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The former head of Herbalife China was fined. McDonald’s China released its digital collection with new products for the first time. Beijing Chaoyang District Municipal Bureau of supervision raided the “ice cream Assassin”, and Shanghai made it clear that it was not allowed to broadcast live marketing of goods

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Former head of Herbalife China was fined

The securities and Exchange Commission announced on Monday that Jerry Li, former president of Herbalife China, was ordered by a judge of the Manhattan federal court to pay a civil fine of about $550000 after failing to respond to the SEC’s lawsuit against him. SEC said Li Yanliang was involved in bribery to help Herbalife obtain the necessary licenses to operate in China. Herbalife itself agreed to pay about $123million in 2020 to settle the lawsuit filed by the SEC and federal prosecutors. (Wall Street Journal)

China Feihe index’s US $200million repurchase plan is steadily advancing

Yesterday, China flying crane announced in the evening that the company cancelled all repurchased shares from March 29, 2022 to July 12, 2022, with a total of 12million shares. Since last year, a total of 40.124 million shares have been repurchased and cancelled, accounting for 0.45% of the current total share capital. It is understood that Feihe launched a US $200million repurchase plan in 2021, and the repurchase plan is currently under normal implementation. (Zhongxin longitude and latitude)

Losses of Australian milk powder manufacturers dragged down the performance of Maochen group

Maochen group, which is listed in Hong Kong, announced today that it expected a loss of about HK $135million in the first six months of this year, compared with a loss of about HK $26million in the same period last year. One of the reasons included blend and pack Pty, an Australian manufacturer of infant formula and nutritional products Ltd recorded an operating loss. (company announcement)

Investigation on the case of “putting the fallen bread back on the shelf”

Recently, after the staff of a McDonald’s restaurant in Baiyun District of Guangzhou “put the fallen bread back on the shelf” attracted Internet attention, the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau immediately stepped in and organized the Baiyun District Market Supervision Bureau and the market supervision institute under its jurisdiction to carry out on-site investigation and handling. At present, the restaurant involved has been filed for investigation. Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau interviewed the person in charge of McDonald’s in Guangzhou, the operation director and the person in charge of the store, and urged them to draw inferences from one instance, further improve the food safety management system, improve the supervision mechanism, refine the content of food safety training, strengthen the retraining and re education of employees, further improve the food safety awareness and responsibility awareness of all employees, and ensure the food safety of consumers. (Xinmin Evening News)

Guisheng shares clarify rumors of backdoor listing of Xijiu

Today, Guisheng issued a Clarification Announcement. The company received market rumors that Guizhou Moutai distillery (Group) Xi Jiu Co., Ltd. will be listed as a “backdoor” company, which attracted the attention of news media and investors. The company is not involved in the negotiation or negotiation of “backdoor” and “reorganization” with liquor enterprises, and has no plan to engage in liquor related business. The rumors about the company’s “backdoor of liquor enterprises” are untrue. (company announcement)

The net profit of Laobaigan liquor increased by about 191% in the first half of the year

Today, Laobaigan liquor announced that it is expected to achieve a net profit attributable to the parent company of about 362million yuan in the half year of 2022, an increase of about 191% year-on-year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased significantly, mainly because the company received compensation for land collection and storage in January 2022, and the company included the relevant income of the above land compensation into non recurring profits and losses, resulting in an increase of about 180million yuan in non recurring profits and losses in the first half of 2022 over the same period last year. (36 krypton)

Dabei agriculture lost 450million to 550million in the first half of the year

DaBeiNong released its performance forecast today. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the parent company in the half year of 2022 will be 450 million yuan -550 million yuan, and the profit in the same period of last year will be 499 million yuan. During the reporting period, affected by the pig market, the pig price in the first half of 2022 decreased significantly compared with the same period last year, and the pig feed sales also decreased; At the same time, the cost of feed and pig raising increased due to the rise in the price of main feed raw materials. (company announcement)

Moutai ice cream has reached cooperation with SF city and SF cold transport

Today, Maotai ice cream announced a cooperation with SF city and SF cold transport. SF city and SF cold transport will work together to create a comprehensive logistics solution for Maotai ice cream. According to the official introduction, SF cold transport provides home delivery service within 48 hours of the cold chain, and the same city of SF allows some regions to achieve 3-hour instant delivery of Moutai ice cream. (36 krypton)

Huiyuan re became the executee, with an execution target of 175million

Recently, Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and Food Group Co., Ltd. became the executee again, with an enforcement target of about 175million. The enforcement court is Liaoning Benxi intermediate people’s court. (Zhongxin longitude and latitude)

Honey Snow Ice City store was fined 5000 yuan for using child labor

According to the website of credit China (Liaocheng, Shandong), recently, the mixue ice city beverage store in Ping county was fined 5000 yuan by the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Chiping District of Liaocheng City for recruiting a child labor and violating the provisions on the prohibition of the use of child labor. (Finance and Economics)

“Ice cream Assassin” and “ice cream escort” were registered trademarks

Recently, the trademark of “ice cream guard” was applied for registration by natural persons Li and a food company in Tianjin. It is internationally classified as advertising sales. The current trademark progress is under application. Previously, the trademark of “ice cream Assassin” was registered by many companies and natural persons. (surging News)

McDonald’s China launched a new chicken burger and released 100000 Digital Collections

