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Every day, Heiqiao received two rounds of billions of financing, manner took a stake in grandma’s handicrafts, and Yuanqi forest went to sea in Mongolia

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1. Dr. cheese introduced white gold stick of goat cheese, which is processed with 1 hour fresh goat milk
2. Adopt a cow and launch 0 lactose milk, “little blue box” to save lactose intolerance
3. Quaker 5 white cereals are newly launched, and nicotinamide is added to nourish this white
4. Entering the herbal tea track, Panpan launched two plant drinks
5. Lianbody, a joint venture brand of Xiangpiao, launched its first product and set foot in the functional food track
6. Nestle gold medal xiaocaqu coffee liquid is upgraded, with multiple flavors, smooth and cool, and free summer coffee
7. Taste power promotes new, smooth and refreshing, aiming at different gastrointestinal problems
8. Oatly x Wanda cinema on the new Oatmeal Milk popcorn, detonating Mai Li double happiness
9. Heiqiao obtained two rounds of billions of scale financing every day, and Ruiyi investment led the investment
10. Manner coffee shares tea chain brand grandma’s handicrafts
11. Haidilao will consider splitting its overseas business and listing separately
12. Yuanqi forest officially entered the mainstream channel of Mongolia

13. Flash coffee, a Singapore coffee chain brand, received a financing of 220million yuan to replicate the Ruixing model




On July 14, Dr. cheese announced the launch of a new white gold bar of goat cheese, which is processed with fresh goat milk. It is only an hour’s drive from the pasture to the factory. Raw goat milk molecules are more compatible. The addition amount of new goat cheese is ≥ 66%, the calcium content is 729mg per 100g, the protein content is 8.1G, the calcium sodium ratio is about 3, and additional vitamin D is added to help calcium absorption. At present, tmall supermarket sells 4 pieces / bag /49.9 yuan.
Source: Dr. cheese


On July 15, the new “little blue box” 0 lactose milk, which adopted a cow, was launched, and it took three years to build it together with the international head research and development organization. The new product only contains raw milk and lactase. High quality milk is strictly selected. Every 100ml contains 3.3g high-quality protein and about 120mg calcium, ensuring nutrition and flavor; Lactase adopts high-purity active lactase imported from France, which is fully hydrolyzed after 48 hours to reach the zero lactose standard, helping people who are lactose intolerant to drink. The current wechat applet is priced at 12 boxes / box /89 yuan.
Image source: adopt a cow


On July 14, after the launch of 5 red and 5 black, Quaker pushed another 5 white mixed instant Cereals, using five ingredients: coconut powder, coix seed, yam, white kidney beans, Poria cocos rice slices, which are rich in dietary fiber, protein, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients, real materials, nourishing this white. At the same time, supplemented by modern nutrition technology, the content of nicotinamide per 100g accounts for 71%, and it does not contain sucrose, essence, etc., showing a natural taste. At present, tmall flagship store sells for 460g * 3 packs /76.9 yuan.
Image source: Quaker Quaker


At the time of summer herbal tea, recently, Panpan also launched a herbal tea product, a new product with 0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 fat. The formula comes from Shouning, Fujian Province, which has a unique Chinese herbal tea culture. It is made of six Chinese herbal medicines, such as Houttuynia cordata, wintersweet willow leaves, light bamboo leaves, gardenia, etc. it is carefully proportioned, has the same medicine and food, and has two flavors of original flavor and mint flavor. The current price of tmall flagship store is 330ml*24 bottles /72 yuan.
Source: Panpan food flagship store


Recently, the brand of lean body, developed by Xiangpiao and jindawei, a health product company, launched a new type of lean body ready to drink high protein milkshake. The new product is low sodium, low fat and Zero sugar. It adopts 2+1 fitness grade high-quality protein matrix. Each 250ml bottle contains protein ≥ 20g, dietary fiber 2.25g, calcium 300mg, collagen ≥ 6250mg, and 17 kinds of amino acids and 14 kinds of vitamins + minerals. At present, there are two flavors of vanilla and chocolate, which is convenient and fast without brewing. Now tmall flagship store sells for 16 bottles /298.9 yuan.
Image source: leanbody flagship store


On July 14, Nestle gold medal xiaocaqu coffee liquid was upgraded. The first original liquid extracted from 100% Arabica coffee beans was used to retain pure quality, 0 sugar and 0 fat. After upgrading, the level is richer and the taste is richer. One package can be matched with 225ml-300ml water / milk. At the same time, there are more choices in flavor, including Yuanqi qingti flavor, white peach green tea flavor, mellow and soft flavor, mellow and full-bodied flavor, mellow and concentrated flavor, bringing a big cup rich experience. At present, the price of tmall flagship store is 8 cups * 3 boxes + the surrounding area, totaling 144 yuan.
Image source: Nestle official flagship store


