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Is the practice of content-based growth really coming? Swisse case uncovering method

quantify the contribution of content growth and enable content value delivery.

By Cathy Wang

Source: foodaily daily food (id:foodaily)

Under the background of infinite fragmentation of media and users’ mastery of consumption sovereignty, more and more consumers only pay attention to the content they are interested in and related to themselves, and create their own personalized labels and life atmosphere.
Mastering consumers’ preferences, creating content they are interested in, triggering consumers’ buying behavior, and also bringing new business growth opportunities for finding incremental brands in e-commerce channels.
In recent years, with the rise of interest e-commerce, content is not only a comprehensive carrier of three indicators: product, sales and efficiency, but also a core driving force for brands to accumulate assets, acquire consumers and achieve long-term high-quality growth.
In fact, the whole process of content creation, delivery, and ROI measurement is a relatively large systematic project. Many e-commerce companies that are interested in entering the market face pain points and problems such as difficulty in starting numbers, difficulty in starting volume, difficulty in making profits, unstable effect of launching content, and difficulty in predicting launch results.
How to evaluate whether the creative content is of high quality? How to realize measurable, benchmarking and optimization of content value? How to scientifically measure the input and output of content and maximize ROI?
With the help of professional big data analysis platform, brands need to quantify the contribution of content growth and clarify the benefits of content dissemination; At the same time, we can learn from each other’s strengths to improve the quality of our content delivery through the performance of competitive products and the successful cases of dismantling the top brand of the category.
Recently, foodaily noted that Swisse, a nutrition and health care brand, has achieved explosive sales growth on Tiktok e-commerce platform with content marketing. So, how does Swisse play with interest e-commerce content marketing? How does the big data analysis platform disassemble Swisse’s marketing strategy? What are Swisse’s successful content growth practices worth learning from? In the era of information bombing, how can big data analysis platforms enable brand content value delivery?
The nutrition and health care categories have increased savagely,
How can Swisse break the circle quickly with content marketing?
As the cost of innovation continues to rise and the flow dividend gradually dries up, more and more brands begin to take content creation and layout as the main mode of operation, believe that content is king, and embrace high-quality long-term growth.
In order to fill the gap in the research methodology of content marketing effect of interest e-commerce and enable brands to develop healthily in interest e-commerce, as a digital retail big data analysis service provider for early data monitoring in China, Nint Ren Tuo jointly released the scientific methodology of “content force measurement model – Tiktok platform analysis” in April 2022 with tbwabolt.  
Slide left and right to see more pictures source: Nint Ren Tuo
Through the “three forces and one index” (sales transformation, crowd penetration, brand positive interaction, and subversion index), quantify the sales transformation brought by stripping the live broadcast content, analyze the penetration of brand content in the sub population, measure and benchmark the contribution of content to brand mental interaction, and examine and benchmark the relationship between input and output of content.
It is no longer only inclined to provide the testing data of the brand’s main sales system, but from the three aspects of “product”, “sales” and “efficiency”, refine the value of the content separately, comprehensively quantify the content communication effect, help the brand measure the exposure interaction and business value brought by the content, horizontally compare with competitive products or top brands, and improve the brand’s operation ability in interested e-commerce.
In July 2022, Nint Rentuo officially released content x SaaS products and launched the report “Nint Rentuo content based growth practice”. Focus on high-end beauty, nutrition and health care, sports shoes and clothing categories, and analyze the successful practices of top brands with excellent performance under various categories. So, how does content x disassemble Swisse’s marketing strategy for nutrition and health care products on Tiktok e-commerce platform? What are Swisse’s successful content growth practices worth learning from?
Swisse: Tiktok e-commerce platform has achieved explosive growth in sales
In recent years, affected by the normalization of the epidemic, the word health has jumped to the forefront of consumers’ attention, the public’s awareness of health preservation and disease prevention has been increasing, and the nutritional health care market has a strong growth advantage. Among them, Swisse has grown rapidly since it joined the Tiktok e-commerce platform in 2021, achieving explosive sales growth.
