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Starbucks responded to the rumor of selling its business in the UK. The second store of blue bottle coffee decided to settle in Jing’an Kerry Center. It was rumored that China Resources had taken 51% of the equity of sauce wine “dark horse”, and the Beijing market supervision department issued a warning letter

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The second store of blue bottle coffee in the mainland has been settled in Jing’an Kerry Center

Recently, the reporter learned from blue bottle coffee that its second store in mainland China once again chose Jing’an, which is rich in coffee culture, and is determined to open in Jing’an Kerry Center. The reporter saw at the scene that the store occupied the upper and lower floors of Kerry Center along Anyi Road, and the interior was still being decorated. Blue bottle said that although China’s boutique coffee market started late, its development speed is far faster than that of other international markets, with infinite potential and vitality. At present, the store is in the decoration period, more content is still in preparation and planning, and the opening date is also pending. (Shanghai Jing’an)

It is said that China Resources has taken 51% of the equity of sauce and wine “dark horse”

Recently, according to media reports, China Resources has recently finalized the transfer of 51% equity of Guizhou jinshajiao Liquor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinsha liquor”), becoming the largest shareholder of Jinsha liquor. According to Jinsha liquor, China Resources Group and Hubei Yihua group, the actual controller of Jinsha liquor, reached an intention of cooperation as early as last year, but it has been in the stage of confidentiality. Soon, the team of China Resources Group will settle in Jinsha liquor, and the two sides will carry out operations at the business level. In this regard, China Resources beer, a subsidiary of China Resources Group, said that listed companies did not have any information to disclose and would not comment on market rumors. The company will firmly expand and strengthen the main business of beer, and continue to study the development opportunities of non beer. (China Securities News)

Luo Zhixian, chairman of uni president, talked about “price rise”

Luo Zhixian, chairman of uni president, said a few days ago, “I have to admit that the pressure (cost rise) is great.” Facing the urgent cost problem at hand, Luo Zhixian shared: “we often encourage our colleagues in internal meetings not to always raise the price of commission. Don’t forget that we are also part of the cost. We were invited to be cadres to solve these problems with our heads, so this problem is indeed a problem, but we can always find a way for us, otherwise we are sorry for our work and responsibilities.” He said that everyone likes to raise prices. Why not? The point is whether you can really rise? Society still has many choices, and manufacturers have pressure. (vision)

Dog meat in the ingredients? Zhang Liang responded with Malatang

Recently, some netizens reported that when buying Zhang Liang spicy hot on the takeaway platform, they found dog meat in the ingredient column of “Minnan fragrant meat”. In this regard, the staff of Zhang Liang’s Malatang headquarters responded that they had paid attention to the matter, had not investigated the specific stores, and were verifying the specific reasons, “there will definitely be no dog meat ingredients, as far as I know, there will be automatic benchmarking on the (takeout) platform.” Zhang Liang, a supplier of Malatang, said that the popular name of fragrant meat is indeed dog meat, but “fragrant meat” in Minnan fragrant meat refers to meat with a very fragrant taste, not dog meat. (China Newsweek)

The first spicy strip industry standard was released, and Weilong directly faced the “salt and oil reduction”

On July 6, the industry standard press conference of seasoned flour products hosted by the Chinese society of food science and technology was held. The first industry standard for seasoned flour products (spicy food) will be officially implemented on October 1. It is worth noting that Wei long, who is impacting the IPO listing for three times, appeared in the list of CO sponsors. The new national standard issued this time clearly puts forward the new goal of “reducing salt and oil”. (elephant News)

Hebei junle baojunchang dairy passed the on-site inspection of milk powder production license

From July 12 to 13, Hebei provincial market supervision bureau carried out a two-day on-site inspection of the production license of infant formula milk powder for Hebei junle baojunchang Dairy Co., Ltd. the inspection team conducted on-site inspection from six parts of three series and seven formulas of infant formula milk powder declared by the enterprise, and they were unanimously approved. Through this verification, the company has passed the production license of 4 series and 12 formulas of infant formula milk powder, and can reach the full production capacity. It is estimated that the annual output will be 16000 tons in 2022, the annual output value will be 850million, and the annual tax will exceed 15million yuan. (Tangshan market supervision and Administration Bureau)

Nanqiao food will expand investment scale

Linchangyu, general manager of Nanqiao food group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said a few days ago that as an enterprise, it must think about the changes brought by this year’s epidemic to the whole society. For example, the sales of prefabricated vegetables have experienced a blowout growth, and Nanqiao food is developing corresponding products. Lin Changyu revealed that he would continue to increase investment in Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou next year, including R & D, plant construction and production base upgrading and transformation. (Xinmin Evening News)

