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One piece in the mouth, no worries about epidemic prevention: kabaya persimmon oil lozenge | daily new product stew Vol.17

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Introduction to product features:


这是一款能有效预防新冠病毒的含片,由奈良医科大学和MBT(Medicine-Based Town)公司共同开发。产品利用独创技术,将柿子中的柿子油(柿子收敛剂)提取后与麦芽糖混合,制成易于食用的清凉含片。柿子特有的涩味变得温和适口。


Recommended reasons for foodaily:

From whitewash paint to covid-19, persimmon oil shows its potential
Persimmon oil is the liquid obtained from astringent persimmons after pressing, fermentation and aging. It is a natural product raw material with astringent taste and unique smell. It has the effects of “antibacterial”, “deodorizing”, “insect repellent”, “antiseptic”, “waterproof” and so on. For a long time, it has been widely popular as a health food and a coating and dye with insect repellent and antiseptic effects. Last year, Nara Medical University carried out a lot of research on Shishi, and found that in addition to being used for whitewash paint, it also has the effect of inactivating novel coronavirus, which has attracted a lot of attention for a while.
It is reported that there is a component called “persimmon tannin” in persimmon oil, which has the function of coagulating protein, can adhere to the protein on the surface of the virus and prevent it from invading the cells in the body, so as to inactivate the virus (lose its infectivity), and finally show the effect of epidemic prevention.
Source: canteenofvodka hatenablog. com
Of course, kabaya food finally promoted its commercial consumption because it paid attention to the “business opportunities” under the lifestyle changes caused by novel coronavirus. When Nara Medical University announced the inactivation effect of persimmon oil on novel coronavirus in September 2020, kabaya company found a cooperative developer for the first time to jointly develop this anti novel coronavirus cooling sugar. According to the announcement issued by Nara Medical University, after contacting the saliva mixed with novel coronavirus with the solution containing persimmon astringent in the test tube for about 10 minutes, the viral load of the solution was reduced to about 1/1000 of the initial state, and the effect was quite remarkable.
The global epidemic has gradually normalized, and epidemic prevention products have become increasingly abundant
In the past three years, covid-19 (covid-19) has ravaged the world. From being a soldier to being used to it, not only are humans gradually adapting to coexist with covid-19, but there are also many products related to antiviral and immune enhancement. However, compared with other products, “anti epidemic” buccal tablets are more lightweight and portable, and can be eaten anytime, anywhere, without the burden of nutritional intake.
Image source: item rakuten.
Coincidentally, UHA mikakuto also has a persimmon throat lozenge, UHA mikakuto throat lozenge, jointly developed with Nara Medical University. This candy is made of odorless ingredients. It is a kind of raw material specially processed by non fermentation manufacturing method, which can inhibit the unique smell of persimmons. It is a high-purity persimmon astringent, which successfully removes impurities through repeated refining process, and has also been proved to inactivate novel coronavirus.

Basic product information:

Country of origin: Japan

Company & Brand: Food

Category: functional food

Applicable population: covid-19 / all populations

Ingredients: maltose, persimmon astringent powder / sorbitol, calcium stearate, flavoring agent

Nutrient composition table:

Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place

Specification & Price: 440jpy/17g
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