot outlet” of Chinese catering.
According to Tianyan survey data, as of June 17, there were about 66000 enterprises nationwide with business names in operation or with prefabricated vegetables in their business scope.
Especially in recent years, with the popularity of the lazy house economy and the recurrence of the epidemic, the prefabricated vegetable track gradually tilted from the initial b-end catering channel to the C-end. All kinds of players have entered the game, and the track is constantly changing. After you sing, I will come on stage.
Contestant No. 1 is an offline new retail brand. In 2021, Ding Dong’s purchase of vegetables and prefabricated vegetables increased by 300%, with sales of more than 100 million copies, and the penetration rate reached 30%, of which the penetration rate in East China and other regions even reached 40%;
According to the platform data released by Youxian daily, there were more than 800 SKUs for prefabricated dishes in 2021, including more than 100 SKUs for boutique dishes, and the overall sales volume increased by 300% year-on-year.
Subsequently, Yonghui, a hypermarket, and aunt Qian, a fresh food in the community, could not help but enter them.
Contestant No. 2 is a supply chain and catering enterprise that builds prefabricated vegetable terminal stores. At the enterprise end of traditional prefabricated dishes, zhiweixiang franchise stores have grown to 1117. The stores are located in the vegetable market, and they can return their capital in 6-7 months.
Xincong kitchen launched the brand of “chopsticks for cooking” in 2020, focusing on the sales of locked fresh prefabricated Hunan cuisine for household users. Cross border entrants, such as Longda cuisine, introduce prefabricated dishes into the community scene.
Contestant No. 3 is a sharp tongued hero of a new cutting-edge brand with great wealth. It is reported that only one and a half months after the launch of the tongue hero, the number of intention contracts of franchise stores reached 6000, and a total of 1.6 billion financing was obtained. Stores are mainly opened around the community, online purchase and offline distribution.
In addition, Yinshi, which focuses on the sinking market, has quickly seized the county and township markets with extreme cost performance. At present, it has opened more than 100 stores.
In addition, there are also cross-border entrants, such as well-known chain catering brands McDonald’s, KFC, Xibei youmiancun, Mr. Li, Yoshinoya and so on, who are labeling themselves as prefabricated dishes.
In contrast, yuanjiyun dumplings, which are also low-key water testing and pre cooking projects in Guangfo, do not look impressive.
As we all know, although the market cake of prefabricated vegetables is delicious, it also faces many problems. For example, low concentration, uneven regional development, inconsistent rules and regulations, low entry threshold, taste problems, no fireworks, etc.
As big as a hero on the tip of his tongue, his business has been bleak recently because it is difficult for everyone to adjust. Many consumers said, “because they are still in the discount period, the 9.9 yuan dishes in the store are still very cost-effective, so they are willing to buy again. But the frequency of buying after that should not be too high.”
Under such circumstances, is there any magic weapon to win when Yuanji dumplings are included in the prefabricated dishes?
Stir fried vegetables
Why Yuanji dumplings?
If we say that under the epidemic, the counter trend representatives of northern catering are ziguangyuan and nanchengxiang, then on the side of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the strongest momentum in recent years is undoubtedly yuanjiyun dumplings.
Taking advantage of the category outlet of the fresh dumpling track and the community catering mode of “cook now + take out fresh”, Yuan Jiyun dumplings has opened a high-speed store expansion mode since April 2020.
More than 25 new stores are opened every month, and 91 new stores were opened in May 2021. In 2021 alone, Yuan Jiyun dumplings opened 856 new stores, with a very rapid development.
The rapid expansion of fresh dumpling business undoubtedly gives Yuanji dumplings the confidence to develop prefabricated dishes. In addition, catering o2o believes that there are several reasons why Yuanji dumplings dare to enter the prefabricated dishes:
1. Dumplings and prefabricated dishes have a “complementary effect”
Yuanji dumplings started with cloud dumplings, but both wonton and dumplings need simple processing to eat. Like prefabricated dishes, they are positioned at the user’s table, and their target customers are the same.
Moreover, the superposition of fresh dumplings and prefabricated vegetable products not only saves the cost of opening another terminal store, but also improves the floor efficiency and human efficiency of existing stores.
At the same time, the dumpling wonton of the existing brand can also be used as a drainage explosive to increase the sales of prefabricated vegetable products. The two complement each other and maximize the flow.
2. Avoid the main target group of prefabricated food brands
The current prefabricated food brands, whether they are zhiweixiang, the “chopsticks cooking” of Xincong kitchen, or the sharp tongued heroes of cutting-edge brands, cross-border restaurants such as KFC and McDonald’s, all focus on the current young consumers. Especially those young people who lack cooking time for office workers.
