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KFC and Universal Studios in Beijing jointly promote a revolutionary entertainment and catering experience!

Want to eat more fun? KFC has come up with new ways to create a different entertainment and catering experience. This time, it is a big move to “move” the popular tourist attraction Universal Studios to KFC!

Xiaoshidai noted that recently, there were new landing activities for the in-depth strategic cooperation between Yum China and Beijing Universal resort. The summer marketing cooperation between the two sides kicked off in KFC, a brand of Yum China. How do the two industry leaders cooperate across borders? Let’s have a look.


Statistics show that Yum China finalized its eight year strategic cooperation with universal Beijing resort as early as January 2020. According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will jointly launch a series of online and offline joint brand marketing activities using the theme elements and concepts of universal Beijing resort.

“Yum China is determined to become an innovative pioneer in the catering industry. This cooperation with Beijing Universal resort will open up new ways to jointly bring a revolutionary entertainment and catering experience to Chinese consumers.” xiaoshidai noted that qucuirong, CEO of Yum China, once introduced the strategic cooperation between the two sides.

As a high-profile catering enterprise in China, yum China is determined to create a revolutionary entertainment catering experience, which is not difficult to understand. You know, Chinese consumption has entered the era of meaningful consumption. Catering should not only solve the problem of consumers’ satiety, but also solve the problem of delicious food and good food.

According to the Research Report on the development trend analysis and investment prospects of China’s catering brand industry (2022-2029), in the era of rapid growth of China’s catering industry, the competition in the industry has already entered a white hot state. Now consumers’ requirements for catering have changed from filling their stomachs to experiential consumption.

Choosing to cooperate with universal Beijing resort to create a revolutionary entertainment and catering experience reflects the wisdom of Yum China. You know, the Universal Studios under universal Beijing resort is China’s first and the world’s fifth Universal Studios. At the same time, it is the world’s largest Universal Studios theme park, with many movie IPS. It can be said that Universal Studios is one of the current traffic passwords.

Indeed, as soon as the Universal Studios in Beijing opened, it became a popular scenic spot for young people and families to travel by virtue of “chatty” Transformers Megatron and star punch in.

It can be said that Universal Studios in Beijing is the representative of “fun”. Cross border cooperation with Beijing Universal resort will make it easier for KFC brands under Yum China to create a delicious and fun catering experience for consumers.

It is understood that before this cooperation, the relevant IP of Yum China and universal Beijing resort had many joint marketing experiences and successful cases in the Chinese market. On the one hand, it is China’s high-profile catering enterprises, and on the other hand, it is China’s first global resort. The combination of strong and strong forces is bound to spark more sparks.


So how does the cooperation between Yum China and universal Beijing resort unfold?

From the summer marketing cooperation between the two sides, it can be seen that KFC, a brand of Yum China, chose to firmly grasp the IP resources of Universal Studios in Beijing and integrate some IP of Universal Studios throughout its summer marketing.

At present, IP co branding seems to be the “traffic password” in the new consumption field. With the help of well-known IP, we can establish more emotional connections with users. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100000 co branded products are released worldwide every year, and IP co branding has become one of the most effective means of in-depth communication between brands and “generation Z”.

Specifically, xiaoshidai noticed that, first of all, KFC made full use of the IP resources of Universal Studios in summer packaging.

Kung Fu Panda, dragon taming master, cat in boots, Madagascar, happy voice, these five popular IPS of young groups and family audiences, all appear on KFC family buckets and hamburger boxes, and the relevant packaging adopts high saturation colors, so as to attract consumers’ attention more.

Integrating popular IP into summer product packaging makes it easy for consumers to experience the joy of combining their favorite IP with their favorite food when consuming.

In addition, KFC also enhanced its interaction with consumers through the form of “scanning the code to win free tickets to Universal Studios in Beijing” to further touch the nerves of Universal Studios fans.

More importantly, KFC also directly binds its summer flagship products with Universal Studios IP, so as to unify the use value and emotional value of the products, conform to the consumption trend of “generation Z” young people who pursue spiritual enjoyment, are willing to pay for happiness and are willing to consume for interest, and skillfully combine delicious food and fun, so that young consumers can enjoy KFC’s new products at the same time, You can also enjoy the fun brought by Universal Studios IP.

It is understood that KFC will integrate the representative “Kung Fu Panda land”, “Madagascar” scene elements and IP characters of Universal Studios in Beijing into the video and visual design of its new summer breakfast egg Frey Panini, and launch a limited edition co branded packaging.

KFC taco series products also continue this practice, binding taco series products with the scene elements of “the land of Kung Fu Panda”, “Hollywood dragon training master”, “Jurassic world nubula island” and IP characters, and designing the corresponding kV for offline delivery and theme store decoration.

It should be pointed out that KFC’s use of Universal Studios IP is not limited to offline.

Xiaoshidai noted that KFC also spread the cross-border joint theme breakfast activities and taco series product joint activities through wechat, Weibo, social media and other online channels.    

What is more surprising is that Universal Studios in Beijing has also been cleverly “moved” to KFC.

In the lucky draw of Taco series products, consumers can choose to have a “face-to-face” interaction with one of the three parks of Universal Studios in Beijing, namely “Hollywood dragon tamer”, “land of Kung Fu Pandas” and “Jurassic world nubula island”, by scanning the QR code of the image of the theme store, scanning the product packaging and other offline ways, and clicking on the official KFC applet, KFC’s official super app home page and other online ways.

After entering each scenic spot, relevant IP characters will appear dynamically, and consumers can explore the scenic spot with the help of mobile phones. This can be described as deeply stimulating consumers’ senses and bringing consumers an immersive experience. This really makes use of IP and allows consumers to have close contact with IP.

In fact, the strategic cooperation between Yum China and universal Beijing resort has already started.

According to the data, at the end of 2020, KFC cooperated with Beijing Universal resort to launch a series of toys and a limited edition bucket of the little yellow people paradise around the popular IP little yellow people, and simultaneously held the offline activities of the “little yellow people Christmas Carnival” free children’s party. Xiaoshidai noticed that the little yellow man series toys were very popular at that time, and many netizens shared pictures.

By September 2021, KFC concept restaurant kpro will be directly located on Universal City Avenue in universal Beijing resort.

It is reported that KFC concept restaurant kpro focuses on light food products and provides a constantly updated menu for the new generation of consumers according to seasonal changes.

With the theme of “Colonel’s green kitchen”, kpro restaurant in universal Beijing resort launched a specially customized paradise menu, including 13 fresh crawfish Panini, tribute Caesar salad, signature mango seasonal vegetable salad, pistachio cheese mousse cake, Hokkaido ice cream and a series of kpro specialty dishes, as well as “happy and colorful Platter” limited by the store.

In the Spring Festival of this year, Universal Studios in Beijing specially created a new year wish tree to welcome the year of the tiger, attracting many tourists to take photos with a strong new year atmosphere. KFC skillfully integrated the new year golden Bucket & Tiger Born golden lantern into the wish tree, so that tourists have more interaction and higher enthusiasm for punching cards.

Whether it is to “move” Universal Studios to KFC consumers or to send KFC to Universal Studios tourists, we can predict from the wonderful landing of the current strategic cooperation between Yum China and universal Beijing resort. In the future, the cooperation between the two sides will also bring more surprises to Universal Studios IP fans and KFC consumers, which is worth looking forward to.

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