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Shengyuan love crown launched A2 Gaoding series, and more and purer “love” is in this can

After entering the domestic version and imported version of the two major infant milk powder categories, Shengyuan aiguanduo recently prepared to launch the A2 milk source Gaoding series, which means that aiguanduo has “entered” a new hot sub category.

The new AI guanduo A2 milk source version launched this time integrates the two high fever concepts of AI immune system +a2 milk source, which better meets the pure and simplified feeding needs of high-end consumers on the basis of maintaining its own stable reputation. As far as the product itself is concerned, AI guanduo handed over more and purer “love” to AI guanduo A2 Gaoding series.

Completely pure A2- β casein

Shengyuan AI guanduo A2 milk source version adopts completely pure A2- β Casein formula, using pure A2 milk source from top ten dairy companies in Germany, aims to better absorb and ingest nutrients for babies through smaller protein molecules.

It is understood that A2- β Casein is an initial type of milk protein, but now it can produce only A2- β Dairy cows with casein milk are very rare, and only about 30% of dairy cows in the world produce pure A2 milk. In order to obtain such a precious source of pure A2 milk, AI guanduo selects A2 cows through advanced genetic technology, and extracts completely pure A2- β Casein (excluding type A1) brings purer nutritional care to babies.

Recipe upgrade

Except A2- β Casein, AI guanduo A2 version also retains the “classic combination” of lactoferrin and probiotics. At the same time, on the basis of its own whey protein small molecules, the product multiplied this A2 milk source upgrade, which can better stimulate the baby’s own immunity.

In addition, the addition of lutein, DHA and AA (brain vision nutrition combination) makes the baby’s world more “bright” and helps brain growth. It naturally contains OPO like structural lipids, which can be upgraded and absorbed with prebiotics and probiotics, making the intestine more comfortable

Love more, love more

It is worth noting that when the AI guanduo A2 milk source version was launched, in addition to the original series of “naming for love, multi-dimensional care”, it was also named “Ai guanduo, love more”, giving more love to the baby in the following aspects:

① Affinity absorption +:a2- β Casein + whey protein primary formula, more affinity

Whey protein formula – natural small molecules, natural pure, mild digestion, comfortable absorption, let the baby release the power of growth

② Original self-care +: lactoferrin + probiotics, protect more

③ Intelligence enhancement +:dha+aa+ lutein: higher lutein, intelligence upgrading

④ Sanyi comfort +: Probiotics + dietary fiber +opo: natural OPO similar structural fat, absorption and upgrading

⑤ European Nutrition +: Taurine + choline + L-carnitine: extract European nutrients [1], growth and upgrading

The new launch of AI guanduo A2 milk source version means that it has achieved the successful preemption of the three sub circuits of “domestic + imported + A2 milk source”. Love crown to constantly meet the needs of the new generation of groups as its own responsibility, from the stock transformation to incremental breakthrough, from incremental expansion to stock optimization, so as to achieve the race track to grab new traffic. Let the choice be simpler, the absorption be purer, the nutrition be higher, the health be more comprehensive, the choice be less, the company be longer, the love be more.



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