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Danone nutritia helps “stay away from allergies” and provides tips for scientific response to food allergies

Today is the 18th World Allergy day. The China Health Promotion Foundation launched the “stay away from allergy” 2022 World Allergy day public science education activity, and organized a series of science popularization courses online and offline. The event was supported by Danone newsia Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., JD health, tmall global and tmall mother and baby parent-child, childking children’s products Co., Ltd., Leyou International Business Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Baby Room Business Services Co., Ltd.

As one of the supporters of this event, Fang Fang, head of children’s Medical Nutrition Department of Danone nutritia, said that nutritia has profound experience in the field of global food allergy, and its amino acid formula newconte has helped countless baobaobaojiankang with food allergy problems grow.

“We are concerned that parents in the new era have more detailed needs for childcare, and parents of minbao are no exception. We hope to work together to make ‘minbao grow faster’ and ‘minbao grow better’, so as to help parents cope with food allergies scientifically and avoid detours.” She said.

Authoritative experts popularize science

The popular science education activity invited cuiyutao, a well-known parenting expert, and authoritative pediatric experts from many fields to jointly launch the online “allergy open class”. With the support of,, child king, Leyou, and baby room, several online platforms conducted a six-day science popularization of allergy knowledge, bringing comprehensive and professional answers from multiple perspectives, such as correct feeding, skin and gastrointestinal care, complementary food addition, growth and development.

The most common allergic disease in infancy is food allergy. Because milk protein is the main source of food protein in infancy, milk protein allergy is the most common food allergy in infancy. However, many parents did not choose to go to the hospital for professional diagnosis after finding that their baby had allergic symptoms, but listened to the recommendation of relatives and friends to replace other ordinary formula powder.

However, experts pointed out that if the baby is allergic to macromolecular milk protein in milk, simply changing the brand of milk powder without completely avoiding macromolecular milk protein will delay the diagnosis and treatment of allergy. Many authoritative experts also suggested in this activity that the nutritional management plan for babies with food allergy can start with the non sensitive amino acid formula powder, so as to achieve early remission, no repetition, and stay away from allergy as soon as possible.

In fact, the expert consensus on the diagnosis and management of food allergy related digestive tract diseases and the expert consensus on the diagnosis and management of food allergy related to atopic dermatitis in children issued in 2017 and 2019 have already clearly pointed out that children with suspected milk protein allergy should first choose amino acid formula without allergens to help diagnose.

Cuiyutao, a pediatrician, also mentioned many times in the popular science that the use of amino acid formula without milk protein molecules through food avoidance + provocation test can help accurately diagnose whether the baby has milk protein allergy, while deep hydrolysis or partial hydrolysis formula cannot be used for diagnosis, and suggested that the baby with confirmed milk protein allergy can try to feed from amino acid formula powder and provide nutritional protection to achieve early remission, Benefit early.

“Amino acid formula only changes the form of protein, but does not change the nutrition itself. As long as you feed enough, the nutrients contained in amino acid formula can fully meet the needs of baby’s growth and development.” Cui Yutao further pointed out. Feeding with non sensitive amino acid formula for 6 months will help to successfully overcome the “high sensitization period” formed by immune memory and prevent recurrence of symptoms and prolonged course of disease.

Online and offline multi platform linkage

In addition to online public classes, this popular science activity also carried out the general education of internal medicine in offline hospitals at the same time, and 250 popular science education sessions were carried out in hospitals in about 120 cities, providing parents of minbao with the opportunity to face-to-face with professional doctors to obtain allergy related knowledge. At the same time, more than 100 mother and baby stores across the country are linked, and through various forms of interesting science popularization, consumers can learn the full link nutrition management of food allergy in an easy and understandable way.

Newdihia also joined hands with JD health to provide professional consultation and services for the popular science education of the whole process nutrition management of allergic infants in villages and towns.

Since then, relevant data show that the market scale of China’s special medical food has increased from 2.59 billion yuan in 2016 to 7.72 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of about three times. It is expected that the overall scale will reach 10.01 billion yuan in 2021.

In 2016, China began to implement the administrative measures for the registration of formula foods for special medical purposes. At present, more than 80 formulas have been registered in China. It is not difficult to predict that the competition in the special distribution market will become increasingly fierce in the future.

In this context, how should parents choose special products suitable for their babies? In this regard, Fang Fang believes that Danone Nutricia has advanced scientific research experience in the field of allergy. It insists on starting from children and based on its in-depth insight into the nutritional needs of children with food allergy in China, it will continue to provide more professional segmented products and full link nutrition solutions for the local market.

“In addition to the amino acid formula powder newconte, which has obtained the certification and registration of formula food for special medical purposes in China, the newconte family also has amino acid formula powder newconte 1+ over the age of 1, newconte, newconte deep hydrolysis formula powder, and low sensitivity supplementary food rice powder newconte rice extract, covering the important window period from 0-1 years old, supplementary food addition period to over 1 year old. In the future, we will also launch more comprehensive and professional products to protect the nutrition and health of allergic babies Drive escort. ” Fang Fang said.

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