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Pepsi raised its growth forecast for the whole year, and Yuanqi forest Qingdao beverage group was accused of low-key cooperation. The fund of Pernod Ricard participated in the daily blackjack, the announcement of the acquisition of China Resources Kirin Beverage, and the “reshaping” of Starbucks

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Announcement of China Resources Kirin Beverage acquisition case

According to the official website of the State Administration of market regulation today, the simple case of platform consumer Limited’s acquisition of the equity of China Resources Kirin Beverage (Greater China) Co., Ltd. is being publicized. After the completion of the proposed transaction, platform and havensbrook Investment Limited will hold 40% and 60% of the equity of the target company respectively and become the joint controllers of the target company. Among them, the ultimate controller of plateau is a natural person, and the ultimate controller of havensbrook is China Resources Co., Ltd. The publicity information also shows that China Resources Kirin Beverage (Greater China) Co., Ltd. has a market share of 20-25% in the bottled water market in China. (snack generation)

Yili modern smart health Valley global Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park put into operation

Today, the launch ceremony of Yili modern intelligent health Valley global Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park was held in Hohhot. The key projects of Yili modern smart health Valley Industrial Sector – global smart manufacturing benchmark base for liquid milk, global smart manufacturing benchmark base for milk powder, chilechuan smart ecological ranch, and Yili smart manufacturing experience center have been officially completed and put into use. (issued by the company)

Yuanqi forest Qingdao beverage group is accused of low-key cooperation

On July 6, Wang Da, chairman of Qingdao beverage group, revealed at the special meeting of debriefing and inquiry on improving the style and ability of enterprises directly under the Qingdao municipal government organized by the Organization Department of the Qingdao municipal Party committee and the municipal SASAC that the group was actively arranging the equity cooperation between laokuang and Yuanqi forest group. Qingdao beverage group, a state-owned enterprise in Qingdao, was founded in 2006. At the beginning of its establishment, it integrated seven companies, including Qingdao Laoshan mineral water Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Qingdao Laoshan”), Qingdao East China Grape Wine Co., Ltd., and indirectly held 20% of the shares of Qingdao Coca Cola. (Shandong business daily)

Baolelika’s fund invests in daily black Qiao

Recently, landbase, a health and leisure food company, announced that it had completed two consecutive rounds of scale financing of more than 100 million yuan for its brand daily Heiqiao in the second quarter of 2022. The financing was led by Ruiyi investment, jointly invested by Jinpu investment and chuangxiang huanju investment fund, and the old shareholders Wuyuan capital and Yuanxing capital continued to pursue the investment. Wang Chen, partner and head of China of chuangxiang huanju Investment Fund (a subsidiary of baolelika group), said that in the future, Heiqiao, as an emerging health trend element, will continue to be optimistic about the cross-border and innovation of other categories, such as coffee, milk tea and even wine. (cast

Maotai Group official announcement: 82% equity of Xijiu is transferred to Guizhou state-owned assets free of charge

For a long time, restricted by horizontal competition, the listing process of Guizhou Maotai distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xijiu”) under Maotai Group has not been promoted. Now, with the announcement of Maotai Group’s free transfer of 82% equity of Xijiu to Guizhou state-owned assets, Xijiu has met the listing conditions. According to statistics, after joining Maotai Group for 24 years, the cumulative sales of Xijiu reached nearly 70billion. Today, Maotai Group, the company plans to transfer its 82% equity of Guizhou Maotai distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd. to Guizhou Provincial State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission for free, and the provincial SASAC will perform the duties of investor. (Securities Times)

McDonald’s responded that a store “put the ground bread back on the shelf”

Today, in response to the fact that McDonald’s employees put the dropped bread back on the shelf, McDonald’s responded that the behavior of some employees in the video did not conform to McDonald’s operating norms, ”I’m very sorry “. After receiving the report, the restaurant checked the monitoring and suspended the staff involved. Previously, a netizen posted a video on the social platform that showed that on July 10, an employee picked up the bread that fell on the ground and continued to use it in a McDonald’s restaurant in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong. (Red Star News)