Picture source: Nint Rentuo’s content-based growth practice report
According to the statistics of Nint Rentuo nutrition and health care category cleaning database, the sales volume of Swisse’s Tiktok e-commerce platform from January to May this year reached 100million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 517%. Nint Ren Tuo’s content power content x data shows that Swisse’s content power score and ranking from January to May this year have significantly improved compared with last year, and the scores of sales transformation, crowd penetration, and positive brand interaction have increased steadily. So, how does Swisse achieve high performance growth with content marketing?
1) Find the right person: seize the business opportunity of women’s market of health products, and Swisse accurately infiltrates young women
Picture source: Nint Rentuo’s content-based growth practice report
First of all, from the market and consumption of nutrition and health care products on Tiktok e-commerce platform, the proportion of women and men was basically balanced from January to may 2022, accounting for 52% and 48% respectively. From the perspective of product sales, the market share of products sold to women accounted for 8.3%, which was significantly higher than that of last year, and the share increase was ahead of the product categories of general motors, men, middle-aged and elderly people, indicating that the women’s market opportunity of nutrition and health care products on Tiktok e-commerce platform is active.
Then, back to the population structure of Swisse brand itself, Swisse female consumer group accounted for 81% from January to may 2022, and genz and youth constituted the main female consumer group. It shows that Swisse combines the development trend of nutrition and health care categories on Tiktok e-commerce platform, seizes the market opportunities of women in nutrition and health care, and targets young women as the main consumer group.
2) Do the right thing: for young women, make good use of plot implantation and product planting to lead to product value
Picture source: Nint Rentuo’s content-based growth practice report
Taking Swisse’s top 100 videos praised on the Tiktok e-commerce platform as the analysis object, through the statistics of the number of different video types, it can be seen that plot implantation has always been the most important video type of Swisse, and the number has increased from 31% in 2021 to 45% from January to may 2022. The number of grass planting videos exceeded star endorsements and medical science popularization, becoming Swisse’s second largest mainstream video type.
According to the distribution of video interaction, the video of planting grass climbed from 20% in 2021 to 48% in January may 2022. It shows that the grass planting videos of products can cause more emotional resonance among young female consumers, and then trigger a series of related interactions.
For example, Swisse whey protein powder aims at the health and immune pain points of young people, and relies on the video of product planting types to elicit product value. Beauty & Fitness KOL is based on the background of high-intensity work and lack of protein supplement, which leads to the decline of personal immunity and fatigue. It is recommended to use good things. With personal experience, create a life scene for workers, and strengthen consumers’ awareness and trust in products. This video has been played for a total of 1.65 million + and received 51000 + likes.
3) Choose the right product: take advantage of beauty KOL to create popular items and seize the high growth track of Tiktok e-commerce
Picture source: Nint Rentuo’s content-based growth practice report
According to the cumulative interactive distribution of Swisse videos, the interaction volume of TOP10 videos accounts for nearly 60%. By analyzing the product types and KOL style in TOP10 videos, we can see that Swisse’s product layout in Tiktok e-commerce focuses on collagen products related to beauty and health care, and prefers to use beauty KOL to create popular items.
At the same time, according to the statistics of Nint Rentuo nutrition and health care category cleaning database, in 2021, the sales of beauty and health care products accounted for 16.5% on Tiktok e-commerce platform, while tmall and accounted for 5.5% and 1.5% respectively. It shows that Swisse accurately grasps the beauty and health care, a Tiktok e-commerce high growth track, to promote related products.
4) Talk about dialogue: with product ingredients / efficacy as the core, KOL communication is targeted
Picture source: Nint Rentuo’s content-based growth practice report
Taking Swisse’s main collagen products as an example, a specific analysis of the proportion of keywords in the video content shows that words such as composition, content, usage, and application scenarios appear more frequently. It shows that Swisse focuses on selling points such as product value, use methods and scenarios in KOL production content management, carries out targeted and efficient communication, delivers consistent information to users, and avoids ineffective information transmission.
In addition, through AI semantic analysis, the emotional tendency in content reviews is counted according to the dimensions of products, marketing, packaging and so on: in the product dimension, the proportion of good, medium and bad reviews of the overall series of Swisse brand is 36%, 37% and 12% respectively; In terms of product dimension, the positive rate of collagen peptide is more than that of the whole series of Swisse brand, and the negative rate is less than half of that of the whole series of Swisse brand. It reflects Swisse’s effective management of products and consumers’ recognition of beauty and health care products.
