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Happy birthday: you er hut is three years old!

Official account: you er hut
Author: Peter
editor: Peter

Hello, everyone. I’m Yule cabin. My English name is Yule cottage. I’m three years old today! Happy Birthday to Yule 🍰

Hello, I’m Peter. Today is the third anniversary of the establishment of youer cottage.

You erxiao, born on July 10, 2019, in Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

In the past three years, you erhou followed me from Xiamen to many places: Xiamen, Longyan, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, Putian, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Huizhou, Qingyuan, Changsha, Changde, Zhangjiajie, Jingzhou, Wuhan, Yichang It grows day by day and becomes more and more substantial, so do I~

See the twin towers in Xiamen~

Watch the statue of fishing goddess and Hengqin in Zhuhai~

At the top of Wutong Mountain in Shenzhen~

Why is there the birth of a cabin? Why is it called youer cabin? Many readers have asked me such questions backstage. I haven’t answered seriously. Let’s talk about it today~

The birth of youer cabin

Because of working after graduation, I came into contact with Python, database, Linux… And gradually realized that I had stepped into the Internet

So I study almost crazily: Python, database, visualization, pandas, numpy, HTML, machine learning, crawler, regular expression, NLP, Linux, docker, recommendation system, etc. At that time, in addition to the company and dormitory, the most frequently visited place was Xiamen Library.

While learning by myself, I always want to record what I have learned. I don’t know why I want to record them. I always feel that if I don’t write them down, these knowledge points are like a plate of loose sand, which may slip away from me at any time. In the end, I still can’t do anything.

At first, I used Youdao notes and impression notes, most of which were Youdao notes. No matter how big or small the knowledge points are recorded, even the installation of Python environment will be written into a document.

Taking notes is a very enjoyable process for me: slowly digest a knowledge point in my own way and turn it into my own skills; You can also see your growth path by storing them on your computer and browsing them from time to time:

  • Python note 1: environment installation
  • Python note 2: List
  • Python note 3: tuples
  • Python note 4: Dictionary

Teacher Wu Enda’s machine learning notes:

  • Wu Enda’s notes 1: supervised learning and unsupervised learning
  • Wu Enda’s Notes 2: gradient descent and normal equation
  • Wu Enda’s notes 3: regression problem and regularization

In the process of learning, I bought a lot of books, browsed the blogs of many tycoons (which will be introduced specifically in the future), often read many of their articles, and learned a lot; I learned about many Internet writing platforms: Zhihu, Nuggets, SIFO, CSDN, info, blog Park, Hejing community, Tencent cloud community, and even GitHub.

At the same time, they also pay attention to many official account. Slowly, I also want to have a platform that can write, speak, record my life, work and growth, and bring up my articles at the same time: because I can check and review my notes at any time. On the official website of Tencent official account, there is a sentence:

No matter how small an individual is, it also has its own brand

This is the case in the Internet age. The value of personal IP is no longer underestimated. So in early July 2019, I began to prepare to apply for official account. Here comes the problem:

Thinking 1: what is the public call?

Most of the official account I follow are like this:


Such a name is very intuitive, common, but also stereotyped. I began to think: what should my number be called. At the beginning, I also followed the trend and thought a few: Python learning notes, Peter learning python, Peter machine learning journey

But I denied them one by one. Later, I didn’t know which day it was. I thought of an English novel I had read: “the cat in the Yule cabin”. This novel is a new English novelist lily Hayward Lili Hayward’s work, in which she introduced: she likes all mysterious and historical things.

Everything that seems to have passed away has never left. The love and warmth you give me makes me cling here.

The name was instantly decided: yur cabin. But when I applied to Tencent’s official website, the system prompted that it had been occupied, but I really wanted to have this name, so I took an alias: you er hut.

In this way, the hut was born~

What do you write in your hut?

After the birth of the cabin, I want to write directly in the background of wechat official account. At first, I was confused about the backstage of wechat official account, and I felt that my writing was particularly slow. In addition, I didn’t seem to be sure what topic I wanted to write. I paused for a while and still wrote and took notes on my own proprietary note taking system.

I still remember when the epidemic was at home in 2020, I read a lot of books: “read a Book – Fan Deng reading method”, “milk and cola economics”, “dog money”, “growth hacker”, “the world’s simplest accounting book”, etc., and moved some reading notes and simple summaries into the cabin.

There are also some records of life: Shenzhen punch in Tanglang mountain, Shenzhen punch in Shenzhen Bay Park, Shenzhen punch in Yangtai mountain, etc.

Later, because I often cook, I came up with a good theme: food. I want to be a food blogger and teach my fans to cook in the cabin. At the beginning of 2021, I wrote an article without shame, setting a goal for myself: write 50 food articles in 2021 😭 Finally, I broke my promise ~ but I wrote 150 + technical articles, which is worthy of fans 😄

There are still some recipes in the cabin. Have a look:

Shrimp with minced garlic and vermicelli

Bread and egg cake

Thinking 2: how to position official account?

I wrote a few recipes, and the amount of reading is average. It seems that I don’t have much motivation. I have been following three food bloggers on Tiktok, and my account is doing well.

Watching their videos often can also learn a lot of dishes. As their fans and users of Tiktok app (it can be said that products), they gradually realize that the theme of food seems not suitable for a large number of words to express, and the impact and intuitive effect of short videos should be more suitable for food.