Chuanhema seeks financing at a valuation of about $6billion

According to Reuters, three people familiar with the matter revealed that Alibaba’s supermarket chain HEMA fresh is seeking financing at a valuation of about $6billion, far below the expected valuation of $10billion at the beginning of this year. The source also said that HEMA fresh aims to raise $400million to $500million from external investors. However, the amount is far from being finalized, and the financial terms may change. Alibaba and HEMA did not respond to the above news to surging journalists. (surging)

Zhujiang Beer

Today, Zhujiang Beer released a semi annual performance forecast for 2022. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first half of this year will be 311 million yuan to 342 million yuan, with a year-on-year profit of 311 million yuan, an increase of 0% to 10%. (company announcement)

The production line operates at full capacity to cope with high temperature and peak season

Recently, Hangzhou has continued the hot weather for many days, and issued an orange warning of high temperature for three consecutive days. In the Nongfu Shanquan Chun’an tea factory near Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou, the products in the factory are transported to all parts of the country by rail and truck every day, and the production line is running at full capacity. (Daily Economic News)

Jia Guangming is the chairman of golden seed wine and Chen Meng is the general manager

Recently, golden seed group held a cadre meeting to announce the decision of the new leadership. It is reported that the board of directors of golden seed group elected Jia Guangming as the chairman of the group and appointed Chen Meng as the general manager of the group. (issued by the company)

Hou Xiaohai talks about the “three benefits” of China Resources’ entry into golden seed

Recently, golden seed group held a cadre meeting to announce the decision of the new leadership. Hou Xiaohai, CEO of China Resources beer (Holdings) Co., Ltd., said that the entry of China Resources is an inevitable choice to promote central local cooperation and participate in the reform and development of local state-owned enterprises, which will bring three benefits to golden seed: first, effectively integrate the mechanism and concept of China Resources with golden seed to realize complementary advantages; Second, share and exchange some experiences, abilities and methods of China Resources with golden seed to achieve common progress; Third, network management, deep cultivation of terminals, product cultivation, brand publicity and golden seeds should be coordinated to achieve resource integration and mutual empowerment. (interface News)

Bei Enxi was fined nearly 7million yuan for disqualification of vanillin in a section of sheep milk powder

The official website of Changsha Market Supervision Bureau recently reported that on September 9, 2021, the sampling personnel of the State Administration of market supervision and administration carried out supervision and sampling inspection on the beienxi infant formula sheep milk powder (0-6 months old, stage 1) (specification and model: 800g / can; production date: 2020-07-29; China’s general agent: Newell Biotechnology (Hunan) Co., Ltd.) operated by it at * * * maternal and infant life center, Wanli District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, The inspection conclusion of vanillin is unqualified.

On February 16, 2022, the authorities sent a notice of administrative punishment to beienxi (Hunan) Dairy Co., Ltd. and proposed to impose the following administrative punishment: 1 Confiscate 36767 cans of beienxi infant formula sheep milk powder (0-6 months old, stage 1) (specification and model: 800g / can; production date: July 29, 2020; China general agent: Newell Biotechnology (Hunan) Co., Ltd.); 2. Confiscation of illegal income of 1228400 yuan; 3. Impose a fine of 1 time the value of the goods, that is, 5.7667 million yuan. The above fines and confiscations amounted to 6.9951 million yuan.

Guangming animal husbandry invested to establish Chuzhou Guangming animal husbandry ecological smart pasture

Recently, Chuzhou Guangming animal husbandry ecological smart pasture Co., Ltd. was established, with the legal representative Wang Jianzong and a registered capital of 1.27 billion yuan. The business scope includes: fresh fruit retail; Retail of edible agricultural products; Animal husbandry; Comprehensive utilization of agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery wastes; Chinese herbal medicine planting; Purchase of primary agricultural products; Research and development of harmless utilization technology of agricultural and forestry wastes; Intelligent agricultural management, etc. Its shareholder is Guangming animal husbandry Co., Ltd. (business system)

Oatly and Wanda studios promote rose flavored Oatmeal Milk popcorn

Yesterday, oatly and Wanda studios launched rose flavored oat milk popcorn, and wheat flavor and sea salt seaweed flavor will be launched one after another. (issued by the company)

