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The official name makes trouble, the boss goes to war, and the “improper official appearance” marketing in the food industry is popular?

Uncover how food brands surf 5g, play with various official appearances, and become one with consumers.

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It has long been nothing new for the bosses of major technology companies and Internet companies to come out of the background and make public appearances as platforms for their own products. From behind the scenes to in front of the stage, relying on the golden sentence and honest people to surf on the front line, such an “official Facade” seems to have become one of the traffic passwords for brands in the new media era.


At the same time, the official account that is more lively and closer to consumers is also gradually loved by everyone. For example, Haier, which plays well in marketing with its brand official account, is one of the leaders. Its official microblog was affectionately called “800000 blue V head coach” by netizens as early as 2016, and it is the initiator of blue V linkage. Grab hot spots, engage in linkage, change the stereotyped official image in the past, lively and humorous, intimate gossip, grounding and other human devices are more likely to be paid by the public.


In the car circle next door, there is musk, the founder of the Internet celebrity, who benchmarked the ideal L9 of kurinan, “who buys the oil car” Wei Lai Li Bin… And foodaily found that there are more and more brands in the food industry, which use official numbers, boss numbers and other “official appearances” to narrow the gap with consumers. Let’s take a look at how these 5g surfing food brands play with new media and make their brands more grounded.


