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Maotai ice cream will be sold in five new cities tomorrow. Nestle will promote the first special medical food for cancer in China. Naixue will release its operations in the second quarter. Zhong Xuegao will promote offline freezers and Starbucks moon cakes

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Nestle Health Science tumor specific special medical food fast Yisu was approved for listing

Yesterday, Nestle Health Sciences announced that its special medical formula food “fast Yi Su” specially developed for cancer patients was approved for listing on July 6, becoming the first special medical food for cancer in China. (Beijing News)

Naixue’s tea net added 50 stores in the second quarter

Naixue’s tea said today that in the second quarter, a net increase of 50 Naixue’s tea and tea stores was recorded, 15 Naixue’s tea and tea stores were closed, and 19 Naixue’s standard tea and tea stores began to be converted to Naixue Pro tea and tea stores. By the end of June, it had operated 904 tea shops in Naixue. In April and the first half of May, catering, retail and other industries in Chinese Mainland were severely impacted by the epidemic, and the performance of stores was also under significant pressure. However, at present, the order volume of the same store in June reached the level of the same period last year. In addition,

Zhong Xuegao is accused of having a separate freezer under the push line

Recently, Zhong Xuegao made an exclusive response to Chinese entrepreneurs. In the past two years, he has been actively promoting the layout of online and offline Omni channels. At the same time, the company has been promoting the display of separate freezers in offline channels to facilitate consumers to distinguish. However, Zhong Xuegao told the Beijing News reporter today that the company would not respond to this for the time being. According to insiders in the cold drink industry, it is not easy to arrange ice cream counters in channels. Brands need to pay purchase fees, entry fees, ordering fees and other costs. In addition, the space resources of ice cream counters in supermarkets and convenience stores are limited, so it is difficult for ice cream counters to enter these channels. (Chinese entrepreneurs, Beijing News)

Moutai ice cream will be sold in five new cities tomorrow

Maotai ice cream customer service said that due to the impact of the epidemic in Shanghai, it was inconvenient to carry out relevant business. The company plans to open an ice cream self-service point in Shanghai to meet the demand of Shanghai consumers for Moutai ice cream. In addition, Maotai’s “Xiaomao I Maotai” official account announced that it would open five Maotai ice cream flagship stores in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Changsha tomorrow. (Shanghai Securities News, first finance)

I Maotai has nearly 2million daily active users

According to the “Maotai liquor market work report for the first half of 2022”, at present, the number of registrations in Maotai is over 18million, the number of appointments is 690million, and the average daily active users is nearly 2million. (Shanghai Securities News)

Ziyan food was approved for the first time

Yesterday, the CSRC announced that the initial public offering of Shanghai Ziyan Food Co., Ltd. was approved. (36 krypton)

“Feast concept stocks” the Secretary responded to the stock price limit

Today, the “feast concept stock” Tongqing building opened low and went high. At 11:00, the daily limit was raised to close at noon, at 21.71 yuan / share. As of today’s close, Tongqing building reported 21.15 yuan / share, up 7.14%. The reporter called the Secretary Office of the board of directors of Tongqing building, and the person in charge said that he did not know the reason for the sharp rise in share prices that morning, and the company has not issued a major positive announcement recently. (

Carrefour meets with Unilever executives

Today, Fang Wei, general manager of Unilever China’s global sales and digital marketing, led a team to Carrefour China headquarters to discuss the cooperation direction and medium – and long-term strategic cooperation objectives in the second half of the year with the general team of Carrefour China CEO Tian Rui. The two sides reached important consensus on seizing the core driving force of growth and promoting sustainable growth. (

Starbucks moon cake “Star” means new

Today, Starbucks China launched three moon cake gift boxes with the theme of “the moon, carve a circle from now on”. From now on, the Starbucks moon cake gift box is open for pre-sale, including Starbucks star love gift box, Starbucks star joy gift box and Starbucks star game gift box. In addition, when you buy Xingyue gift box or Xingyi gift box, you will come with an accompanying tote bag containing recycled polyester fiber material. (issued by the company)

Nestle Hong Kong launched environmental friendly ice cream packaging

Today, Nestle announced that it will launch a new recyclable package for its KitKat ice cream in Hong Kong. The aim is to reduce plastic consumption and improve recyclability. Nestle hopes that the product packaging will be 100% recyclable or reusable, and the use of raw plastics will be reduced by one third. (foodingredientsfirst)

Analysts said Kellogg’s may be resisted by retailers due to price increases

Recently, Kellogg’s has been steadily raising prices to cope with rising costs and inflation, but UBS analysts worry that the food company will soon face opposition from major U.S. retailers to raise prices, and UBS downgraded Kellogg’s rating to neutral. (Market Watch)

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Luo Wen was appointed director of the State Administration of market supervision





The first standard of sausage grade in China was released

Recently, the global third-party inspection, testing and certification agency SGS was invited to jointly build the quality standard for JD self operated fresh meat sausage with JD fresh and China Meat Association, which is the first sausage grade standard in China. (issued by the company)

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