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In the first half of the year, Macquarie lost more than 100 million yuan in advance. Sequoia China reduced its holdings of meituan. Lijieshi Singapore milk powder was shipped to the United States. Haidilao’s overseas business officially applied for listing, and Keming food adjusted its price again

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Haidilao overseas business officially submitted its listing application

Today, Haidilao’s overseas business “super Hi” officially submitted its listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange. Its Chinese name is tehai international. It follows the brand logo of “Haidilao” and implements the listing in the form of introduction. By the end of March, tehai international had about 97 branches in Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania. Last year, the company’s revenue was about US $312 million, an increase of 41% year-on-year, and its annual loss was US $150 million, an increase of 1.8 times year-on-year. In the first quarter of this year, the quarterly revenue of tehai international increased by 60% year-on-year to US $109 million, and the loss still expanded by 13% to US $28.5 million. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

In the first half of the year, Macquarie lost 130 million yuan to 195 million yuan in advance

Macquarie announced today that it expected a net loss of 130-195 million yuan in the first half of the year, with a profit of 10.94 million yuan in the same period last year. The company has stopped the production of pure milk, and removed from the shelves, sealed up and recalled pure milk products. Therefore, the company reassessed the impact of the event on sales and inventory during the reporting period, and made provision for inventory depreciation and expected related expenses for products that were removed from shelves, sealed up and recalled, resulting in losses. (company announcement)

Re price adjustment of Keming food: the price of each series of products increased by about 5%

Today, Keming food announced that it decided to increase the sales prices of various series of products from July 16, 2022, with an average increase of about 5%. The company explained that this was due to the excessive increase in wheat prices and rising operating costs. It is worth noting that Keming food has just implemented the new price policy on December 1, 2021. Previously, Keming food was expected to make a profit of 78 million yuan to 117 million yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 80.89% to 171.33%. (company announcement)

Juewei food’s net profit in the first half of the year is expected to drop by more than 70%

Juewei food announced today that it expected a net profit of 90million yuan to 110million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 78.08% to 82.07%. During the reporting period, some factories and stores suspended production and business, which had a certain impact on the company’s sales and profits. (company announcement)

Shuangta food is expected to turn from profit to loss in the first half of the year

Shuangta food today released a semi annual performance forecast for 2022. During the reporting period, the net profit loss attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 8-15 million yuan, from profit to loss over the same period last year. During the reporting period, the main raw materials such as peas required by the company’s production increased significantly, resulting in a significant increase in the production costs of starch, vermicelli, pea protein, dietary fiber and other products, At the same time, the company made provision for asset impairment of pea starch inventory during the reporting period. (company announcement)

The net profit of Sanquan food in the first half of the year is expected to increase by 45% – 60%

Sanquan food announced today that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of the year is expected to be about 403-445 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 45.0% – 60.0%. During the reporting period, the impact of the company’s non recurring profits and losses on net profit is expected to be 71 million yuan, mainly government subsidies and other payments received by subsidiaries. (company announcement)

Qianhe flavor industry’s net profit in the first half of the year is expected to increase by 66%-86%

Qianhe flavor industry released a performance forecast today. It is expected to achieve a net profit of 109.25 million yuan to 122.4 million yuan attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of the year, an increase of 66% to 86% year-on-year. The company spent a lot of advertising expenses in the same period of 2021, and such large advertising expenses did not occur in the half year of 2022, and the sales expenses decreased year-on-year. (issued by the company)

Beinmei’s net profit in the first half of the year increased by more than 7%

Beinmei released its performance forecast for the first half of the year today, with a profit of 36-46 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.38%-37.21%. Beinmei said that during the reporting period, the operating income of the company’s core categories achieved sustained and steady growth. Through cost reduction and efficiency increase, the use efficiency of various expenses was improved, and the operating efficiency was increased. (issued by the company)

Miaokeranduo will resume trading on the 15th

Miaoke Lando announced today that the company plans to purchase 42.88% equity of Jilin technology held by the controlling shareholder Inner Mongolia Mengniu through non-public offering of shares, and the issue price of issuing shares to purchase assets is 32.23 yuan / share. Jilin Science and technology and its subordinate enterprises Miaoke food and Shanghai Zhiran are important cheese production and operation entities of listed companies. The trading of the company’s shares resumed from the opening of the market on July 15. (company announcement)

Guangdong Swire Coca Cola added a billion yuan production line

Yesterday, Guangdong Swire Coca Cola Huizhou Co., Ltd. welcomed a new production line with an investment of nearly 100 million yuan. It is one of the most important production lines of Swire Coca Cola in eastern Guangdong and even Guangdong. It is also the seventh production line of Huizhou factory. After it is put into operation, it will help Huizhou factory become a large bottling plant with a capacity of 1 million tons / year. (Southern Metropolis Daily)


Today, Inner Mongolia held a regional on-site meeting to promote the revitalization of the dairy industry. As an important starting point for the revitalization of the dairy industry in Inner Mongolia, the first stop of the on-site meeting went into Yili modern smart health Valley, with a daily processing capacity of 6500 tons of fresh milk, which can ensure the daily milk demand of cities with tens of millions of people. It is estimated that by 2035, with complete industrial supporting facilities and urban functions, the annual GDP contribution will reach 19.2 billion, the direct and indirect employment population will exceed 350000, and 140000 new jobs will be created. (China Finance)