5g surfing subcutaneous workers
Rebellious department? Cultivation department? Which one resonates more with the masses?
In recent years, the word “human design” has gradually come out of animation games and is widely used in all walks of life, from the entertainment industry to the new media industry. Having a good human design can often get twice the result with half the effort.
In the era of we media, a brand with distinctive personal image can also capture the hearts of consumers. Compared with a rigid and serious official account, a lively and interesting official account can shorten the distance between people. So, what are the magic people in the countless brand official numbers of circle fans? Which one is more popular?
Rebellious migrant workers Department: “pit boss”, I am a professional
In March 2022, there was a sudden upsurge on the Internet to “enroll boys and girls to rush forward” for resentful friends. Originally, it was just a social carnival for netizens to follow the trend. Who would have thought that it was the reason for those rebellious official accounts to make trouble under the skin, and they all signed up for their chairman.
As an official name famous for “skin” on Weibo and little red books, the villagers’ chicken must take the lead in digging a hole for the chairman, and the 61 year old chairman also has to break (fall) off (water). Other officials who were inspired also took action one after another and named the chairman. Pan pan, for example, not only signed up for his own Chairman, but also encouraged other brands to join him. He even gave the chairman the name of the backup club and supervised the boss’s fitness schedule.
Picture source: Little Red Book @ fellow Chicken & Panpan drink
Such a rebellious official blog not only quickly captured the popular hot stem of young people, but also actively participated in the process of building a stem in the stem. If you think about it, who has seen the chairman of a large company run wildly on the water track at the risk of falling into the water and being sprayed with water for a double door refrigerator?
In addition to signing up for the chairman, the local chicken was as quick and humorous as the “chicken”. It not only ridiculed the chairman for being naked and presented a dirty king, but even wanted to “seek power and usurp the throne” and bravely let the chairman retire. Such acts of rebelling against the boss of the migrant workers’ pit are emerging in endlessly, and netizens are also interested in it. They even have to give advice to the official blog to dramatize it directly.
Picture source: Little Red Book @ local chicken
In the final analysis, in fact, everyone is just ordinary workers in real life. It is inevitable to encounter a moment of “small opinions” about the boss’s leadership at work, but they dare not say anything. This kind of brave migrant workers’ behavior of moderately spoofing the boss just caters to the “cool point” of the majority of netizens. It not only makes the brand quickly exposed for entertainment, but also can vent the fatigue of working for a day while everyone is laughing and laughing. Therefore, the official bloggers of such rebellious migrant workers are very popular.
The Department of asking for orders for the people: research and development of fighting boss and fighting boss
There is also such an official account. In order to speak for netizens, it connects the sky and the earth and the air, “dare to speak what people want to speak, dare not speak what people dare not speak”. In order to feed back the suggestions of the majority of netizens, Shangdou boss and xiadou R & D have done more than 50 pages of PTT overnight to collect feedback on what fans say and think. From the perspective of fans and consumers, they face-to-face “fight and pressure” with leaders and sales. It has to be said that they do have the flavor of “workplace warriors”.
Under the ancestral brand of fresh food, in addition to ordinary sericin tofu lactone tofu products, there is also Manglietia Bingshuang, which is widely praised in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. However, in the feedback of consumers, in addition to praise, there are also problems such as few sales channels for Manglietia Bingshuang, it is almost difficult to find offline supermarkets, the packaging and consumption of the old version of products are inconvenient, and the sweetness of the original product is too high for non sweet people to accept. After opening the official account of xiaohongshu, Zu Ming quickly found a suitable position for himself, and the official blog subcutaneously became a bridge for many fans to convey their suggestions.
Image source: xiaohongshu @ ancestral name
Release the sugar reduction version, expand online channels, and expand the scope of urban sales… All the opinions put forward by consumers can be successfully submitted to leaders and gradually fed back. Like the bagged version of Manglietia proposed by everyone, the official blog also “pressed the designer” to quickly produce renderings. This kind of operator setting of asking for orders for the people can make everyone feel that the official blog is on the side of consumers, and also make everyone feel that their opinions have really been valued, so they are more willing to put forward their opinions more actively. In this way, the brand that can face consumers and listen to their opinions really makes a lot of good impression.
Cultivation department operation: please take care of me when I’m new here
When the camera turns to fino, the painting style changes, and the whole fino’s little red book account is simply a construction project progress report log. From the 23rd day of the start of the Hainan factory, the photos of the construction site have been clocked in almost every day. Looking at the scaffolders erecting the high-rise building to the top step by step, there should be many “Internet supervisors” waiting to punch in the completion, right?
Eyeful of construction logs, image source: Little Red Book @ fino coconut milk
However, as early as last year, fino’s official blog seized the traffic password of such a cultivation department, and complied with the suggestions of fans to launch the mini version of thick coconut milk. At the same time, it also timidly said, “I’m a new operator, and I can’t write notes. Let’s take a look at it.”. As soon as this sentence came out, it immediately made people feel that there was a flesh and blood living person behind the account, raw but honest, very interesting and cute, so fans also enthusiastically put forward suggestions for product improvement.
Can it be so direct?! Xiaobian, who is also a migrant worker, can be said to be very shocked when he saw this note. Picture source: Little Red Book @ fino coconut milk
The new small operation also made the majority of Netizens feel the happiness of the cultivation department. TA will seriously discuss the bugs in the new product packaging with netizens, report the progress of the new product launch, the feasibility of popularizing the sugar free version, and excitedly send benefits to everyone… In addition to the content related to the product, TA’s little progress in operating ability is also seen by everyone, from the humble Amway video at the beginning to the poster drawing at the back, Actively interact with other official blogs… The small operator who said he “couldn’t write notes” at the beginning has become more proficient in business.
As the vast number of netizens continue to give advice, a small operation that was originally timid has gradually grown into a small red book official account; A product that originally had only a large capacity packaging version has gradually launched various mini versions, stamped versions and Zero sugar versions; Even in fino’s official account, you can see the whole construction process of the brand factory from 0 to you
Such official account content makes everyone feel that the growth of the whole brand is inseparable from the contributions of netizens. Watching the brand and official account get better and better, and getting a full sense of achievement, this is the happiness of cultivating the Department.
Whether it’s the rebellious department or the nurturing department, which kind of people set up is to play the official account of the brand alive, which can resonate with consumers more than the rigid official appearance. Under such a background, official accounts are more interactive, and some marketing activities are easier to break the circle; When previewing new products, or accepting netizens’ suggestions and discussing product improvement opinions, it can also make netizens have a sense of participation and even a sense of protection, have an emotional connection to the brand, and have a certain effect of planting grass at the same time.
