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Pizza Hut China responded to the report on food safety. Abbott raised its annual performance expectations, Yili invested in the establishment of a private equity company, and the revenue of bubs milk powder surged. Daily Youxian was accused of considering some business equity

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Pizza Hut’s response to food safety issues: Investigation on the closure of two restaurants in Beijing

Today, Pizza Hut China issued a statement on its official wechat that the company attached great importance to the media reported problems related to Pizza Hut harmony Plaza store and Weigongcun store in Beijing, and immediately closed the two restaurants for investigation.

Law enforcement officers checked the restaurant’s food raw materials, purchase channels, workflow, overall hygiene and other conditions, and also conducted spot checks on edible oil products. According to the media’s previous unannounced visits, Pizza Hut Beijing harmony square store and Weigongcun store have a variety of food safety problems, such as restaurant managers tampering with expiration labels, food materials are not discarded on time, and so on. (issued by the company, Beijing Daily)

Guizhou recommended Zhang Deqin as the director and chairman of Xijiu group

Recently, the Guizhou Provincial People’s government agreed to establish the board of directors and management team of Guizhou Xijiu Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd; It is recommended that Zhang Deqin be the director and chairman of Guizhou Xijiu Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and that he no longer serve as the deputy general manager of Guizhou modern logistics industry (Group) Co., Ltd; Wang Diqiang is recommended as the general manager of Guizhou Xijiu Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (surging News)

Guiguang network does not involve “backdoor and reorganization of liquor enterprises”

Today, Guiguang network announced that the company was not involved in the “backdoor and reorganization of liquor enterprises”, and the market rumors about the company’s “backdoor and reorganization of liquor enterprises” were untrue. On the disk, Guiguang network opened higher and went higher today. In the morning, it closed the daily limit until the close, which was the daily limit for two consecutive trading days, with an increase of 55% in the month. (First Finance)

Daily Youxian was accused of considering selling equity in smart fresh food market business

According to Bloomberg news today, daily Youxian plans to sell part of its business of providing business consulting and online store construction services for sellers of fresh agricultural products, and is currently working with consultants to assess investors’ interest in its smart fresh market business. It is reported that this plan was launched at the end of last year, and Youxian daily valued the Department at about US $100million. (Bloomberg)

Yili shares invested to establish a private placement company

Recently, Shenzhen Jianling innovative seed private equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) was established. The executive partner is Zhuhai Jianling equity investment fund management partnership (limited partnership), with a registered capital of 350million yuan, which is 99% owned by Yili. (Nanfang finance and Economics Network)

Jiangxi Swire Coca Cola can beverage production line put into operation

Yesterday, Chen Xiang, Secretary of Nanchang county Party committee and director of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, and Party construction, CEO of Swire Coca Cola China, jointly witnessed the official launch and production of the pop can beverage production line introduced by Swire Coca Cola in Jiangxi. It is reported that with an investment of nearly 100 million yuan, the production line can produce 66000 cans of Coca Cola series cans per hour, with an annual production capacity of 142000 tons and an output value of 630 million yuan. (China Daily)

Chongqing Beer: Chongqing first intermediate people’s court ruled to remove property preservation measures

Due to litigation, some bank accounts of Chongqing Beer Co., Ltd. were frozen, some trademarks were sealed up, and some bank accounts of Carlsberg Chongqing Beer Co., Ltd. Jiulongpo branch, the guarantor, were frozen. Chongqing Jiawei, the plaintiff involved in the case, applied to the first intermediate people’s Court of Chongqing for withdrawing the lawsuit on May 31, and the first intermediate people’s Court of Chongqing has ruled to allow Chongqing Jiawei to withdraw the lawsuit. (company announcement)

Guangyao group responded that many dealers and agents “Wanglaoji” in China were cheated

In a statement recently released by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, the investigation found that since 2021, many companies have carried out business in the name of “Wanglaoji operation center” and in the name of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group or its subsidiaries, misleading merchants to think that such enterprises are related to Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group. Guangyao group also said that such companies have no affiliation with Guangyao group and have reported the case to the law enforcement department. (Daily Economic News)

Haagen Dazs · xiasong series listed

Today, Haagen Dazs announced the launch of “summer song series”, two new products including Mangmang ice cream snow mud and raspberry ice cream snow mud. During HEMA brand week, 10 flavors of any choice are 199 yuan. (issued by the company)

Uni president group buys Carrefour in Taiwan

Uni President Group and uni president Chao held a briefing late last night and announced that they would buy Carrefour in Taiwan for NT $29billion (about RMB 6.545 billion). Chen Guohui, chief financial officer of uni president, said that after the transaction, uni president will hold 70% of Carrefour shares in Taiwan and uni president supermarket will hold 30%, and the delivery is expected to be completed in the middle of 2023. (Interface)

Abbott raised its annual earnings per share forecast

Today, Abbott announced its second quarter results. In the second quarter, Abbott’s sales were $11.3 billion, an organic increase of 14.3%. Abbott also announced that it would raise its annual earnings per share forecast for 2022, with an adjusted diluted earnings per share of at least $4.90. In addition, Abbott said that global sales were negatively affected by the recall and shutdown of some infant formula products at a factory in the United States in February this year. (issued by the company)