Picture source: Nint Rentuo’s content-based growth practice report
To sum up, Swisse’s rapid development in Tiktok e-commerce platform is inseparable from the capture of business opportunities in the high growth track of “her economy”, anchoring young women, focusing on popular items, delivering product value, and effective communication with KOL. With the help of Nint Rentuo content power content x, Swisse’s successful cases are disassembled and redistributed, so that the benefits of content dissemination can be based on. At the same time, it also provides content growth practices that can be used for reference and learned for other brand businesses in this category or across categories.
Content power content x SaaS:
Quantify the contribution of content growth and enable brand content value delivery
Interest E-commerce creates new demand through content, breaks through the upper limit of consumer demand, achieves rapid growth, and promotes the further development of the e-commerce industry. With Tiktok upgrading the interest e-commerce to the global interest e-commerce, in this era of content as the king, brand merchants are constantly thinking about how to win with content and how to stimulate users’ new needs through content.
Kevin Kelly once mentioned the concept of decentralization in out of control and believed that the future society will be decentralized. Although this book was published more than 20 years ago, Nint Ren Tuo believes that decentralization can also adapt to the current trend of content development and can be used to solve the difficulties of the current e-commerce industry.
In Nint Ren Tuo’s view, the main body of interest e-commerce is decentralized talent. The content is the usage of goods in various scenarios, the emotional satisfaction after using goods, and various interpretations of brand ideas. The decentralization of content allows consumers to know more about eating scenes, brand ideas and values, and stimulate new needs and trigger new buying behaviors through a sense of substitution and identity.
Therefore, the essence of interest e-commerce is to create new needs through content, with content as the core and good content to stimulate users’ stay, interaction, sales transformation and collection re purchase. Replacing traffic growth with content growth is the main development trend of e-commerce industry in the future.
The business content is actually business, which also requires short-term, medium-term and long-term strategic layout. So, how to achieve sustainable growth through content? How to find the best growth practice of content marketing?
Therefore, in July 2022, Nint Ren Tuo officially released the content x SaaS product “content measurement and benchmarking system – Tiktok platform”. Around the “three forces and one index”, through multi-dimensional de verification and benchmarking analysis, create four functional matrices of “content force list, brand analysis, brand comparison, and content force strategy” to help brands complete effective content analysis, content benchmarking, and content strategy designation.
Source: Nint Ren Tuo
The core strengths include deep learning of AI group portraits, sku level content analysis, three-level emotional analysis before and after purchase, and correlation analysis between content and Gmv growth. Through the above four core advantages, Nint Ren Tuo provides brand merchants with three content strength solutions: comprehensively measuring the three-dimensional value of content, helping brands find industry examples, and helping brands find new incremental opportunities. Achieve measurable, benchmarkable and optimized content growth practices.
Source: Nint Ren Tuo
Compared with public opinion monitoring products, Nint Rentuo content x “3 forces 1 Index” is the only data product that realizes the linkage between content and Gmv at present. Through full data detection, it carries out comprehensive data content cleaning for people, products, content and talent, and opens up a complete content delivery link. The traditional public opinion detection focuses more on the consumer side, which is quite different from the positioning and application of Nint Rentuo content x SaaS products.
Compared with the official data platform of Tiktok, Tiktok mainly helps the brand operate around its own assets and content assets, and the data products have rich functions; Nint Ren Tuo content power content x SaaS products help brands realize the supplement of solutions. Through the content force model, we can measure the output, plus the post link content segmentation dimension analysis, to help the brand effectively measure the content value and timely understand the brand content force position. Understand the content strategy, crowd and talent distribution of competitive products, and build a more reasonable content strategy in time.
At a time when interest e-commerce is rising and content determines the success or failure of brand operation, brand businesses need to use scientific and professional big data measurement platform to solve the problems and challenges encountered in the whole process of content creation, delivery, and ROI measurement.
Nint Rentuo content x SaaS product realizes the measurability, benchmarking and optimization of content growth practice through multi-dimensional de core benchmarking analysis. Help brand merchants explore the way of interested e-commerce, and enable the innovative development of e-commerce industry.
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