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Luhua private domain: how do you achieve 1million members in half a year?

private domain operation has its own rules.
In five months, only one activity has attracted 1million enterprise micro private domain users, which is a private domain drainage activity that Luhua tried this year.
Although the private domain of Luhua was officially launched in January this year, it went very smoothly because of the high attention of the Luhua group. Luhua’s private sector projects prefer the pure e-commerce model, and the overall organizational structure belongs to the e-commerce center, which can share resources with e-commerce departments.
Under the unified leadership of the big marketing center, the resources of the relevant centers can be shared, and in the process of carrying out activities, it is easy to get the support of all departments of the marketing center, especially the support of the relevant resources of the brand center.
There are two points worth our reference in the process of Luhua’s private domain: the first is the setting of drainage activities, and the second is the construction of private domain organizations.
However, although the organizational structure has been opened up, they still encounter some challenges due to the short operation time, such as some deficiencies in the implementation of private domain operation talents, professional operation tools and personalized functions. I also hope to explore with you. Next, let’s take a look at their more thoughts in the private domain. As follows, enjoy:
This is how millions of private domain members do it
Luhua believes that private domain is a channel for brands to serve their loyal users. It can establish direct communication with end users, shorten the distance between brands and users, and provide better products and services to users.
Therefore, in January 2022, Luhua launched the official boutique mall, which is a position for Luhua to serve private domain users, and at the beginning, it mainly used the “two yuan noodles tasting activity” to guide and pull new ones.
In the whole event, the threshold for users to participate is very low. As long as the group’s enterprise wechat is added, you can buy a package of Luhua’s popular product “Liuyi active noodles” at a price of 2 yuan. This noodles is a key product in the rice noodles industry of Luhua group, with high cost performance. Subsequently, it has also been re purchased by many users.
In the process of the activity, the group’s branches cooperated very well. The management system of Luhua group is a regional management system, with branches under the region. The group has more than 260 directly affiliated branches in various prefecture level cities across the country, all of which are employees of the group, so their participation and execution are very strong.
If the headquarters gives an order, all branches across the country will take unified action and try every means to actively promote innovation. For example, they will promote posters in their respective circles of friends; Offline supermarkets use promotional materials to promote sales; Some branches will also make exclusive personal codes for promoters and directly let users scan the codes to receive coupons; It will also take the form of PK to promote noodles and so on. Publicity will be made in every link that can be exposed, so the implementation of the whole activity is in place.
With the help of the whole region, branches and dealers, Luhua has carried out activities throughout the country. Affected by the epidemic, it cannot be carried out together across the country. It is basically carried out in several provinces with stable epidemic. However, the enthusiasm of users to participate in the activities is very high. The originally planned two-day activities will end in advance in less than one day.
Tens of thousands of new users (registered members) will be added to each “two yuan noodle tasting activity”, with 90000 new members added in two days at the peak. As of June, the number of private domain members has reached 1million.
The founder of Luhua mentioned that the customers of Luhua should be regarded as God. Therefore, Luhua’s private domain is also implemented with the attitude of serving customers. In daily user operations, in addition to one-on-one communication and answering user questions, enterprises and wechat will also send a group of information related to the enterprise’s own genes, such as recipes, common sense of life, health recipes, etc. in private domain, such as how to choose good edible oil and condiments? How to make healthy breakfast for children? wait.
At the same time, the private domain is also a venue for the refined operation of Luhua members. They will do precise and refined operations for members, such as analyzing user behavior, recommending content and products they are interested in, etc.
In addition to serving wechat users of enterprises, the private domain also serves internal employees of the group. The group will uniformly output relevant materials, copywriting, promotion knowledge and other information, help employees maintain their own community users, and pass product knowledge to users through the private domain, so as to attract more users to join Luhua private domain.
In addition, some dealers will establish their own private community and use the private operation content for their daily community maintenance. The founder of Luhua mentioned that only by doing things with the thinking of “benefiting people” can this thing be done for a long time.
Luhua private domain is a top-down operation mode
At present, Luhua private domain is very smooth in the whole organizational structure. Each region and branch will arrange an operation specialist specially responsible for private domain, which will be jointly managed by the private domain business department of the headquarters and the branch.
