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Why should Pepsi be stable before it gets on the express train of yuanuniverse?

As Z generation loves yuancosmos more and more, yuancosmos marketing has become a major focus of brand development.

Recently, Pepsi officially joined metauniverse, upgrading its 6-year-old Pepsi Gainian store to Pepsi metauniverse. In this official announcement, Pepsi has the potential of “all in” metauniverse. It is understood that PepsiCo’s full speed entry is mainly aimed at extending young creativity, encouraging more people to break through space constraints, release endless love, and create the future freely.

By launching virtual idols, creating virtual worlds, and publishing digital collections, PepsiCo has gone further in stimulating and driving young creativity, fully meeting the expectations of generation Z to enjoy more dominance in life, as well as the infinite longing for a meta universe full of unknowns and surprises.

It is worth mentioning that Pepsi’s disruptive and groundbreaking brand action coincides with Pepsi Cola’s super daring spirit of sugar free. Therefore, Pepsi sugar free has also become the initiator of this time. With the attitude of “no limits, no retreat, breaking through boundaries, and conquering self”, it encourages young people to boldly expand their imagination of the future between virtual and real symbiosis.

Home products have a new set of

The meta universe is hot, and virtual digital people take the lead in carrying the flag, which is considered to be one of the core interactive carriers and portals. In the idea of metauniverse, everyone can use virtual avatar to enter it, immerse in digital content such as games, entertainment, social networking, education, sports, etc., open “second life”, and pursue a more realistic and ideal self.

According to the analysis of “Research Report on the development of China’s virtual human industry in 2022” released by AI media, the market size driven by virtual idols and the core market size were 107.49 billion yuan and 6.22 billion yuan respectively in 2021, and it is expected to reach 186.61 billion yuan and 12.08 billion yuan respectively in 2022. Throughout the development of the industry, virtual idols with low “collapse” risk and high plasticity are showing their potential in social networking, entertainment, services and other aspects. People from all walks of life are also looking forward to the formation of a large circle breaking effect, gold absorption effect and flow effect of virtual idols.

At present, everyone is trying to explore their own virtual avatar. PepsiCo releases the creativity of generation Z and enriches our imagination of virtual digital people through the creation of virtual idols.

Different from the new IP, Pepsi’s virtual idol is based on Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Cola sugar free, seven up, Mirinda and other four classic popular products as the prototype design. Therefore, the biggest feature of Pepsi family virtual idols is that physical products also have a real “human design”, so that virtual idols have a huge fan base since their birth.

Pepsi family virtual idol Pepsi no sugar dares to come
Pepsi family virtual idol Pepsi cool debut

Pepsi family virtual idol mirinda&7up made a big debut

As the “brokerage company” of the four virtual idols, PepsiCo has formulated a comprehensive “debut” plan for them to deeply bundle the music scenes and present and enlarge their infinite expressiveness and vitality through the entertainment market operation.

According to reports, Pepsi teamed up with tmeland, a virtual Music Carnival, to exclusively create the “Pepsi Cola tidal dream” of yuancosmos live house, the first show abroad.

In yesterday’s live house “live”, team Pepsi, a virtual idol of Pepsi family, publicly performed Pepsi’s first metacosmic theme song – “Pepsi cypher” for the first time.

In order to enhance the sense of participation, Pepsi sent an invitation to young people in advance in live house, so that users can fill in the words through DIY and participate in the joint creation of the concert. During this online virtual concert, many online audiences can change their costumes and customize their images. Not only that, users can also control the perspective of the concert by walking freely, switch the pure / interactive mode at will, and sing with their idols in their favorite state.

In addition, there is a customized red envelope rain. Seeing the sky falling Pepsi sugar free on the screen, online participants can draw prizes such as limited virtual equipment, green diamond weekly cards, QQ music entities, etc., pushing the interactive atmosphere to a climax, and the number of interactions in tmeland concerts also exceeded one million for the first time. This Music Carnival has become a fully immersive music experience, allowing young people who love music to truly release their imagination of future music.

Pepsi family virtual idols with beautiful appearance and super business ability will continue to attract fans for Pepsi, especially generation Z consumers.

The 2022 virtual human industry research report released by sutuyuan cosmological Research Institute shows that the three major factors for users to become virtual idol fans are virtual human image, content quality and personality setting, and the proportion of the crowd is 72.8%, 62.3% and 59.7% respectively.

AI media consulting research also pointed out that among Chinese virtual human lovers, young people aged between 19 and 30 accounted for 63.4%. At the same time, 37.2% of the netizens surveyed spent no more than 200 yuan per month for virtual people, while 24.8% of the users surveyed said they were willing to spend more for virtual people.

