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McDonald’s hamburgers and Naixue’s tea are all for nothing

you can be as strong as you want, and there is no dirty incense.
On July 13, McDonald’s launched its new product, MaCarthy crispy chicken burger. In order to celebrate its birth, McDonald’s China released 100000 digital collections for the first time, and consumers will have the opportunity to obtain this digital collection when they buy McCarthy crunchy chicken burger.
Although there are also well-known catering brands associated with the meta universe digital collection, Xiaolan has no fluctuations in her heart:
There is no other reason, just because today is a crazy Thursday, but no one invited me to KFC
I can meet crazy four literature here. I didn’t expect it © A cat man’s official Weibo
Hahaha, the reason why Xiaolan really doesn’t fluctuate is very simple, that is, most catering brands’ exploration in the meta universe is currently limited to the field of digital collections, and the playing method is relatively simple.
However, fortunately, some brands have made more in-depth exploration, but it is not clear to what extent this exploration can solve the difficulties faced by the current catering industry.
More conventional exploration of the metauniverse
At present, the marriage between catering brands and meta universe is also a conventional three board Axe: NFT, meta universe and virtual human.
Last year, Coca Cola launched the digital collection “friendship gift box” for world friendship day, and held a limited time auction on the digital collection market opensea. The design idea of friendship gift box comes from the “trophy box” in computer games. Coca Cola puts four products with brand characteristics in the box.
© Bing
Among them is a bubble jacket that can be worn on decentraland virtual reality platform. The design inspiration comes from Coca Cola’s classic express clothes. In addition, there is a Coca Cola friendship card with light, sports and 3D characteristics.
Although this set of digital collection is fancy, it is difficult to make people feel the happiness brought by happy water after all. Maybe Coca Cola also took this bug into account and launched a metauniverse coke this year: Zero sugar byte.
In this official publicity, Coca Cola Zero sugar byte is a coke designed to span the digital and physical world and integrate the popular meta cosmic elements, making pixels lifelike in the taste experience.
The familiar Coca Cola logo has also been redesigned. After pixelation, the word Coca Cola presents a retro and nostalgic video game style.
However, the metacosmic element of this coke only stays in the packaging design, and has no further connection with the digital collection or virtual space. As for the taste, from the official description, it tastes like soft candy.
© Bing
Specifically related to the meta universe is the virtual brewery launched by Heineken Beer: in March this year, Heineken built a virtual brewery in decentraland and launched a fully computer-generated “pixel” beer “Heineken silver”.
This virtual beer is brewed from “binary encoded hops planted by NPC farmers on decentraland”. Yeast a required for beer brewing has been replaced by “a-pixels”, and the whole brewing process is supervised by Heineken virtual brewing assistant.
© Bing
Rob van Griensven, global digital director of Heineken, said:
Our marketing strategy is to use metauniverse to approach them (young people). We found that this generation regards metauniverse as a place where they can get more fun and social experience. Before the launch of physical products, they can experience our Heineken silver in an unprecedented immersive way.
If foreign brands prefer to use NFT and virtual space for marketing, domestic brands are often the main force of virtual human marketing:
In March this year, wufangzhai, a century old brand, announced the introduction of the concept of “meta universe” and released its first virtual artist, wunuo Nuo, to try to get closer to young consumer groups.
© Bing
As the first AI virtual artist of wufangzhai, wunuo will share delicious, good-looking and fun Wufangzhai festival food with consumers as the manager of wufangzhai food shop, break the latitude and dimension, and lead everyone to explore the charm of Chinese festival culture.
And Xiaolan also found in wunuo’s official Weibo that this is not a virtual person who was marketing everywhere when it was launched and then disappeared: wunuo really took on the task of brand promotion and updated its daily life in Weibo.
But to say that at present, the epitome of yuanuniverse marketing on the catering track should be Naixue’s tea.
Integrated meta universe marketing
From the digital collection, Yuan universe space, and Naixue coin, which was called “dancing on the tip of the knife” some time ago, Yuan universe marketing was really played by Naixue.
As early as December 7 last year, Naixue’s tea took the opportunity of the sixth anniversary of the store to launch the virtual idol Nayuki, and sold seven NFT blind boxes including hidden ones.