The boss himself ended up in public,
Is it approachable or “artificial collapse”?
In addition to the brand’s official account subcutaneous like to “make trouble”, more and more first-generation bosses or second-generation bosses have also come to an end, respectively, in different platforms for content output and fan interaction. For example, Shu Congxuan, the boss of laoxiangji, is the well-known chairman IP. In addition to him, “boss Luo Cheng”, “Matt Wang family” and other “new generation bosses” have also entered the public’s vision.
“Boss Luo Cheng” is a short video account operated on Tiktok. Although Luo Cheng, the boss who doesn’t want to inherit the family business, claims to be social phobia, he often shows a shy and embarrassed real expression when facing the camera, and his interaction with employees is very friendly, natural and approachable, which is thousands of miles away from the “arrogant and domineering” rich second generation in our traditional impression. After learning that he was the second son of Haolilai, this contrast made netizens call him “the rich second generation collapsed”.
Of course, he is not just a Tiktok expert. In the short video clips he shared, there are often contents related to his own brand cakes and desserts; He also makes desserts by himself, and sometimes spoils fans in the comment area to draw benefits for fans. Recently, with the help of the popularity of “Meng Hua Lu” and Jay Chou’s new album, they have marketed a wave of their own desserts and won the praise of many netizens.
Image source: Tiktok @ boss Luo Cheng
The second generation boss who is also active in surfing is also the “Matt Wang family”. How many people, like Xiaobian, think this name is Wangwang’s official account? In fact, Wang Jia is the real name of Wang Wang’s second childe, and this account is also operated by the second childe. He not only interacts with Wangwang official blog every day, but also often surfs and eats melons. Moreover, what is more “artificial collapse” is that the second childe actually took the funny male line.
The second childe rushed to the front line of eating melons and actively promoted his own products. Photo source: Weibo @matt Wangjia
He not only clocks in on time every morning and says “Wangwang” to everyone, but also as a rich second generation, he will have “real president’s daily life” such as waiting to get off work on time, meeting fatigue, fear of cockroaches and so on. It was not easy to be serious. I asked netizens for suggestions on the development direction of the company, but it was no more than a second handsome, and “rotten” on the spot under the “excessive requirements” of fans in the comment area.
As a classic traditional snack brand, Wangzai is already a well-known brand IP. However, as Wang Jia’s current “hard work” trend continues, I wonder if it is possible for him to become Wang Wang’s second IP?
Image source: Weibo @matt Wangjia
Of course, social media is, after all, a double-edged sword. As bosses representing brand image, it may be a relatively safe practice for them to choose to seize a certain personal characteristic of the boss, which is “their own existence”, and dramatically expand it within a reasonable range to avoid exaggerated marketing. At the same time, we should be sincere when interacting with fans. In addition to listening modestly, we should also implement products and services when collecting opinions, so that fans feel that “everything responds”. After all, the maintenance of brand popularity ultimately depends on products.
Into the third dimension? Launch expression pack?
What are the new ways to play brand IP?
In addition to the official number and the boss number, what other ways can brand IP and personal devices play? Many brands are still under exploration, but among them, the new tea brands that are closer to young people are experts in playing with people and IP.
For example, snow ice city, which is quite experienced in brand IP, has been at the forefront of brand marketing since the brainwashing of the whole network of “Snow Ice City, honey” and now Snow King has been out of the street every three or five times to attract public attention.
The image of “Snow King”, as the official facade of snow city, recently launched a “blackened version” on the whole network. Not only did the store logo on the takeout platform “blacken” physically, but also offline stores launched Black Snow King dolls. Such a highly contrasting marketing quickly attracted the attention of netizens and increased the attention of the brand. When everyone speculated whether it was a continuous high-temperature tanning of Snow King, Successfully launched a new mulberry fruit tea.
Image source: Weibo @ Snow Ice City & @ sansanacridine I
Also playing with brand IP is Ruixing, a marketing veteran.
Two months ago, Ruixing launched the wechat expression pack “working deer” which was popular all over the network, making everyone realize that the brand image of bivariate can also become an expression pack used in people’s daily communication in addition to traditional playing methods. Born out of xiaohongshu netizens’ self-made expression bag, migrant deer stood on the United Front with the majority of migrant workers. Netizens used “Rui” to invite friends to drink Ruixing together.
At the same time, Ruixing also launched mobile wallpaper of migrant workers such as “just want to work”, “extremely energetic”, which vividly depicts the real state of migrant workers, arouses resonance among young consumers, and makes the brand closer to consumers. At the same time, this form of expression pack allows consumers to spontaneously spread and share more freely, which virtually improves brand awareness.
Image source: wechat expression collection of Ruixing coffee
As a time-honored brand, Xianghe Bobo shop has also continued to make efforts on new media in recent years. In addition to appearing in China 3 on the tip of the tongue, cooperating with the Forbidden City and other actions, it has also launched a series of video stories about grandma’s appearance on the short video platform.
In response to consumer feedback about the slow delivery, the old lady sincerely responded and made a good impression. And whenever I listen to my grandmother telling the story of the product, it seems that I go back to the summer evening when I was a child. My grandmother shakes the palm fan and tells me the old story. The feeling of kinship is really grasped. The brand has successfully established an emotional connection with consumers and increased the memory hammer associated with the brand. Maybe this is the key to its capture of your heart and my heart.
Image source: Tiktok @ official flagship store of Xianghe Bobo shop
Of course, there are more than these ways of playing the official appearance of the brand, but these young and anthropomorphic brand marketing are highly praised, mainly because they shorten the communication distance between the brand and consumers, so as to get more positive feedback.
There are several key points to play with such brand marketing:
Analyze the positioning and set up the human equipment. If you want to establish a successful brand design, you should first analyze the brand positioning and platform positioning. You can find the relevant personality prototype as a reference to avoid fabricating it out of thin air, which leads to the lack of authenticity of the design.
Unify behavior and maintain personal settings. When operating relevant brand IP or official account, we need to do some actions to subvert the cognition of renshe, otherwise renshe will collapse and the reputation will be backfired, and it will be difficult to recover.
Product first. For food brands, no matter how much people smoke powder, consumers are ultimately most concerned about products. Good people may bring brand attention, but good products can really retain fans.
At the same time, when brands are constantly trying various marketing methods, they also need to think carefully and repeat. How can these marketing actions help in brand popularity, word-of-mouth image, consumer insight, and sales transformation, and play on the basis of their own brand tone to avoid blindly following the trend.
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Source of cover image: Official Weibo of snow city
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