It is not difficult to find that PepsiCo is maintaining an open attitude towards the application scenarios and functions of virtual idols while providing entertainment for the public. Pepsi is willing to try anything that young people love, because the original intention of driving young creativity with love remains the same.

Enjoy the third space in the future

Virtual idols carry the public’s beautiful reverie about the meta universe, and the real opening of the door to parallel virtual reality also requires the operation of virtual communities. For generation Z, a meta universe that can be accessed anytime, anywhere can stimulate their creativity in an all-round way.

The 2021 metauniverse development report released by newzoo in conjunction with Gamma data points out that consumers are particularly keen to do common things in real life in the metauniverse, such as parties, holding activities, enjoying music performances, etc.

This time, PepsiCo broke the boundary between the virtual and the real. Based on the high sensitivity of PepsiCo Gainian store to the trend and cultural changes in the past six years, PepsiCo created a future third space in the virtual world, integrating music, fashion, technology and other elements, and bringing a highly immersive experience into the life of generation Z.

In August, Pepsi will work with Tencent super qq show to create the first online experience space of virtual Pepsi Gainian store, which reflects young people’s imagination of future social networking and lifestyle.

On the one hand, Pepsi family virtual idols will all enter this future third space. In the space with the theme of “chaoku store”, users can intelligently interact with these virtual idols through holographic projection, and can also buy all kinds of Pepsi drinks and exchange for favorite future trendy products. In addition, in order to further unlock the surreal life experience, PepsiCo will also launch a variety of popular virtual roles performed by the Pepsi family, such as music DJ, skateboarding master, parkour master, etc., to lead the experimenters to experience the wonderful experience of “n kinds of life” in parallel.

On the other hand, users will also immerse themselves in the fun of metauniverse in an all-weather environment. In the space with the theme of “summer beach wind”, users can cross the limitation of time and space, trigger virtual brilliant fireworks rain under the refreshing summer atmosphere anytime and anywhere, and enjoy the happy time of summer.

Digital collection on the tip of the tongue

In the concept of the meta universe, the construction of the infrastructure of digital collections is also indispensable. When it comes to digital collections, fashionable young people are no strangers. From museum collections to popular games, the joke of “everything can be a digital collection” is the hot scene of the digital collection market. According to statistics, in 2021, China issued about 4.56 million digital collections. As of June 2022, more than 500 institutions and enterprises have entered the digital collection field.

At present, digital collections have a high degree of correlation and fit with generation Z, who is curious about the world and willing to pay for emerging things. Therefore, Pepsi, which came to an end at this time, has its own way to stand out in the competition for many digital collections – aiming at the characteristics of generation Z and making their favorite digital collections. Generation Z is a generation with high tolerance and unlimited creativity. Therefore, PepsiCo handed back the initiative of creation to generation Z.

This time PepsiCo cooperated with Shane Fu, a post-95 pioneer digital artist, to pay tribute to the cutting-edge creativity of a generation of young people with a group of digital collections with a strong sense of future science and technology. As an artist who is good at exploring abstract and experiential 3D design, when encountering cola, a classic drink, Shane Fu showed his unique thinking of surrealism in the Pepsi universe.

Inspired by the wonderful chemical reaction between Pepsi Cola and the tip of the tongue in real life, the work artistically restores the state of bubbles bursting and rising at the moment when Cola collides with taste buds by integrating unpredictable elements such as abstract cities, infinity nebula and surreal nature, and also perspective the endless reverie of the future world. According to reports, there are four NFTs designed by Shane Fu this time, one of which is a hidden one, all of which are limited edition. They are only available in the wechat applet of Pepsi Gainian store and the official tmall flagship store. Consumers can receive them through interaction.

From NFT to NFT + Art + Black technology, the novel content and forms of expression not only fully meet the needs of generation Z for self pleasing and personalized expression, but also enlarge the collection attributes and cultural and creative value of digital collections, making digital collections play an important role in the marketing scene. It is understood that PepsiCo’s next series of NFT digital collections is also in preparation, and will continue to expand the creativity of young people in the future.

Euromonitor International included the trend of “the rise of the meta universe movement” in its “2022 global top ten consumer trends” report. How to play with the meta universe and integrate with generation Z has become a proposition that brands must think about at present. The idea of Pepsi will also bring new inspiration to the meta universe trial of the whole industry. From the digital collections that draw young inspiration, the virtual idols pursued by young groups, to the virtual world in which they are immersed, the secret of Pepsi is to remain young and love, always believe in the pioneer generation, and encourage them to create together and freely dominate the future.

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