Today, McDonald’s China announced that it had launched its new chicken burger “McCarthy crunchy Chicken Burger” and announced the release of 100000 digital collections, saying that it had brought “meta universe” into the process. It is reported that mccartz Crispy Chicken Burger “will become a new generation of star burgers for long-term sale”, giving more choices to fried chicken burger lovers who love crispy taste but don’t eat spicy food. For more details, please read here. (issued by the company)

Leshi official announced that fan Chengcheng became the brand spokesperson

Today, Leshi Weibo official announced that fan Chengcheng has become the brand spokesperson. (issued by the company)

One third of Burberry’s shareholders oppose Danone CEO’s reappointment as a director

Recently, burberry said,

The venture capital company supported by Unilever plans to raise 1billion euros

Recently, Cathay innovation, a venture capital group supported by Unilever and total energies se, an energy giant, is raising 1billion euros. Denis barrier, co-founder, said in an interview that the venture capital Department of Cathay capital group, an investment company, is setting up its third fund, which will focus on areas such as digital health and fintech companies. (Bloomberg)

McDonald’s acquisition

McDonald’s has confirmed that it has agreed to acquire its franchise group, Caspers company in Tampa, Florida. It is reported that Caspers has operated McDonald’s since 1958, and its third-generation operator plans to retire after selling 60 restaurants to McDonald’s in October. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Shanghai Supervision Bureau: health food and formula food for special medical purposes are not suitable for marketing in the form of webcast

Today, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau formulated and released the first provincial-level guidance on webcast marketing. The negative list of webcast marketing goods (services) listed therein includes goods and services that are prohibited from advertising in the mass media by laws and administrative regulations, such as infant dairy products, beverages and other foods that claim to replace breast milk in whole or in part. In addition, the goods and services that should be subject to prior advertisement release review according to laws and administrative regulations such as formula foods for special medical purposes are not suitable for marketing in the form of webcast. The guidelines also specifically give tips on cross-border commodity marketing, making it clear that it is necessary to comply with the laws and regulations on import and export supervision and administration. The distributed commodities should be within the scope of the “list of cross-border e-commerce retail imported commodities” published by the relevant national departments, and the relevant reminder and notification obligations should be performed in a way convenient for consumers to recognize. (Shanghai market supervision)

Beijing Chaoyang District Municipal Bureau of supervision raided the “ice cream Assassin”

In response to the price problems of ice cream, umbrellas and other commodities sold by convenience stores reported by consumers, on July 13, Chaoyang Market Supervision Bureau conducted a surprise inspection on 36 convenience stores such as convenience bee, 7-Eleven, Wumart multipoint and JD convenience store. As of 15:00 on the same day, the inspection found that 15 stores had illegal behaviors such as unclear price, wrong goods labels, and price marking not in accordance with the specified contents and methods. The law enforcement officers ordered the problem stores to correct the illegal behaviors immediately, and issued the “decision on administrative punishment on the spot” on the spot, and fined 2000 yuan respectively. (surging)

2022 Fortune 500 list announced

Yesterday, fortune released the 2022 China’s top 500 ranking, taking into account the performance and achievements of the world’s largest Chinese Listed Companies in the past year. The total operating income of the 500 listed Chinese companies on the list this year reached 62 trillion yuan, an increase of about 17.4% compared with the companies on the list last year; The net profit reached 4.7 trillion yuan, an increase of about 9.2% over the previous year. Among them, the details of enterprises listed in the food and beverage industry are as follows. (Fortune)

General Administration of Customs: in the first half of the year, China’s agricultural exports amounted to 303.1 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7% year on year

Li Kuiwen, spokesman of the General Administration of customs and director of the statistics and analysis department, said at the press conference that in the first half of the year, China’s agricultural exports amounted to 303.1 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7% year-on-year. Exports of major agricultural products have maintained steady growth. In terms of import, China’s agricultural products import in the first half of the year was 736.07 billion yuan, an increase of 5% year-on-year. Among them, grain imports were 272.48 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6%, accounting for 37% of China’s total import value of agricultural products in the same period; Meat was 89.79 billion yuan, down 16.4%; Aquatic products amounted to 54.08 billion yuan, an increase of 34.1%. (Securities Times)

Shanghai rumor refutation issuance and guarantee supply unit pass

Recently, some netizens left a message to the Shanghai rumor refutation platform, hoping to verify the authenticity of the online chat record that “the guarantee and supply unit is ready… Issuing a pass”. Many e-commerce platforms, including HEMA, dingdong shopping, meituan, pinduoduo, etc., responded to the Shanghai rumor refutation platform and did not have the situation described in the chat records. Authorities in the city also said that the content of online chat records was untrue. (Shanghai Internet refutes rumors)

Can Ceylon black tea maintain its supply after the bankruptcy of Sri Lanka?

Since the beginning of this year, Sri Lanka has experienced serious shortages of food and fuel, with food prices rising sharply and inflation exceeding 20%. On July 6, Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Viktor masinha announced that Sri Lanka had gone bankrupt, and the unprecedented economic crisis would last until at least the end of 2023. Since the first half of this year, Sri Lankan suppliers have gradually suspended business, and domestic dealers still have a certain source of inventory. (cover news)

The CPI of the United States recorded the largest increase in more than 40 years in June

The latest data released by the U.S. Department of labor today showed that the U.S. consumer price index, or CPI, increased by 9.1% year-on-year in June, hitting a new high since November 1981. This increase was higher than the market expectation of 8.8%, and also higher than the previous value of 8.6%. Data show that high inflation in the United States has not shown signs of slowing down. (CCTV Finance)

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