Yuan universe Naixue paradise © Bing
To this end, Naixue’s tea also specifically added the topic of # milk tea industry’s entry into the meta universe on the official Weibo. Official data showed that within 72 hours after the release, the event brought nearly 200million yuan of sales revenue – equivalent to the sales performance of stores across the country in recent one week. NFT blind boxes and trendy games were also sold out on the same day.
Half a year later, on June 30, Naixue’s tea launched the activity of “inviting you to be a wonderful virtual shareholder” at the time of Naixue’s first anniversary of listing, announcing that Netease Yaotai will create a yuanuniverse Naixue paradise for virtual shareholders, where virtual shareholders can find treasure.
However, the most exciting thing for virtual shareholders is undoubtedly the launch of Naixue coin: from June 30, member points will be upgraded to Naixue coin. For every consumption of 1 yuan, you will get 1 Naixue coin, and for every consumption of members on Wednesday, you will get double Naixue coin.
Big courage! © Bing
Naixue coin can be used to exchange gifts in the mall, and can also be used as the game currency of Naixue virtual stock game. You can use Naixue coin to buy / sell virtual stocks, and add leverage to borrow money. Virtual share price = real closing price of Naixue Hong Kong shares * exchange rate of Hong Kong dollar to RMB.
Presumably, this matter is no news in the field of metauniverse, but the voice of questioning Naixue has not decreased since its launch:
If it is not clear whether the tea drinkers are cutting leeks, whether Naixue has the authority to operate related businesses and whether she is suspected of breaking the law is a more critical issue.
© Bing
Earlier, Papa John’s, one of the world’s largest pizza chains, had previously launched a promotional campaign in the UK to provide £ 10 free bitcoin to customers who spend more than £ 30.
However, the advertising of this promotional activity was finally banned by the British Advertising Standards Agency on the grounds that it encouraged consumers to make high-risk investments. Although there are differences between Guoqing and bitcoin, the underlying logic of Naixue coin is also different, but it does imply a certain risk.
Xiao Sa’s legal team directly pointed out that the Naixue coin was “dancing on the blade”:
“There are many legal dispute points and red line risk points such as the dispute over the legal nature of consumer tokens, the risk of prepaid card business of Payment institutions, the risk of online gambling, the risk of bonus sales, the risk of illegal absorption of public deposits, and so on.”.
Although Naixue’s “playing with fire” has not led to any substantive losses at present, but has earned a lot of heat in the dispute, it is obvious that the risk will be more significant when she takes too far ahead.
What the metauniverse can do is ultimately limited
The promotion of brand influence by simply issuing digital collections has become smaller and smaller, but there are certain legal risks involved in the field of virtual currency. How to play new tricks in the meta universe on the basis of ensuring creativity and playability seems not as simple as expected.
The further integration of digital collections, virtual space and digital human image is undoubtedly the ultimate goal for various brands, including catering brands, to enter the meta universe marketing.
Put it at the end of the text to prove that it is not a proper meal © Bing
However, at the end of this article, Xiaolan is more willing to look away from these bright brands, look down and return to the streets of our daily life.
As the epidemic continues, catering is undoubtedly one of the industries that have been hardest hit: if the flow restriction or temporary closure of hall food still has a limited impact on daily life, then the closure of many small chain or individual restaurants is a common loss for businesses and diners.
On June 15, the National Bureau of statistics released data showing that from January to may 2022, the national catering revenue was 1627.4 billion yuan, a decrease of 8.5%; Catering revenue above the quota was 390.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 9.1%. In May, the national catering revenue was 301.2 billion yuan, down 21.1%; Catering revenue above the designated size was 78.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 20.8%.
© Bing
Beijing’s decline is more serious due to the repeated impact of the epidemic: on June 16, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of statistics released the latest data, showing that from January to may 2022, Beijing’s catering revenue was 39.736 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 13%. In May 2022, Beijing’s catering revenue was 4.532 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 54.9%.
Metauniverse may be able to help large and medium-sized brands increase their volume and revenue, but colorful food and beverage stores in the streets and lanes are the main force to attract people to eat and drink.
You must have found that metauniverse is more often a icing on the cake behavior of well-known brands, and only when it really penetrates the capillaries of the city can it contribute to changing the real world.
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