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2022 Tiktok e-commerce ice drink new trend, where are the new opportunities for ice drink growth? Fbic go! Innovation live broadcast Preview




In the hot summer season, ice cold drinks and ice cream usher in the climax of market consumption. In recent years, brands have launched a variety of ice drink products in scenarios according to the needs of consumers. Nowadays, ice drink products have a variety of forms. Ice drink has changed from simply quenching thirst and relieving summer heat to a carrier of social sharing and comforting soul and emotion, and emotional value is becoming more and more important. The consumption trend of
ice drinks with multiple scenes is becoming more and more obvious: sports and fitness, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot dinner, self driving picnic, office afternoon tea and other scene contents. As an interest e-commerce platform for high-quality content production, the platform attributes of Tiktok e-commerce are consistent with the characteristics of strong content such as ice drinks.
how to impress consumers with the change of consumption habits in the market? Tiktok e-commerce’s own advantages in new consumption scenarios have become a window for content interaction and user communication. It not only has an insight into the needs of consumers and the changes in the trend of the ice drink industry, but also points out the reference basis for the business direction and business strategy for ice drink players, and provides growth opportunities.
at 14:00 p.m. on July 20, a live broadcast of the new trend of ice drinking will be held in the foodaily daily food Tiktok live broadcast room. Three guests, Wu Wanming, general manager of Coca Cola e-commerce channel, Li Yunfei, chief content officer of foodaily daily food, and Cao Xulong, operation manager of Tiktok e-commerce food and beverage industry, will be invited to the live broadcast room to have an in-depth discussion with the brand side and Tiktok e-commerce operation classmates, and dig deeply into Tiktok e-commerce ice drinking trend, Help category players grasp business opportunities.
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