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Coca Cola appointed a new president, made a major breakthrough in the listing of tims coffee in China, started the 600million yuan project of Yum China, and% Arabica operators plan to raise new financing. Moutai is expected to earn 20% more in half a year

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Yum China Supply Chain Management Center project officially started

Today, yum China announced the official commencement of the supply chain management center project and settled in Jiading District, Shanghai. This project is the largest self built project of the company’s supply chain center, with an investment of 600million yuan and a construction area of about 61000 square meters. It will be used as the headquarters of Yum China’s supply chain operation, and is expected to be completed and put into use in 2024. Qu Cuirong, CEO of Yum China, said that as the supply chain capacity becomes stronger, it is believed that it will better support more stores, more channels and more products, which will help drive long-term growth. “As of the first quarter of this year, yum China has 32 logistics centers, serving more than 12000 restaurants, covering more than 1700 cities and towns across the country. The company announced at the 2021 investor day event that it plans to expand its logistics centers to 45-50 within five years. (released by the company)

Breakthrough progress of tims coffee listed in the United States in China

Today, a breakthrough came from Tim Hortons China (hereinafter referred to as Tim China), a coffee chain that is going public in the United States. Silver crest acquisition Corp (hereinafter referred to as tims China) of blank cheque company (SPAC) agrees to

%Arabica coffee operators in China plan to conduct a new round of financing

Today, Bloomberg quoted “sources” as saying that lucky ace international, the Chinese operator of coffee chain% Arabica, is considering a new round of financing and seeking a valuation of its business of up to $1.2 billion.% Arabica has provided funds for its expansion and has contacted potential investors. “Sources” said that in the last round of financing,% Arabica was founded in Kyoto in 2014 and entered China in 2017. Its official website shows that there are currently 61 stores in China, with private PAG (Pacific Alliance Investment) and pan Atlantic investment group as its investors. (Bloomberg)

Guizhou Moutai expects a net profit of about 29.7 billion yuan in the first half of the year

Guizhou Moutai announced its business data today. In the first half of the year, it is expected to achieve a total operating revenue of about 59.4 billion yuan (including about 49.9 billion yuan of Moutai liquor and about 7.5 billion yuan of series liquor), an increase of about 17% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to be about 29.7 billion yuan, an increase of about 20% year-on-year. (company announcement)

Yuanqi forest is developing new sugar free cola flavor products without preservatives

In reply to the inquiry of the snack generation, Yuanqi forest said today that the company is indeed developing sugar free cola flavor products without preservatives. There are two main research and development directions: first, making the “subtraction” of the ingredient list to remove food preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate; Second, natural extracted materials are used to replace chemical additives, including natural caffeine, and erythritol is used to replace aspartame, acesulfame and other artificial sugar sweeteners. (snack generation)

Modern animal husbandry and the first agricultural and animal husbandry joint venture

Yesterday, modern animal husbandry and Sanyuan subsidiary Beijing shounong animal husbandry held a joint venture signing ceremony to jointly establish modern animal husbandry Sanyuan seed technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., hoping to jointly create “China’s largest dairy breeding resource group”. Among them, modern animal husbandry holds 51% and shounong animal husbandry holds 49%. (issued by the company)

Haagen Dazs preventive off the shelf pure vanilla ice cream

Recently, the EU food and feed rapid warning system informed France Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream products that ethylene oxide was detected. Haagen Dazs’ official customer service replied today that the company has removed pure vanilla ice cream from its preventive shelf expiration date from July 4, 2022 to July 17, 2023. Consumers who buy related products can call the official customer service hotline for refund or refund registration. (Beijing News)

McDonald’s China joins hands with China to explore the moon again

Yesterday, McDonald’s China officially announced that it would once again work together to “explore the moon in China” to “light up dreams” for children. This is the third year of McDonald’s China’s cooperation with “China Lunar Exploration”. This time, relying on the national task of “exploring aliens”, McDonald’s China has created the first “lighting up the dream lunar exploration detective group” to recruit small detectives nationwide to find the traces of aliens. (issued by the company)

Coca Cola appoints new president

Coca Cola announced today that John Murphy will serve as president and CFO from October 1. Brian Smith, 66, the current president and coo, will retire, but he will continue to serve as a senior manager at Coca Cola until February 2023. John Murphy, 60, has been the CFO since 2019, responsible for supervising mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, global strategy, taxation, finance, auditing, accounting and control, reporting and analysis, real estate and risk management. As president and chief financial officer, he will assume more responsibilities, including supervising global ventures, platform services, online to offline (o2o) digital transformation, customer and business leadership, etc. (issued by the company)

John Murphy

PepsiCo issues US $1.25 billion of green bonds

Yesterday, PepsiCo announced the completion of a new round of US $1.25 billion 10-year green bond issuance. The company will use an amount equivalent to the net proceeds of this offering to fund eligible green projects that will focus on its PepsiCo positive agenda. (issued by the company)

Bubs: the milk powder Market in the United States and China will be equally important to it

Recently, Australian milk powder merchants

Shaka Harry, a vegetable meat brand, raised $2million

Shaka Harry, a plant protein company, recently announced that it had raised $2million in the seed round financing. The company offers a range of meals and snacks designed specifically for Indian food. (business line)


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The national development and Reform Commission held a special working mechanism meeting on food conservation and anti food waste

Today, liudechun, director of the environment and Resources Department of the national development and Reform Commission, presided over a special working mechanism meeting on food conservation and anti food waste. The meeting stressed the need to improve the anti food waste policies and measures in the catering industry,

Meituan takeout starts the “high temperature protection” mechanism to ensure the safety of riders

Recently, the high temperature weather continued throughout the country. In order to ensure the labor safety of riders, meituan takeout announced that it would open “high temperature protection” for riders in the region according to the weather conditions, dynamically adjust the distribution range, so as to reduce the time for riders to be exposed outdoors, and plan to invest 530million high temperature care funds in advance to strengthen the income protection of riders. (Interface)

Didi was fined 8.026 billion yuan in response

Today, the state Internet Information Office imposed a fine of 8.026 billion yuan on didi Global Co., Ltd. and a fine of 1 million yuan on Cheng Wei, chairman and CEO of didi Global Co., Ltd. and Liu Qing, President of didi Global Co., Ltd. in accordance with the laws and regulations such as the network security law, the data security law, the personal information protection law and the administrative punishment law. Didi responded, accepted it sincerely, conducted a comprehensive self-examination and made serious rectification. (Beijing Daily)

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