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Initial public offering | the daily bacteria completed a new round of financing, and the cumulative amount of several rounds of financing was nearly 100 million yuan

probiotics is a track worthy of continuous betting.
On July 20, the probiotic diet brand “daily bacteria” announced that it had completed a new round of financing, led by Jinyu Bogor, a 10 billion level fund focusing on the field of new medicine and general health, and followed by Lianjie Qichen and Lanshang capital. The old shareholder linge venture capital continued to raise money, and the value-added business department of Xiaofan table acted as the exclusive financial adviser for this round of financing.
This round of financing will be mainly used for capacity upgrading, brand digitalization, product R & D and innovation, as well as the development of strain microbial technology. It is reported that within one year of its establishment, several rounds of financing have been completed per day, with a total financing amount of nearly 100 million yuan.
Daily brand publicity map of fungus
The sales volume of tmall has reached the first place in the field of probiotics in China
Taking probiotics as the starting point, daily bacteria is positioned to help consumers establish a balanced lifestyle. As a representative of cutting-edge brands in the field of probiotics, it takes improving consumers’ sense of well-being as its product concept, and focuses on making probiotics products that make the intestines of the new generation of Chinese people healthier. As a flagship product, its probiotic chewable tablets have achieved the first cumulative sales in the domestic probiotic segment of tmall in the first half of 2022, with monthly re purchase of more than 30%, cumulative sales of more than 20million tablets, and tens of thousands of red books and articles.
Daily mushroom red book sharing
Yang Min Maggie, the founder of Daiichi, once worked in Mengniu, Lechun and other well-known dairy enterprises. She is responsible for its star brand products and innovation strategies. She has many years of operating experience in functional yogurt and has a deep understanding of the development of global functional food.
Photos of Yang Min Maggie, the founder of daily bacteria
Its chief R & D officer is Cui Chen, a postdoctoral scientist at Harvard Medical School. Cui Chen introduced ultra-fine nano cold pressing technology for daily bacteria, which greatly improved the loss of live bacteria caused by the traditional hot pressing process.
In addition to the ultra-high R & D ability of the internal team, Daidai has also established cooperative relations with external professional institutions. At present, it has received strong support from the Wuxi government on a case by case basis, and has set up a research and development center here, focusing on cooperation with professional institutions such as Jiangnan University, a food research and Development University (its food science and engineering major ranks first in the world in the ranking of soft Sciences in 2022), the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University, and Wuxi Institute of special food and nutrition.
Daily bacteria carry out clinical cooperation with the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University
At this stage, the daily bacterial products have been promoting the clinical cooperation with the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University to study its clinical efficacy.
Innovative introduction of more convenient, better eating and more effective probiotics
According to the report of special research on China’s Probiotic market, the global probiotic market has grown at a compound growth rate of about 7% since 2018. The market size exceeded US $60billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US $69.3 billion by 2023. In 2019, the per capita consumption of probiotics in the United States was 16 times that of China, and there was still at least 10 times room for growth in China’s Probiotic consumption market.
For consumers, traditional probiotics have pain points such as inconvenient to carry and difficult to adhere to. In response to these problems, daily probiotics, with its deep supply chain innovation ability and global technology research and development ability, has launched a new form of products that are “more convenient, better to eat and more effective”, which makes it accurately grasp the public’s consumption scene.
For example, according to the consumption scenario of family probiotics, the daily bacteria took the lead in launching the product “family bucket”, which focuses on the intestinal health of the whole family. This product features a lifestyle of “good bacteria and family support”, takes into account the physique of the whole family, opens up consumers’ awareness of categories, enables consumers to be persistent and willing to eat, and firmly grasps the foothold of the logic of consumer goods.
Daily mushroom barrel for the whole family to eat together
The daily bacteria also refer to the cutting-edge standards of the industry and adhere to the cleaning label. The product is 0 added with sucrose, 0 fat, 0 preservative, 0 pigment essence, which is recognized by the post-90s exquisite health ingredients party, and reflects its fashionable and young brand positioning in the product.
Daily mushroom x fashion brand vogue 618 treasure youth special issue
In 618 this year, as the representative of the new brand of tmall treasure, dailybug, together with the international fashion brand vogue, announced the 618 treasure youth special issue. 618 brand tmall made a good start, and its sales exceeded that of the whole day last year in one hour, with an all channel increase of 600%.