Pepsi Cola concept store fully upgraded

Yesterday, Pepsi Cola announced that Pepsi concept store has been comprehensively upgraded, with a subversive test of the meta universe ecology to open a new experience of virtual and real interaction. Through a high sense of immersion, innovation and cross-border co creation with users, Pepsi Cola will realize the social freedom of the young generation, and explore the personality expression that is fearless of boundaries and more contemporary tension. (Sina Finance)

PepsiCo organically increased its revenue by 13.3% in the first half of the year

PepsiCo’s 2022 interim report released today showed that the organic growth of revenue in the first half of the year was 13.3%, and the company also announced that it would increase the organic growth of annual revenue from 8% to 10%. CNBC pointed out that PepsiCo raised its expectations because inflation pushed up prices and people paid more for its products. The global food and beverage giant expects costs to rise further in the second half of the year and said it plans to continue to reduce product sizes and adopt other ways to manage rising expenses. (company announcement, CNBC)

Starbucks CEO Schultz predicted that the company would “reshape”

Yesterday, Starbucks released a letter from CEO Howard to the company’s employees on its website, revealing the major changes Howard said. Schultz said in his letter, “today, we find ourselves in a situation where we must modernize and transform Starbucks in our store, and re create a popular and safe environment connected to customers, where we support each other with dignity, respect and kindness. We need to reshape Starbucks for the future.” Schultz also said that the specific content of these measures will be “in the next few weeks.” “Announced, but they will focus on areas such as environmental sustainability, customer experience and employee planning. (Glenn exchange)

Starbucks announced that it would close 16 U.S. stores

Starbucks said on Monday that it would close 16 U.S. stores after workers reported incidents related to the use of drugs and other interfering factors in coffee shops. Starbucks also said that in response to security concerns, it would give store managers the discretion to close toilets, restrict seats or reduce business. The company said the measures were part of a policy aimed at addressing workers’ concerns, including their concerns about safety at work. (Wall Street Journal)

Polaroid suspends new investment in India

Today, Reuters quoted two sources and a letter from the company as saying that due to a long-standing tax dispute with the Indian authorities over the valuation of alcohol imports, Pernod Ricard suspended new investments in India. The company said that since nearly 30 years ago, its legal disputes have gradually deteriorated, which makes it difficult to conduct business in the country and increases the possibility of a major financial blow. (Reuters)

Subway “100% tuna” claims to be prosecuted in mecco

Recently, subway may be prosecuted for allegedly cheating customers on its tuna product claims, because it is accused of mixing other fish, chicken, pork and cattle, rather than the advertised “100% tuna”. U.S. judge Jon tigar said it was too early to accept the charges against subway. Any non tuna DNA may come from eggs in mayonnaise or cross contact with other ingredients handled by restaurant employees. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information



Joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council: no longer conduct nucleic acid testing on low-risk imported non cold chain goods

The notice on further optimizing the prevention and control of the COVID-19 of imported goods (Guo Wei Ming Dian [2022] No. 270) was released recently, which clearly prohibits the introduction of strict control measures for imported non cold chain goods. In addition, imported non cold chain goods judged as low-risk will no longer be subject to novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection and preventive disinfection. (China News Service)


Yesterday, Amazon said it was expanding its smart shopping cart to a whole food restaurant in Massachusetts. In the coming months, Amazon will launch the technology in other local stores. This shopping cart eliminates the need for users to line up to check out. When items are put into the shopping cart, it can track and count the goods. These shopping carts are based on Amazon’s “just walk out” cashless technology, which was first deployed in Amazon go convenience stores. (Sina Technology)

The exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar is close to 1:1

Today, the European Stoxx 600 index fell 0.5% in early trading, making the index down about 15% so far this year, while the MSCI Asian stock index, which covers Asian stock markets, hit a two-year low. The dollar index, which measures the exchange rate of the US dollar against six other currencies (the euro has a larger weight), rose to the highest level since 2002. The exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar is close to 1:1, and the purchase price is 1 euro against US $1.002. (Financial Times)

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