So I thought: what theme is better to choose? After careful thinking, I will write technical articles: record my technological learning process bit by bit. Why do so many technology gurus like to blog? There are many reasons, please see the answer here ➡️ Look, the general reasons are as follows:

  1. Be able to make friends with like-minded people
  2. Writing is for better thinking
  3. “Teaching” is the best “learning”
  4. Discussion is a great reflection
  5. Motivate yourself to continue to learn and think
  6. Learn to do one thing consistently

In this way, the theme of the cabin was finalized: technology, especially Python and data related technology.

The production weapon of youer hut

At first, I have been writing in Youdao notes and impression notes in a way similar to word typesetting. Later, I contacted markdown (reply to markdown in the background to obtain ppt), which can be said to have completely abandoned word, and it has also become the only weapon for me to write. This article you see is written by markdown.

At first, I didn’t associate markdown with the writing of official account, but only wrote in the local typora.

Thinking 3: how to write quickly and efficiently?

With his continuous exploration and consulting with many of his master friends, he finally formed six sharp tools that Peter now writes:

  1. Jupiter Notebook: writing code and exporting markdown documents
  2. Typora: written by local markdown
  3. Xmind/light: mind mapping tool
  4. IPIC: drawing bed tool
  5. Mdnice: markdown document beautification, seamless connection with official account
  6. 135 editor: Article Collection

The six tools match perfectly~

How did the hut grow up?

Now you can see that the technical articles in the cabin involve python, machine learning, pandas, crawlers, databases, visualization, kaggle, statistics, data analysis, etc., and the in-depth learning is also slowly in progress~

Peter is not a computer or software major, but a half baked. The technology itself and the writing of official account are advancing in continuous learning and exploration~

I have never been a pure science student, and I can’t immediately absorb and understand mathematics, formula derivation, and those complex theories and logics. I need time to digest. What I like is “self feeling”. I understand a matter in my own way. Therefore, in the process of learning technology and taking notes, I prefer to explain the internal process of a knowledge point with some straightforward but practical examples and diagrams.

Whether it’s screenshots to express views, or mind maps or flow charts, diagrams are an important tool for me to express ideas. Fans can see many pictures of the articles in the hut. There is a fairly good serial article in the cabin: “illustrated pandas”

This is also the key factor for the growth of youer hut in the past two years

Pandas is a python third-party data analysis library, which can do a lot of data processing work. As a data analyst, Xiaobian must master pandas.

In the whole technology industry, especially in the big data industry with artificial intelligence and machine learning as the mainstream, pandas is a very basic library, but it is also a technical point that must be mastered.

Thinking point 4: what is the core competitiveness of youer hut?

I paid attention to many numbers related to python, data and artificial intelligence, and found that no number owner could write technical articles in this direction with pandas as as the theme, so I boldly tried: “everything starts with exploding functions”.

I began to write the articles of pandas serial series systematically. At the beginning, the reading volume was very low. I wrote them for nearly half a year, and finally they were recognized by fan friends and account owners.

Thank your fans

Gradually, I found that my readers liked my writing style very much, and especially the cabin grew and grew. In the past 2-3 years when I insisted on writing, many fans from all over the country and even abroad lived in the cabin: teachers and students from colleges and universities, working partners, and friends who are interested in Python or data.

You can see that the first place is a friend from Beijing. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, the top five cities, happen to be the first tier Internet cities in China.

In order to thank you for your support for the hut on the third anniversary of the hut, Xiaobian prepared several gifts for you. I hope you can actively participate:

Gift 1: present the original novel “the cat in yur’s cabin”

  1. There are 6 copies in total, 3 for fans of official account + 3 for fans of video account
  2. Rules of participation: fans of official account or video account will write down your stray messages about youer hut, and the editor will choose 6 fan friends
  3. You can participate by leaving a message under any video in the video number

Gift 2: gift book “learn Python quickly”

  1. Thank the electronic industry press for sponsoring 3 books
  2. Participation rules: leave a message in the comment area + like, and the top three like the most (the number of likes is the same, in chronological order)
  3. 50% discount link:

Gift 3: jupyter notebook source code gift

  1. Participation rules: forward this article to the circle of friends, with a total of 12 likes
  2. The screenshot of full praise is sent to Xiaobian in the background. Xiaobian will choose 12 fans, first served
  3. Choose one of three source code packages
Set meal content
one 1. Kaggle visualization: Black Friday portrait analysis (+ data)
2. Sort out 20 pandas statistical functions
3. Python plays Texas
two 1. Python association rule analysis: Mining lovers, friends and dogs (+ data)
2. Sorting out 20 pandas statistical functions
3. Pandas filtering text data 3 parts
three 1. Kaggle visualization: Black Friday portrait analysis (+ data)
2. 2 modules +20 functions, interpreting Python random process
3. Python text processing function extract + extractall

be careful 📢:

  1. All winning fans are not superimposed, and try to ensure that everyone has a chance
  2. Lottery time: July 13, 2022, 22:00 p.m; Contact the editor within 24 hours, and wait until the expiration
  3. Please do not like it, otherwise you will be blacklisted and disqualified from winning the prize

Finally, thank you again for your support. Xiaobian will continue to work hard. See you next year 😊~ Happy Birthday to Yule  Again 🍰

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You er cabin, a warm cabin. The owner of the cabin, who seeks survival with one hand code and enjoys life with one hand spoon, welcomes your presence

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