Continue to tap the advantages of private domain and accurately capture the needs of target users
From the beginning of its establishment, Daidai has made a strong breakthrough through the private domain. Thanks to the co creation of # thousands of early birds # and its probiotic chewable tablets, the product concept was born, and the transaction volume exceeded one million yuan in the first month of its launch.
This summer, the daily new product “probiotics burning card” and the wish box match box experience co creation platform jointly launched the # Shanghai reduced # weight loss camp punch in activity. In this activity, daily bacteria carried out qualitative and quantitative rolling analysis of daily data through rich content services, man-machine interaction mode and accurate target consumers, so as to achieve effective user sensory tracking and evaluation feedback.
At present, the number of private domains of bacteria has exceeded 100000 every day. The efficient new product co creation experience not only provides the most direct data for product iteration, but also accumulates the earliest super users for new products, and finally realizes the rapid expansion of private domains for brands.
Recently, daily bacilli has also deeply cooperated with Mercure Mercure, a high-end business hotel, to carry out precise crowd promotion. According to Yang Min, this year’s daily meeting will complete strategic cooperation with thousands of hotels and continue to provide more valuable and considerate solutions to intestinal problems for business people on business trips.
Daily mushroom cooperates with Mercure Hotel, an international brand
Yang Min, the founder, said that probiotics is a track worthy of continuous betting. China’s microbial industry started late, and long-term dependence on imported strains is the biggest problem that leads to the lack of local probiotics’ R & D and commercialization capabilities. The depth of capital entry has helped improve the local probiotics’ R & D and commercialization capabilities. Daily bacteria firmly believes that “one side of the soil and water nourishes one side of the people”, and the brand will continue to focus on consumers and intestinal health management, so as to become a consumer brand driven by science and technology innovation.
Daily product map of probiotic chewable tablets
For this round of investment, Wang Dong, partner of Jinyu Bogor, said: “We firmly believe that the underlying logic of the development of functional products is the power of biotechnology, which is the foundation of everything and the foundation of enterprise development. We have invested 100 billion level enterprises such as Bertini group in the field of functional skin care products, and invested in the intellectual medicine industry in the field of skin treatment. We firmly believe that a 100 billion level team can also be created in the field of microbial functional foods. We highly recognize that daily bacteria are functional probiotics Technological breakthroughs in the field and judgment on industry trends and forward-looking consumption. This investment also means capital’s recognition of local probiotic technology. We expect the daily bacteria team to continue to help the development of Chinese microorganisms, expand the consumption demand for probiotic dietary supplements, grow into a national brand suitable for Chinese consumers, and become the Oriental bacteria of Chinese people. “
Ge Liqian, a partner of Lanshang capital, said: “during the siege of Shanghai, a large number of consumer brands encountered various difficulties. The consumer industry was cold and the capital environment was severe, but the daily bacteria could directly complete the financing delivery in the crisis and obtain new energy. This is a great recognition of the brand and team by capital.”
Linge venture capital said: “As the earliest institutional shareholder of Daiichi bacteria, we witnessed the growth of Daiichi bacteria from 0 to 1, accompanied the founding team step by step to today, and further followed the investment as the company entered the next stage. We really felt the founder’s original intention to develop China’s microbial industry, his unique understanding and forward-looking judgment in the field of China’s great health, and his executive power to realize the brand vision of China Oriental bacteria. Chuang The clear play ideas and growth plans of the initial team at different stages of brand development, the rapid growth of the company’s talents and the efficient performance empowerment mechanism make us very confident that we can grow into a unicorn with the daily bacteria in the field of general health. “
Pan Jie, partner of Lianjie Qichen, said: “We very much agree with the management concept of daily bacteria in brand operation. Many brands are ‘formal private domain’, but daily bacteria uses its focus and patience to cultivate tens of thousands of super seed users, and achieves more than 30% of the repurchase data every month. We are full of confidence in the future growth of daily bacteria, and also firmly believe that new consumer brands can only explode in the brand if they sincerely focus on consumers, make products with ingenuity, and provide services with patience In this era, it is really needed by consumers. “
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