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“More nutrition, less oil smoke” has become a new keyword. How does Dori squeeze corn oil with new clothes to bring a healthier kitchen

use a drop of oil to pry a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
With the rapid development of China’s economy, the edible oil industry has also experienced a rapid development process from quantitative supply to adequate supply. With the rise of Chinese people’s health concept, the development of edible oil has also entered a new stage of healthy consumption.
In May 2022, tmall New Product Innovation Center released a white paper on the trend of edible oil industry, which provided in-depth insight into the essential edible oil in the daily diet of Chinese people from many aspects.
When consumers choose edible oil, they pay more attention to the nutritional composition and health of products. The concepts of unsaturated fatty acid and high-quality fat have also quickly entered the public’s vision and have been widely accepted. The nutritional components of linoleic acid, linolenic acid, phytosterol in oil products have also become one of the important factors that consumers consider when choosing products.
At the same time, more than 50% of consumers cook at home almost every day. Hot frying is the main cooking method of Chinese people. Less oil smoke is also the main demand of Chinese people for edible oil products. Nearly 36% of consumers mentioned that one of the important reasons that hinder them from cooking is that cooking oil smoke is too large and unhealthy.
Image source: tmall 2022 edible oil trend white paper
Knowing the pain points that Chinese people encounter when choosing edible oil and cooking, Duoli has made efforts from all aspects of the product. Since its listing, it has always been the healthy companion of Chinese tables.
In 2017, Dori successfully passed the SQF (safety quality food) certification of the American food retail association (FMI), which is called the diamond standard of the global food industry safety and quality system. It is an international standard recognized by the global food safety initiative (GFSI), which integrates HACCP and ISO9000 systems, and requires certification for every link in the food chain.
The three level verification of SQF basically covers the inspection contents of food production, processing and manufacturing, retail and service, so as to ensure that every detail of food is guaranteed from farm to table.
Obtaining this certification marks that Doris is the only oil enterprise in China that has passed the IFS, SQF and European and American food safety certification. It also means that Doris has obtained the international comprehensive and rigorous verification mark of food safety and food quality management system. The safety standard of its products has reached the world’s advanced level, and the quality can be comparable with the world. It is truly “one-time certification, global recognition”.
Over the years, Doris has always carried out R & D and production with its strong scientific research strength and brand vision of focusing on food safety, and comprehensively guaranteed the quality and safety of Doris’ products from the source to the finished products. For this reason, Doris has been a partner of the world heart day in China since 2007.
Image source: Duoli
Continue the quality of craftsmanship,
The new arrival of Duoli pressed corn oil
According to the 2022 white paper on edible oil industry trends released by tmall, the growth rate of corn oil and sunflower seed oil in tmall’s common cooking oils in the past year has increased by 22% and 10% year-on-year. The growth rate ranks in the top two categories of common cooking oils. Users increasingly prefer light oils in the choice of kitchen oils.
Image source: tmall 2022 edible oil trend white paper
Since the first barrel of Dolly sunflower oil rich in 88% unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E appeared in people’s kitchens in 2003, Dolly has been in the leading position in the field of sunflower edible oil with years of deep cultivation.
Over the years, Duoli has been constantly innovating and improving its products. In order to provide users with more quality choices, the R & D team of Dori strictly controlled the raw materials, and launched the nutritive, healthy and quality guaranteed Dori pressed corn oil through repeated experiments through the germ extraction process.
Video source: Duoli
In order to bring fresh taste and more “fresh” visual enjoyment to consumers, in July, Doric upgraded the packaging of Doric pressed corn oil, its main product, and did a lot of homework on the appearance and packaging. The highly recognizable color contrast design shows a vibrant and healthy visual experience. On the basis of continuing the quality of craftsmanship, it appears in the vision of consumers with a refreshing “high appearance”.
Image source: Duoli
The quality of raw materials directly determines the quality of corn oil. In the selection of raw materials, Duoli selects high-quality corn with good quality, full grains and 100% non GMO. After the procedures of peeling, screening and separation, each high-quality fresh germ with full grains will stand out, and the oil quality will be safe and healthy from the source.
Image source: Duoli
In order to retain the flavor of corn to a greater extent, Dori has integrated high-tech filtration and purification technologies in the research and development of pressed corn oil, so as to reduce steaming, frying, leaching and other processes, so that the whole production process is pollution-free and the natural nutrition of oil products is not destroyed. With a higher cost and more natural physical pressing process, we strive to deliver the fragrance of corn to every consumer’s table.
Image source: Duoli
Through the moderate refining process, Dori also makes the corn crude oil undergo acid-base neutralization, low-temperature dewaxing, adsorption bleaching, high-temperature deodorization and other processes to remove more impurities from the crude oil and gradually transform it into edible oil meeting the national first-class standard. At the same time, the multi force pressed corn oil with moderate refining process produces less lampblack in the cooking process, effectively reducing the harm of kitchen lampblack to human body.
Image source: Duoli
Moreover, the whole process nitrogen filling and fresh-keeping technology, which is exclusive and innovative by Duoli, starts from crude oil and is filled with nitrogen in the production process, effectively blocks the oxygen in the air from contacting with edible oil, so as to achieve the effect of preventing the oxidation of edible oil, and retains the nutritional components and active substances in corn germ to a greater extent, so as to truly “keep fresh every drop”.
Image source: Duoli
Rich in a variety of nutrients,
Provide full protection and care for health
More than 2400 clinical medical studies have shown that phytosterols can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent prostate hypertrophy, inhibit tumors, inhibit breast hyperplasia and regulate immunity. Not only that, phytosterols can also compete with cholesterol in the intestine, reduce cholesterol absorption, and have a good lipid-lowering effect on patients with hyperlipidemia. The higher the intake of phytosterols in the diet, the lower the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. However, the human body cannot synthesize phytosterols and can only take them from food.
Similarly, rich linoleic acid intake in the daily diet can reduce the level of serum cholesterol, while vitamin E can remove oxygen free radicals in the body, enhance the body’s resistance, improve blood circulation, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Thanks to good raw materials and technology, Duoli pressed corn oil is rich in phytosterol, vitamin E, linoleic acid and other nutrients. Its natural phytosterol content is ≥ 6000ppm, and linoleic acid content is as high as 50%, which provides health assistance for our body to a greater extent.
Image source: Duoli
On the one hand, it deeply links consumers and uses high-quality grain and oil to escort the nutrition of Chinese people. On the other hand, it vigorously spreads the concept of sustainable health and uses a drop of oil to pry a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Duoli opened the door to the mainland market with category advantages, maintained brand market advantages with diversified development, and opened up a broader market space. In addition to deeply cultivating edible oil products, Duoli began to carry out multi category layout as early as 2019.
In 2020, DOLI launched soy sauce and sesame oil; In 2021, many seasoning oils such as pepper oil, rattan pepper oil and pepper oil were launched. In 2022, with the “fresh” launch of the new package of Doric pressed corn oil, Doric will continue to bring essential kitchen products such as rice, cooking wine, vinegar and so on.
In the future, Duoli will continue to develop a full range of products, and through continuous investment in research, development and innovation, it will create a “high-quality kitchen” for consumers, bring more fresh kitchen flavor, and better interpret Chinese flavor.
Image source: Duoli
Image source: Duoli
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