Originally life reached strategic cooperation with Yili

Today, fresh e-commerce originally reached a cooperation intention with Yili Group on T2T (trader to trader, e-commerce model). (Tencent)

Ruixing’s registered capital decreased by US $175million

Recently, Ruixing coffee (China) Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes, and its registered capital was reduced from US $1.8 billion to US $1.625 billion, a decrease of about 9.72%. The company was founded in March, 2018, and its legal representative is Guo Jinyi, which is wholly owned by Ruixing coffee (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (36 krypton)

Change of shareholders of Ningxia Saishang dairy

Recently, the shareholder shares of Ningxia Saishang Dairy Co., Ltd. were changed, and Yinchuan Xirun dairy industry development fund partnership (limited partnership) and Nanjing tomato land equity investment partnership (limited partnership) were added. The registered capital increased to 280.474228 million yuan. (snack generation)

KFC announced to create a new product of original spicy and sour powder with the joint name of Bai Jia akuan

Recently, KFC announced through the social platform that its brand’s free kitchen and convenience food manufacturer Sichuan Baijia akuan Food Industry Co., Ltd. jointly launched original spicy and sour powder products. (World Wide Web)

Special action to implant patches was launched on Monday

Recently, the local plant protein food “week zero” launched the special action of # embedding patches, recruiting 1000 users nationwide to become “plant patches”, and using “plant patches” to repair damaged corners of daily life. At the same time, Zhou zero also prepared a low-fat and high-protein “Zhou zero protein stick” as an energy device in his pocket, so that “plant hands” can easily replenish energy at any time in the process of planting patches for the city and life. (issued by the company)


Today, Lakers forward LeBron James announced that he will endorse lifewtr, a high-end water brand owned by Pepsi. Previously, he endorsed Pepsi energy drinks. (sina sports)

Bega cheese warned of rising costs and its share price plummeted by more than 7%

Today, Australian dairy processor Bega cheese warned that due to the rise in milk prices in June and July, it is expected that the EBITDA in fiscal 2023 will be between $160million and $190million, while the guidance in fiscal 2022 will be between $175million and $190million. The company said that it was able to pass on many higher input costs to retail and wholesale markets, but the price of milk in Weizhou farm soared, 30% higher than that in fy2022. After the news was released, the share price of Bega cheese fell on Thursday morning, falling by 7.47%. (Aohua Finance)

Lijieshi airlifted infant formula from Singapore to the United States

Yesterday afternoon, Mead Johnson’s manufacturer, Li Jieshi, airlifted 65 tons of infant formula from its Singapore factory to Chicago, aiming to end the months long milk shortage in the United States at the end of the summer. The company imported the equivalent of 2million products on Wednesday and is expected to be on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies in the United States in early August. (Reuters)

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据国家市场监管总局微信公众号13日消息,市场监管总局、农业农村部、国家卫生健康委、海关总署联合制定了《查处生产经营含金银箔粉食品违法行为规定》。其中明确,金银箔粉未列入《食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂使用标准》(GB 2760),不属于食品添加剂,不是食品原料,不能用于食品生产经营。同时,相关广告主体在食品广告中不得宣传金银箔粉可食用,不得宣传食品中添加金银箔粉具有保健功能、治疗功效等,不得以食品添加金银箔粉为噱头宣扬奢靡享乐、拜金主义等。(北京青年报)


The “2019-2021 China consumer market report” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) prepared by the China Coffee Engineering Research Center was completed and released a few days ago. The report shows that after years of development, Yunnan’s coffee industry has basically formed a complete industrial chain. The planting area, output and agricultural output value account for more than 98% of the country, accounting for 0.82% and 1.08% of the world respectively. It has unique advantages in China. This means that more than one ton of 100 tons of coffee in the world is produced in Yunnan.

The report points out that in 2021, the national consumption of coffee beans was 252000 tons, an increase of 25.37% over the previous year, and the scale of China’s coffee market exceeded 387billion yuan. The market prospect of instant coffee is good, especially the high-quality instant coffee and its supporting cold extraction and flash extraction technology support the production of high-quality instant coffee, and the market growth rate has reached more than 100%, a record high. With the increase of people’s income, coffee consumption is growing at an average annual rate of more than 15%, and the market scale is expected to reach 1trillion yuan by 2025. (Kunming daily)


Sequoia China reduces its holdings of meituan

According to the equity disclosure information of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Sequoia China reduced its holdings of about 21.07 million meituan shares, valued at about HK $3.9 billion, and its shareholding ratio decreased from 3.19% to 2.81%. Sequoia has repeatedly reduced its holdings in meituan or sent shares to LP in the past two years, or because the fund has entered the exit period. It is reported that Sequoia China invested in Dianping in 2006, invested in meituan in 2010, and then meituan and Dianping merged, with a total holding time of more than 16 years. (Securities Times)

Amazon Prime day’s first day sales hit a one-day record this year

According to Adobe’s digital economy index, Amazon’s prime day sales reached $6billion on the first day, an increase of 7.8% over last year, making it the largest online shopping day in the United States so far in 2022. Early data from numerator showed that two of the top five items purchased on the first day were household goods, namely, Leshi integrated potato chip bags and dawn Powerwash detergent. (Wall Street Journal)

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