Tmall global launches probiotics global supply chain plan

On the 15th, the reporter learned from tmall global that tmall global launched the probiotic global supply chain plan on the 14th, and accelerated the development and customization of new products for Chinese consumers in collaboration with global health product enterprises such as life space in Australia, Nestle health in the United States, ISDG in Japan, and floradapt in Spain, six major probiotic raw material enterprises in the world such as IFF, Novozymes, and cohenson, as well as five major probiotic factories in the world such as Aland and Adm. In the next three years, the plan will cooperate with overseas brands to develop 1000 new imported probiotics. (China News Service)


According to the times on Saturday, Starbucks is alleged to be exploring the possibility of selling its UK business and has asked investment banks to evaluate it. Starbucks has more than 1000 coffee shops in the UK, of which 30% are directly operated and the rest are franchised. In the UK, thousands of new independent coffee operators and the times from Costa, pret a manger, Tim Hortons, etc.)

Starbucks responded to the times report

In response to the times’ report on Saturday, a Starbucks spokesman said in a statement that the company had not entered the formal process of selling its UK business. (Reuters)

Abbott us plant will launch EleCare to the market in a few weeks

Abbott said on Friday that it is expected to launch EleCare formula products to the U.S. market in the next few weeks,

Fonterra continues to conduct business in Sri Lanka “to a limited extent”

According to New Zealand media recently, Fonterra is continuing to conduct business in Sri Lanka “to a limited extent”. The company has 600 employees in Sri Lanka and has a manufacturing plant. Fonterra’s consumer products and catering services carry out business in the country, and also supply dairy products to surrounding countries. However, the economic situation of the country has had an impact on Fonterra, because the rapid depreciation of Sri Lanka’s currency has made it more difficult to buy New Zealand products denominated in US dollars. (Stuff)

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Is the pudding cream ice cream involved a product of Yili brand commonly seen in the market? The company involved responded that it was not Yili’s ice cream, but its own product.


安徽抽检食品不合格19批次 涉斐济天然矿泉水等

Recently, Anhui provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau organized sampling inspection of 346 batches of 8 kinds of food samples, such as cakes, alcohol, grain processed products, edible agricultural products, vegetable products, beverages, tea and related products, fried food and nut products. According to the national food safety standards, explicit product standards and quality requirements, 327 batches of qualified samples and 19 batches of unqualified samples were sampled. Among them, Fiji natural mineral water sold by Hefei Feixi RT Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. and represented by nominal Kangcheng investment (China) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) does not conform to the provisions of the national food safety standard in terms of the limit index strontium. Feixi RT Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. raised objections to the inspection results and applied for re inspection; After re inspection, maintain the preliminary inspection conclusion. (released by anqing)


Recently, the market chaos such as “ice cream Assassin” and “umbrella Assassin” has attracted widespread attention. In order to further implement the provisions on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and create a good consumption environment, on July 15, the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the “reminder and warning letter on well marked prices”. (Beijing daily client)

Guangzhou plans to legislate to prevent and control the pollution of catering places

Guangzhou plans to revise and upgrade the administrative measures for the prevention and control of pollution in catering places in Guangzhou in that year to formulate a local regulation, the provisions on the prevention and control of pollution in catering places in Guangzhou, and include it in the formal project of the 2022 legislative work plan of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress. The draft regulation clearly stipulates that Guangzhou should scientifically set up catering service business areas, orderly promote the separation of catering venues from residential buildings, and build a relatively independent catering venue agglomeration business area. Existing catering places that do not conform to the development of the catering industry and the spatial layout plan should be gradually withdrawn. (


Shanghai: blind Cafe trial operation

Yesterday, the cafes of visually impaired brothers Yin Tianbao and Yin Tianyou officially opened for trial operation in a commercial square in Pudong, Shanghai. With the help of friends, the two brothers became blind baristas after long and hard training. In the cafe, there are operation spaces and machines tailored for the blind, who can operate conveniently by touch. It is worth mentioning that in addition to being a barista in the seed shop, the two brothers also own 10% of the shares of the shop, and Tianbao will take care of them all at the initial stage of preparation. (Xinhuanet, Shangguan News)

Didi payment was fined 4.27 million yuan for 12 violations

On July 15, the announcement of administrative punishment information released by the business management department of the people’s Bank of China (Beijing) showed that Beijing didi Payment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “didi payment”) was warned and fined 4.27 million yuan for 12 types of violations. Specifically, violations include errors in uploading transaction information, failure to implement the requirements of authenticity, integrity and traceability of transaction information, and so on. At the same time, the business management department of the central bank also warned the two then senior executives of didi payment and fined a total of 380000 Yuan. (Interface)

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