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Feishilan love Yuesao project “sends teachers to the county” for the first time to help rural revitalization

Today, the 2022 “love moon sister-in-law” project launched by Royal Netherlands fislan and China Rural Development Foundation (formerly China Poverty Alleviation Foundation) was officially launched.

It is understood that the theme of this year’s event is “a new chapter in rural revitalization, help ‘her’ strength on the road”. The event was organized by Fuping vocational skills training school in Tongzhou District, Beijing. Two training sites located in Linquan, Anhui and Xishui, Guizhou also participated in the kick-off meeting online.


Yang Guochao, senior vice president of feishilan China, said at the meeting that this year, the love moon sister-in-law project will be launched for the first time to “send teachers to the county”. By bringing teachers and skills to sunken counties and townships, it will help more women in trouble start a new life, help improve maternal and infant care and child care in underdeveloped areas, and contribute to rural revitalization.

Fully empower rural women

Feishilan said that taking into account the unbalanced development of the rural economy, the weak maternal and infant care services in counties and townships, the strong willingness of rural women to work nearby, and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, this year, the love Yuesao project will be organized by Beijing Fuping training vocational school to travel to Linquan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province and Xishui County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, On the basis of the existing training system, we should focus on strengthening the training of domestic professional quality and parenting knowledge and skills. It is hoped to further help and improve the ability of women in difficulties to obtain employment nearby, so as to help the rapid implementation and effectiveness of Rural Revitalization.

From the past experience, the caring sister-in-law program not only enables students to learn real skills, but also provides them with a variety of employment possibilities and employment plans, such as domestic workers, baby sitters, sister-in-law, training teachers, etc.

Fislan love Yuesao project officially launched in 2022

Fang Lijun, a student from the 2019 love moon sister-in-law program in Linquan County, shared her experience online: with only a high school degree and full-time care of three children at home, she could only do small businesses to subsidize her family in her spare time. After attending the love moon sister-in-law training course in Beijing, she accumulated work experience in a moon child center, and finally passed the examination and became a training teacher at the North Anhui economic and technological school in Linquan county. At present, Fang Lijun not only achieves a stable monthly income of 5000 yuan, but also has been recognized and liked by the majority of students.

It is understood that the love sister-in-law project in Linquan County, Anhui Province is led by the local human resources and Social Security Bureau. In the past five years, a total of 148 love sister-in-law have been sent to Beijing for training. Some of the students have returned home to start their own businesses, which has led the surrounding low-income family women to get rid of poverty and become rich, and has become a model for the independence and self-improvement of women in the new generation.

Caring sister-in-law trainees show the training results

In Xishui County, Guizhou Province, the local women’s Federation took the lead in sending 47 caring sister-in-law to Beijing for training in four years. Through learning, the students enhanced their domestic service skills, improved their professional skills in infant care, and widened employment channels.

In today’s online launch activity, the students at the sub venues of the project training in Linquan county and Xishui county also showed their baby rearing skills such as the production of confinement meals, touching skills and milk powder mixing, and showed the new look of ordinary rural women who have advanced to professional baby breeders through live broadcast.

Help more than 2000 women find employment

Today, Ding Yadong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Rural Development Foundation (formerly the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation), also highly affirmed the achievements and value of the love Yuesao project in the past six years.



He said, “love moon sister-in-law has been a far sighted project since its inception. We have helped women in underdeveloped areas acquire skills through training, and their income has continued to grow. By improving their employability, we have continuously empowered them, becoming a model project for the development of the domestic industry.”

According to the data, the love moon sister-in-law project was initiated by Royal Netherlands fislan and China Rural Development Foundation (formerly China Poverty Alleviation Foundation) as early as 2016. The project is committed to providing professional system training in housekeeping and neonatal home care for women in underdeveloped areas, helping them master professional skills in maternal and infant care, and improving their family economic situation with hard-working hands.

Caring sister-in-law students learn housekeeping and childcare skills in class

According to statistics, after six years of practice and exploration, the project has directly assisted more than 2000 women in 28 provinces, 176 cities, 430 districts and counties to achieve 100% placement and employment, and their monthly income has increased by about three times after taking office, changing the original life trajectory.

The love moon sister-in-law project also formed a relay effect of “mentoring”. Some excellent love moon sister-in-law returned home to start a business, helping more women in their hometown master domestic economics and childcare skills, engage in the moon sister-in-law and domestic economics industry, and realize their self-worth.

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