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The sales volume is better than that of Haagen Dazs. This brand uses only one popsicle| New Xiu

is comparable to Haagen Dazs and is famous all over the United States. A popsicle is enough.

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“Ice cream Assassin”, “Xuegao”… With the soaring price of ice cream, all kinds of homophonic stems are gradually played by people. Once upon a time, ice cream and ice cream, as summer heat elixirs, also began to make people “catch up with them”. Ridicule and jokes about high prices have even become the creative source of bloggers, winning a lot of praise. Under the unbearable ice cream, the people are “miserable”. Instead, those inconspicuous Wangwang broken ice, old popsicles and puddings curled up in the corner of the refrigerator turned into “messengers of justice”, trying to turn the tide and pull back a game for the industry with their own power.
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In fact, the wave of “consumption upgrading” in recent years has unconsciously made those old popsicles with full childhood memories fade out of people’s sight. The extremely sweet taste, too bright colors and cheap texture have become the places where popsicles have been criticized. Today, when everyone pursues health quality, “old popsicles” seem to have been eliminated by iteration, but popsicles are not synonymous with unhealthy or cheap. In addition to being a household name in the Chinese market, fruit popsicles are also popular leisure drinks in Europe and the United States. Clean label attributes such as natural raw materials, low sugar and low fat, combined with the taste not inferior to ice cream, make it a decisive category in the ice product market. Today, the new Xiu brand dreyer’s outshine, with its own popsicle product outshine bar, is comparable to Haagen Dazs and has entered the ranks of the world’s top ice cream brands. What is its uniqueness? Among the dazzling brands, how can dreyer’s outshine capture the hearts of current consumers?

Only 8 years old, once backed by Nestle, its origin is not simple

Dreyer’s outshine is the first national frozen fruit stick series brand launched by Nestl é dreyer’s in 2014, and was sold throughout the United States in February of that year. Why Nestl é dreyer’s? There is also a short story.
Dreyer’s brand was founded by William Dreyer and candy manufacturer Joseph edy in Oakland, California, in 1928. The first factory was established in 1948 and listed on NASDAQ in 1981. Its products are sold under the name of dreyer’s in the western United States and Texas, and edy’s in the rest of the United States. After nearly a hundred years of development, dreyer’s and edy’s have become the highest selling packaged ice cream brands in the United States.
Source: dreyer’s official website
As an internationally renowned ice cream brand, dreyer’s has not only a large factory in the United States, but also a production line in Asia. In Hong Kong, dreyer’s has always represented the high-end market. In June, 2002, Nestle took the opportunity to acquire 67% equity of dreyer’s, and then integrated the dreyer’s brand into the dairy production line of Nestle Hong Kong Limited. In January, 2006, Nestle wholly acquired dreyer’s, becoming the world’s largest ice cream producer with a market share of 17.5%. Internationally, dreyer’s brand extends to the Far East market, while edy’s brand extends to the Caribbean and South America, further consolidating the global layout of Nestle frozen desserts.
In 2013, dreyer’s parent brand was renamed dreyer’s outshine, and two new product lines were launched: coconaut waters ™ Bar, this is the first coconut based frozen fruit stick retail in the United States; And the limited edition seasonal products inspired by the farmers’ market. In addition, the renamed dreyer’s outshine also includes the most popular products of the original dreyer’s fruit bars. Kerry Hopkins, brand manager of outshine, said, “we want to add a unique flavor to the fruit sticks of the same name series, combining fruits and vegetables into delicious and complementary flavors. Through this move, we also explore a new delicious way to incorporate vegetables into our diet.”
Source: outshine ins
However, as Nestle sold its U.S. ice cream business to the Swiss joint venture froneri at a valuation of $4billion in December 2019, dreyer’s, including outshine and drumstick, was divested together with edy’s and H ä agen Dazs, Nestle will continue to manage its remaining ice cream business in Canada, Latin America and Asia. Although these brands are no longer managed by Nestle, Nestle is still a major shareholder and has three members on froneri’s eight member board of directors.
In 2021, only two years after being sold by Nestle, dreyer’s ice cream business began to heat up significantly. According to the data disclosed by dreyer’s, in the 52 weeks to January 30, 2022, outshine’s sales in the United States were $480million, ranking third, significantly ahead of H ä agen Dazs, which was $305million and ranked sixth. Although American consumers have habitually bought large barrels of ice cream for decades, which is convenient to ladle out for dessert, with the development of prepackaged food to single serving and miniaturization, its convenience and sharing characteristics have become more and more popular, and the handheld ice cream market is gradually becoming hot. At the same time, dreyer’s has also increased the publicity of drumstick, outshine and other brands, positioning outshine, which takes fruit as the first raw material, as a “healthier choice”, and its cleaning label attribute is very close to young consumers. In addition, outshine’s strong product matrix is also an important driving force for its rapid performance growth.