The U.S. market boosted bubs’ revenue surge in the last quarter

Australian infant formula manufacturer bubs’ revenue increased nearly fourfold in the fourth quarter, mainly benefiting from the surge in demand caused by the shortage of supply in the United States. The company said today that its total revenue for the three months ended June was a $48.1 million (US $33.2 million). Bubs said its products are currently sold in more than 5400 stores in 34 states in the United States. Due to the surge in so-called corporate purchasing sales, China accounted for 64% of sales in the fourth quarter. (Wall Street Journal)

Belle garribo expects the closing of the plant to affect its performance

The world’s largest chocolate maker baccarat Lippo said today that strong demand boosted sales in the nine months to May this year. Its sales volume in the first nine months of fiscal year 2021/22 increased by 7.9% to 1.751 million tons, and its sales revenue increased by 13.5% to CHF 6.076 billion. However, the company expects that the closing of the wieze plant in Belgium will have a “significant financial impact” in the fourth quarter. The world’s largest chocolate factory had previously stopped production due to detection of Salmonella and is expected to restart early next month. (Reuters)

Nestle Purina expands pet food

A few days ago, according to foreign reports, Nestle Purina will spend at least US $100million to expand its pet food factory in Jefferson, Missouri, which will increase its production by 30%. (food processing)

Organization: Danone’s measures for brand portfolio may have “surprises”

Yesterday, Berenberg, a German investment institution, raised Danone’s stock from “sell” to “hold”, and the target price was raised from 50 euros to 52 euros. The agency predicts that Danone will find it difficult to reach the upper limit of its medium-term growth target (3% – 5%). In addition, in view of the possible recession, the sales of Danone fresh dairy products and mineral water are particularly vulnerable. However, the measures taken by Danone at the brand portfolio level may bring surprises, and pointed out that “Danone has never been so optimistic about its strategic direction as it is now”. (BFM)

Unilever India raised prices due to inflation

Yesterday, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, a subsidiary of Unilever, India’s largest consumer goods manufacturer, warned that high inflation would weaken its profit margin in this quarter and could lead to higher product prices. High commodity prices forced the company to raise prices for major categories in the second quarter of this year, including home care, skin and hair cleaning products. (Reuters)

Carlsberg Singapore appoints new general manager

Recently, Caroline Moreau has been promoted to general manager of Carlsberg Singapore. Caroline has been the marketing director of Carlsberg Malaysia for the past three and a half years. In the future, she will be responsible for Carlsberg Singapore’s sales, marketing, finance, supply, human resources, value management and new business. (Scand Asia)

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Ministry of Commerce: take multiple measures to actively promote the import of high-quality consumer goods

Today, Xu Xingfeng, director of the Department of market operation and consumption promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the Ministry of Commerce, together with relevant departments, has taken a variety of measures to actively promote the import of high-quality consumer goods to meet the diversified consumption needs of the people. We have focused on the following four aspects: first, continue to increase tax cuts; Second, actively play the role of the platform; Third, vigorously develop emerging business forms, that is, cross-border e-commerce; Fourth, promote import trade facilitation. (CCTV News)

Hong Kong warns against eating a Japanese imported cup noodles

Yesterday, the center for food safety of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government warned against eating a Japanese imported cup noodles that may contain ethylene oxide. Details are as follows. (food and Environmental Hygiene Department)

UBS: Australia’s food inflation was high in the second quarter, and may continue to rise in the third quarter

According to UBS’ statistics on the prices of about 60000 kinds of groceries sold by Woolworths and Coles, food prices in Australia rose by 5.3% in the second quarter. UBS predicts that food inflation in Australia will continue to rise in the third quarter and peak later this year, but price pressure continues. (Aohua Finance)

American infant food is accused of being a “disaster area” with excessive heavy metals

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the latest food safety report. Among 384 baby food samples, up to 65% contained cadmium, 21% contained lead, and another 3% contained mercury. Arsenic was detected in 51% of the samples, and the highest content of food samples came from baby cereal, molar biscuits and some puffed snacks. (

Moody’s: no accelerated transfer of world supply chain from China

A few days ago, Moody’s released a report saying that it had not seen the accelerated transfer of world supply chains from China. With its huge domestic market, supply chain flexibility, advanced infrastructure, adequate labor supply and dynamic innovation ecosystem, China can still attract foreign direct investment from multinational companies in the short term. Moody’s pointed out that more and more multinational companies will adopt the strategy of “China +1” to reduce supply chain security risks. While maintaining Chinese investment, they will also invest in Southeast Asian countries to produce in parallel or supplement production capacity. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Tiktok takes the lead in using time and becomes one of the mainstream platforms in the world

Tiktok, a social platform owned by ByteDance, has become one of the mainstream platforms in the world, according to data According to AI’s latest research, tiktok users spent an average of 23.6 hours per household per month in the first quarter of this year, surpassing the 23.2 hours of YouTube under alphabet for the first time, which means that tiktok users spend 47 minutes a day on the platform. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

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