However, the location of Yuanji dumpling prefabricated vegetable stores is basically the farmers’ market, and the target customer group is the main body of families buying vegetables, middle-aged and older uncles and aunts.
When shopping for vegetables, the grandparents passing by the store saw the fresh dumplings wonton in the mingdang of the store. It was extremely natural to buy some prefabricated vegetables and take them back together while buying some home for cooking.
It is hard to please all
Yuan Ji has many challenges in making prefabricated dishes
It’s not easy to prepare prepared dishes. At present, the prefabricated vegetable track is still in the stage of weak categories without big brands. Although there are many racers and fencers, few have really made achievements.
Moreover, it is not the problem of the heroes of the tongue of the prefabricated dish brand that it is difficult for everyone to adjust. As long as you enter the brand of prefabricated dishes, you will encounter the same problem.
At present, the prefabricated dishes of yuanjiyun dumplings have not been separated from the Guangfo area. They mainly focus on local prefabricated dishes, such as Shunde dace cake, fried green pepper, Douban spareribs, Douchi orange skin spareribs, golden garlic spareribs, orange skin beef balls, chestnut pork balls, steamed spareribs. They mainly focus on prefabricated dishes, with a Cantonese style, which is in line with local tastes.
However, this “localization” approach seems to avoid the most difficult “taste” problem of prefabricated dishes, but it may lead to a more troublesome “supply chain difficulty” problem, and the cost is very high.
In addition, Yuan Ji will also encounter the following problems if he wants to really make a prefabricated dish:
1. Difficulties with independent brands
At present, the prefabricated food brands basically don’t do simple prefabricated dishes, but will cooperate with other categories for drainage.
For example, Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan has more than 50 SKUs, ranging from pasta snacks to meat dishes. The sharp tongued hero has turned himself into a community store of “semi-finished dishes + prefabricated dishes + hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot ingredients”.
Obviously, simple prefabricated dishes cannot support the development of a brand at present.
Yuan Ji’s model is also similar. It binds prefabricated dishes with wonton and dumplings, and does not open up a brand of prefabricated dishes alone.
However, there is a drawback of this model. After the brand recognition is determined, it may be more difficult to incubate an independent prefabricated dish brand in the later stage. Consumers may think that the store making dumplings is unprofessional in making prefabricated dishes.
2. Gross profit is difficult to meet expectations
The biggest reason why prefabricated dishes can be so popular with diners is that they focus on retail scenes, which can reduce the pressure of raw materials, rent and labor costs to a certain extent. The imagination space of profits looks very large, and may even reach more than 30%.
However, the gross profit margin of weizhixiang and Anji foods, the leaders of the prefabricated vegetable industry, can only be between 20% and 30%. This is still the gross profit under the current unsaturated prefabricated vegetable market, little competitive pressure and generally high pricing level.
Take yuanjiyun dumplings as an example. The unit price of Yuanji’s Prefabricated vegetable products is about 15-20 yuan, and the customer unit price is about 45 yuan. Compared with the current ordinary fast food, the cost performance is not high. It is conceivable that with the development of prefabricated dishes in the future, the profit margin may be further compressed.
3. Consumer consumption frequency is not high
At present, prefabricated dishes are not high-frequency demand products at the C-end, and they are still in the early stage of development. Consumers do not have a high awareness of prefabricated dishes.
Take the tongue hero as an example, the current traffic sources basically rely on advertising subsidies and preferential efforts, such as reducing the price to 9 yuan 9; For example, new customers will receive a red envelope of 200 yuan. Therefore, repurchase is a big problem.
Young customers are still like this, not to mention the middle-aged and above vegetable shopping aunts and uncles targeted by Yuan Ji. It takes a long time to improve their acceptance.
At present, Yuan Ji’s daily turnover of a single store in Guangfo is about 1500 because the acceptance of prefabricated vegetables in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta is slightly higher than that in the north, which is related to the level of economic development, the maturity of food industry development and other factors.
Moreover, like other catering categories, if Yuanji prefabricated dishes want to really stand out from this track and become a leading brand, the final development must be towards the direction of full category + full demand, so as to meet the family’s ideal fast and convenient “one-stop” purchase experience.
But it also means difficult. The Chinese food structure is complex. Just to meet the daily needs of families in each region, its SKU diversity and its more difficult to standardize characteristics are enough to make people bigger.
Yuan Ji still has a long way to go if he wants to really walk the track of prefabricated dishes.
Original title: 2000+ yuan Jiyun dumplings, also eyeing prefabricated dishes
Author: Wang Liping; Source: Catering o2o (id:coffee o2o), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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