The private domain operation specialist is generally the Promotion Director or brand manager of the offline branch. The headquarters will have a special private domain operation group to regularly carry out product function and skill training and jointly study the private domain promotion strategy.
Private domain is an emerging project, which needs to transfer more knowledge to front-line employees. Therefore, during the training, employees should know what private domain is, what the purpose is, how to build it, how to add customers, establish customer groups, publish friend circles and community information through enterprise wechat tools, etc., so that they can pass on information to customers in a simple way.
Luhua private domain adopts a top-down operation mode, which is uniformly arranged and deployed by the headquarters, and implemented by the employees of the branch company. At the same time, the branch company will use its own advantages to establish some of its own characteristic services.
With the support of the relevant sales distribution policies of the group, the sales volume and profits generated by the private sector groups of the branches will be distributed to the corresponding regions and branches, and then divided into individuals by the branches. This is the empowerment and operation of the headquarters. The Group employees are responsible for maintaining and constantly innovating, and there will be no conflict of interests between them.
In the future, Luhua private domain also hopes to benefit dealers because of private domain, let them join the private domain of CO building brands, adhere to the idea of “love others first” and serve branch employees and partners.
Future planning and challenges of private domain
In the future, Luhua private domain will plan and establish a complete SOP user service process from users joining the enterprise to entering the mall, and establish a rich user label system and hierarchical management system. At the same time, we will carry out refined operations for members at different levels, levels and categories, and implement the contents of refined operations into the full link cycle of users. It is expected that a complete technical architecture system and private domain operation system will be formed by the end of this year.
Luhua private domain will also establish a user point system to get through online user order data and offline user purchase product data, and realize an omni channel user point system, so that online e-commerce member points and offline member points can be synchronized to the mall.
At present, Luhua is doing the refined operation of the community. For example, it will do some flash groups, set up different communities according to different categories, and carry out classified operation of the community. Some time ago, we also tried to do fission activities within the community, and encouraged branches to establish communities to transmit some information through the community.
Next, there will be community exclusive coupons and member exclusive lottery activities to bring users a sense of community exclusivity and honor. And establish some functional communities, such as Baoma community, to provide knowledge to promote children’s healthy diet.
As a private domain, Luhua also faces two major challenges:
The first challenge is the lack of talent. Private operation requires a professional talent team. In terms of team building, Luhua hopes to cultivate talents who have their own ideas, have data operation ability, and can formulate exclusive operation plans belonging to Luhua in combination with the characteristics of the company.
Although the agent operation company will also be responsible for user label sorting, basic link construction in the business domain, enabling the content of basic operation, etc., the people who best understand enterprise operation must be employees from within the enterprise.
The second challenge is tools. In the process of operation, they will rely too much on third-party tools, but sometimes the tools can not meet the actual needs. The technical team shared by the group needs to schedule. At the same time, they also need to clearly understand the plan and planning of the private domain of the brand, so as to develop products more suitable for the private domain.
At present, the third-party SCRM tools can realize some common requirements, such as group automatic welcome, fission sharing, red envelope, etc. But in the future, Luhua still wants to develop its own SCRM tools, because the products are cyclical. For example, a family of three will basically run out of 5 liters of peanut oil in three months.
Therefore, through self built tools, we should produce functions that meet the personalization of enterprises and create a model similar to periodic purchase. When users almost run out of oil, they can push reminders and product links to users through automated marketing.
Finally, through her own practice, Lu Hua also concluded that private domain operation is completely different from traditional e-commerce and interest e-commerce. It is not appropriate to take the whole e-commerce operation mode and promotion scripts to the private domain. Although it will take effect in a short time, the effect will gradually decline.
There is a set of rules in private domain operation, which can only be found according to the characteristics of the enterprise, and can be used for reference, but it must not be applied mechanically.
Private domain is a brand asset, which needs to be treated seriously and carefully, and the private domain model belonging to the brand itself should be explored through practice. Private domain is not achieved overnight. Only after all links are connected can its value and potential be brought into play, and users can enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by private domain and have a pleasant shopping experience.
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