On July 12, Weili Changyin Shuang probiotic lactobacillus drink came into the market, focusing on problems such as staying up late and drinking too much. The new product is specially mixed with international invention patented strains ccfm1107 and rs8-5; Another qingyoushuang is added with the third-generation Lactobacillus curlicus ccfm1118, which can prevent or treat Helicobacter pylori infection. It adopts the combination of ccfm1107 and ccfm1118, both of which contain a variety of probiotics + prebiotic fermentation, 0 sucrose, 0 fat, 0 pigment, and help to be healthy. The price of tmall flagship store is 220ml * 8 bottles /69.9 yuan.
Image source: Weili flagship store

8、OATLY X 万达影城上新燕麦奶爆米花,引爆麦力快乐加倍

On July 11, oatly x Wanda studios launched a new product, Oatmeal Milk popcorn, to explore the power of oats. The new product is plant-based non fried, containing dietary fiber, 0 trans fatty acid without adding essence and pigment. Now rose flavor has been officially launched, and wheat flavor and sea salt seaweed flavor will be introduced later.
Image source: oatly Oh Mai Li


Recently, dailyheiqiao completed two consecutive rounds of scale financing of more than 100 million yuan in the second quarter of 2022. The financing was led by Ruiyi investment, jointly invested by Jinpu investment and chuangxiang huanju investment fund. The old shareholders Wuyuan capital and Yuanxing capital continued to pursue the investment, and index capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser. The latest financing will be used for product R & D and innovation, offline channel expansion, team building, brand digital intelligence upgrading and global supply chain expansion.
As the first representative brand of landbase, a health snack food company, “daily Heiqiao” takes health and environmental protection as its unique positioning, focuses on the health attributes of Heiqiao category itself, and makes innovative breakthroughs in formula and taste. The company is committed to building daily Heiqiao into a Chinese national brand with global competitiveness.
Source: Heiqiao daily


On July 8, manner coffee took a stake in the tea chain brand granny’s handicrafts, with manner coffee holding 1.2%, and the company’s CEO Jin Binbin holding 0.5%, with a total shareholding of 1.7%. Before manner coffee became a shareholder, common home investment and maixing investment in Dawan district had already become shareholders of grandma’s handicrafts. This time, it was regarded as the introduction of strategic investors.
Grandma’s handicrafts was founded in Guangxi in 2018, and based on local market research, she chose to use the most original method of handicrafts. In the later stage, “raw material handicrafts” became the biggest feature of grandma’s handicrafts. Many kinds of milk tea ingredients, such as rice, tapioca, longan balls, etc., were cooked and handmade at the store site.
Image source: Grandma’s manual official website


On the evening of July 13, the main operator of Haidilao’s overseas business, tehai International Holdings Co., Ltd., submitted an application for listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and the co sponsors were Morgan Stanley and Huatai international. It shows that since the opening of the first restaurant in Singapore in 2012, as of March 31, 2022, there are 97 overseas restaurants in Haidilao, distributed in 11 countries on four continents.
Developing overseas business is an important strategy for the internationalization of Haidilao, and Singapore is its first stop at sea. Compared with the rapid expansion in mainland China, the overseas business development of Haidilao does not seem to be booming, but compared with the stores in mainland China, the per capita consumption of Haidilao’s overseas stores is higher.
Image source: All Weather Technology


On July 7, Yuanqi forest reached a strategic cooperation with Mongolia world Mongolia group and officially settled in many mainstream channels such as NOMIN and Efes in Mongolia. As a sponsor, Yuanqi forest will set up a drinking bar at the annual silence white music festival. On July 11, world Mongolia will also set up Yuanqi forest brand tents at the Mongolian traditional festival “Nadam conference”. Yuanqi forest’s products in the Mongolian market include a variety of flavors of bubble water and electrolyte water series.
Picture source: vitality blackboard newspaper

13、新加坡咖啡连锁品牌Flash Coffee获2.2亿元融资,复制瑞幸模式

Recently, flash coffee, a Singapore coffee chain brand, completed a B1 round of financing of US $32.8 million (about RMB 220 million), with investors including white star capital, Conny & Co and DX ventures. After the financing, the valuation of the company has soared to US $175million (about 1.18 billion yuan).
Flash coffee was founded in 2020 by David brunier, a former Asia Pacific CMO of foodpanda and Sebastian hannecker, a former analyst of Bain consulting. Since its establishment, the scale of its stores has expanded to more than 250. Covering Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other countries, it plans to continue to expand to the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and other markets this year.
Source: foodbud food capital Bureau



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