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Explore “light meat eating” with “Coconut Chicken”. This delicious food solves the lightness secret of sausage | daily new product stew Vol.18

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Introduction to product features:

Alternative expression of “Hainan Coconut Chicken”
Inspired by Hainan’s classic delicious “Coconut Chicken” and combined with roast sausage, the product selects natural coconut meat from Hainan, and the coconut content in each sausage is not less than 15%. High quality white feather chicken is also used as the meat source. At the same time, the part with the lowest fiber content and the highest protein content in chicken is selected, and the meat content is ≥ 65%. Through the whole process of strict temperature control processing, to ensure product quality and safety. The product improves the taste of traditional chicken sausage dry firewood. The meat sausage is delicious, tender and smooth, with a mouthful of juice. The addition of fresh coconut pulp makes the chicken sausage full of coconut fragrance, the flavor layer by layer, and the aftertaste lasts for a long time.
Image source: this delicious food
Look for this flavor, and there is no need to add high-quality ingredients too much
The product uses fresh white feather chicken, natural coconut milk and coconut meat to restore the original taste of the ingredients, while rejecting the addition of starch, soybean protein, nitrite and artificial colors. In addition, the roasted sausage of raw Coconut Chicken uses trehalose to replace ordinary sugar. Trehalose is a new type of natural sugar, which can not only prevent protein denaturation and inhibit lipid oxidative deterioration, but also stabilize and preserve the tissues of vegetables and meat.

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

It breaks the stereotype of traditional sausage, with novel taste and simple formula
Most of the traditional sausage on the market is cheap, but the materials are rough, and most of them contain preservatives and other additives. The recognition of “starch sausage” is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In this context, the selection of high-quality raw materials and simple and clean formula are invaluable.
In this context, this delicious food is the first in the industry to combine “Coconut Chicken” as a source of inspiration with roast sausage. The novel combination of Hainan coconut and white feather chicken is selected, which not only reassures consumers with the quality of selected ingredients, but also breaks the inherent impression of the public that chicken sausage is healthy, low-fat but poor in taste, enriching the taste experience of meat sausage.
At the same time, the product does not add starch, soybean protein, nitrite and artificial colors, and uses trehalose to replace ordinary sugar, so as to strive for the original flavor of food.
Image source: this delicious food
Say goodbye to boring light food, and body management can also be delicious and wanton
Raw Coconut Chicken Sausage is a new slim series product under Benwei. It is specially made for people with body management needs. By adding more strange and attractive flavors, it can better combine delicious and healthy.
Chicken breast, as a typical common food for fitness, has the characteristics of low fat and high protein. On this basis, Hainan coconut, which is rich in nutrition and has the basis of regional cuisine, is added to this delicious food to double empower the health quality and taste experience of the product.
The protein content of single raw Coconut Chicken Sausage is about 7.4g, which is equivalent to the protein content of 250ml milk based on 3G protein content per 100ml of pure milk on the market. Based on 52kcal of 100g apple, the heat of a single chicken sausage is about 93kcal, less than that of a 300g apple (about 156kcal), which belongs to a typical high protein and low calorie food.

Basic product information:

Country of origin: China
Company & Brand: this delicious food
Category: Catering and catering + / fish, egg and bean products
Applicable to: the public
Ingredients: chicken, coconut (≥ 15%), drinking water, trehalose, compound seasoning, edible salt, collagen casing.
Storage conditions: store in a cool place
Specification & Price: 480g*3/189 yuan
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Cover image source: this delicious food
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