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On the 35th anniversary of KFC, do you still remember the classic “first bite”?

Since 1987, KFC opened the first restaurant in mainland China in Qianmen, Beijing, KFC has had a delicious relationship with everyone for 35 years.

In every era, when people eat KFC, what exactly do they eat?

Have those unforgettable “first times” become valuable collective memories of some people in an era?

The surprise of the first finger sucking original chicken,

For the first time, share the family bucket with your beloved

Classic delicacies not only bring pleasure to people’s taste buds at the tip of the tongue,

It also condenses people’s happy memories,

Take you through time and space and rediscover the beauty of each era.




The 1980s were simple and innocent, but they also gave birth to energy that was ready to go. In the daily life of “slow in the past”, eating out is a luxury, and foreign food is even rarer. People look at the outside world and want to try more new flavors.

When the first KFC in the mainland opened in Qianmen, Beijing in 1987, an unprecedented way of eating suddenly opened people’s senses. Everyone happily queued up for more than two hours just to taste the foreign fried chicken without chopsticks.

For ordinary citizens with a monthly income of dozens of yuan at that time, a 2.5 yuan finger sucking chicken may be equivalent to several days’ vegetable money, but this stuttering is the taste of Western food that they have never experienced.

In 1989, KFC launched its first hamburger in mainland China, which has also become the first hamburger in many people’s lives. This novel and wonderful combination is about the exciting new taste of the unknown world.




In the 1990s, people’s lives were quietly changing as the curtain was lifted. New things such as “Internet” and “big brother” are opening up a new situation for a new life, and everyone is exploring their own direction.

Hamburger, fried chicken, ice cream, salad… KFC seems to represent efficiency, delicacy, fashion and diversity. In 1991, KFC spicy chicken wings appeared for the first time. A bite of spicy food ignited people’s enthusiasm and expectation for a new life, expecting that tomorrow will be better.




Entering the new era, the pace of life begins to accelerate unconsciously. People are full of hope to rush for a better life, look for the path of self realization in the city, and strive to move forward in the direction of dreams.

The emergence of KFC home delivery allows people to enjoy familiar delicacies while staying at home; Breakfast in the first ray of morning light and a 24-hour light make people feel the warmth given by KFC.

Whether in the morning or late at night, when the pace of chasing dreams needs to stop and recharge, KFC’s reassuring delicious food is always around.

With the advent of the new era, KFC’s first family bucket has also been innovated, and since then, a happy reunion has added a sense of happiness.

In 2003, KFC launched its first Chinese product – old Beijing chicken roll. Behind the familiar Chinese flavor, KFC wants to “understand you” more and more.

The snow top coffee, which was launched in 2007, has become a classic innovation in the beverage industry, bringing a romantic taste like summer first love. The “first time” again and again is also the growth pace of KFC’s continuous contribution to its dream in China.




Another decade has passed, and smart phones have begun to change the way people interact. The world is quietly changing with mobile ordering, mobile payment and self-service meal taking. KFC has also brought people a variety of updated experiences.

More and more diversified delicacies have come from the restaurant to people’s meeting rooms, Party tables, grass concerts… Bringing people infinite possibilities under richer scenes.

In 2016, KFC took the lead in the catering industry by creating KFC’s “super app”, which integrates various functions such as ordering, KFC home delivery, social interaction, member services, and brings a cutting-edge rhythm in the exploration of digitalization. It also embodied “KFC” from the original “foreign fast food brand” into a close friend around people, accompanying them all the way, growing up together, and experiencing all kinds of good tastes of life.




It’s 2022. When we share KFC together again, we have cherished the time we spent together and the real beauty aroused by the familiar food.

Why not share the delicious food and roll up your favorite taste and happiness. Let’s go back to the classics and taste the old Beijing chicken roll full of Chinese flavor again!

Since it was launched in 2003, even if you can’t remember how many old Beijing chicken rolls you ate in those years, you may still remember the scene of eating it for the first time? Do you remember who you were with and where you ate it? Look forward to your wonderful story in the comment area!

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