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In the changing year, how to innovate, strengthen the brand and solve the “sustainable growth”?


Witness the annual innovation benchmark and jointly explore sustainable development.

Traffic difficulties, fading investment enthusiasm, increasingly picky consumers, accelerated changes in the market environment, and the battle for survival of the fittest swept the food industry.
“Crisis” and “new opportunities” coexist. Every new and old enterprise and every practitioner must face the change of industry rules and cannot escape this stress test.
From the perspective of the complex macro environment, what new pattern are we facing? As the first year of change, 2022, where will the new consumption of food go? How to find the source of growth through appearance? How are enterprises seeking development in deepening industry and returning to long-term value? What innovations are worth learning from?
With the recovery of the epidemic, the food industry needs an offline innovation gathering. Therefore, foodaily specially planned the “foodaily CEO Club closed door forum and the fourth Isee global food innovation award ceremony” in Hangzhou on July 26. We will work together with 20 + heavy guests, more than 100 food enterprise CEOs, and 150 + innovative brands to share challenges, share experiences, expand awareness, commend innovation benchmarks, and jointly explore sustainable growth.
program outline
Special planning
1) Witnessing the birth of the annual Innovation Award, the “fourth Isee global food innovation award ceremony” was held grandly
After more than half a year, although the epidemic has been repeated, with the joint efforts of the Isee Review Committee and the organizing committee, 458 brands and a total of 1624 cases have passed the preliminary review – Review – final review. The fourth Isee global food innovation award ceremony will be held, and the final award will be announced. We look forward to going to an innovative social event dedicated to the food and beverage industry to witness the innovation of food together.
2) Launching ceremony of innovative norms and guidelines for sustainable development of China’s food industry

Led by the “food sustainability and innovation alliance” launched by foodaily daily food, the alliance is co chaired by Mr. Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Jiangnan University, and Ms. sun Dongxiao, academician of the New Zealand Academy of food science and technology and senior editor in chief of food chemistry in Elsevier District 1, in cooperation with the China Institute of standardization, Implement the spirit of the national standardization development outline and the outline for building a powerful country with intellectual property rights (2021-2035), strive for the support and guidance of the national standards management committee and the State Intellectual Property Office in the application standards and standardization construction, and start the preparatory work of the norms and guidelines for the sustainable development and innovation of China’s food industry.

3) New Xiu selection meeting, so that good products can be seen by more people
Foodaily daily food creation
4) Launched by “100 people in the new food era”
The NGO organization in the food and beverage industry, jointly initiated by Ms. Cynthia, CEO of foodaily, and industry bigwigs, will bring together the leaders / founders /ceos of international giants, local heads, traditional upgrades, and cutting-edge pioneer brands to jointly explore the profound judgments of the industry and consumers, in-depth thinking and practice of the future business direction, share experience, break through cognition, cross the cycle, and move forward together.
5) On site experience of global innovative brands and products
200 + global innovative products are innovatively presented in the form of category innovation, new Xiu brand, consumption scenes and business hot topic exhibition groups to stimulate innovation inspiration! There are also lifestyle brands such as high protein ice cream from Sweden and pea protein pioneer from the United States.
Enterprise lineup
Media to be invited
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eighteen billion four hundred and fifty-two million seven hundred and eighty-nine thousand six hundred and seven
Source: Isee Global Food Innovation Award (id:isee_award), reprinted with authorization. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);

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