Adhere to clean labels and break through consumer circles with product matrix

No matter how complicated your life experience is, simple ingredients will always be the biggest highlight of outshine, and it is also the brand concept that has always been implemented. All products of outshine adhere to the use of real fruits and juices, becoming a good source of vitamin C; At the same time, it does not contain genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors / essence, fat, gluten (except cream coconut and sugar free fruit stick products). On the official website, outshine not only defines itself as a delicious snack, but also an atmosphere to convey to everyone the happiness and satisfaction brought by enjoying delicious snacks.
The calories of the outdoor bar are also far lower than those of ordinary frozen desserts. For example, the new fruit and veggie bars each contain only 35-60 calories, contain at least 25% of vegetable puree and fruit juice, and provide a variety of flavors such as blueberry mixed sauce, orange carrot, apple and green leafy vegetables, peach mango mixed sauce, strawberry rhubarb, As Johns Hopkins, an American businessman and philanthropist, said, “our consumers are ‘Sparkling’ in all aspects of life, so we are happy to help them rejuvenate with healthy snacks that contain real fruits and vegetables in every bite.”
Source: outshine ins
In addition, outshine has also derived a powerful frozen dessert matrix. Its products include frozen fruit bars, frozen fruit pops, simple indulgent, half dipped chocolate, smoothies, simple yogurt, etc., which focus on the needs of different times and scenes, and capture the needs of children Different consumer groups from teenagers to adults.
Source: outshine ins
Frozen fruit soda bar is one of the most representative products. It aims at school-age people and is suitable for eating after school and other leisure time. The addition of soda elements makes the product particularly refreshing and more attractive to children. Simple indulgence stick is suitable for people who like milk based snacks. The product is made of fresh milk, containing 5g protein and 25% less sugar than ordinary frozen milk sticks. The chocolate half dip stick is very creative. Half dip the fruit stick in dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content, creating a double subversive experience in vision and taste.
Source: outshine ins
In addition to playing with various bars, outshine’s smoothie series is also a major feature. Its complex and diverse tastes, solid and semi-solid States, and its own “functional” colors add a unique glow to it. In addition to natural fruit ingredients, the semi-solid smoothie also contains nonfat yogurt, which tastes more silky and the heat is properly controlled. 99g smoking small package is convenient to carry. The square shaped smoothie is simple and neat in appearance, but its biggest highlight is the combination of different fruits and vegetables into a variety of health effects. At present, there are three types of gut supporter, go-getter, glow to, which supports intestinal function, and glow to, which helps skin glow. At the same time, it does not add extra sugar, which is welcomed by many female consumers.
Image source: outshine official website
Even children can’t lose the cool feeling brought by frozen desserts in summer, and outshine’s simple yogurt stick takes care of this need. This product is made of 100% yoghurt, which puts the protein content that helps children thrive first. At the same time, it uses a wide handle wooden stick, which is convenient for children to hold, taking into account all aspects of small details.
Image source: YouTube
On youtube, outshine has become a popular brand evaluated by major bloggers, and the frozen fruit stick series has been liked and recommended by many bloggers. At the same time, it has also brought a wave of natural traffic to the brand. Driven by the tide of the times, food and beverage is no longer simply to meet the needs of satiety. Nutrition, shaping, conditioning, interest, tasting, social networking, users’ needs for food and beverage and consumer psychology are becoming more and more diverse, and the consumption scene is becoming more and more diverse. For the brand side, social networking is an important way of product communication. With social attributes, it means that the product has its own traffic and communication, and its influence will also expand.

Play DIY marketing and become a social expert in seconds

Outshine can stand out in the American ice market, which is full of experts. In fact, he is also a master of social marketing. In this age of beauty first, the beautiful colors of outshine products undoubtedly add a lot of points to it. The extremely high color saturation is more attractive to young people, and the collective large packaging can also better meet social needs, becoming a good product for friends to meet and share happiness. Similarly, the brand’s external self publicity is also a part of highlighting social attributes. At moments conducive to social sharing such as the international friendship day, the brand will always be active in the front line of social platforms, using the power of words to encourage people to share delicious food and health, and help portray young images.
Similarly, public welfare activities are also a major breakthrough for outshine to win the favor of consumers, leaving love footprints from the classroom to the table. Outshine once launched a 10000 dollar classroom transformation activity among teachers, and selected the most amazing and warmest winners to jointly spread happiness in the classroom. In addition, outshine donated 1million pounds of fruits and vegetables to the food bank to provide dietary assistance to people and families who failed to meet the basic needs of the “three meals”. These positive and positive activities also help the brand leave a positive impression in the hearts of consumers.
Source: outshine ins
In addition to social attributes, the secondary creation of DIY is also one of the factors that make it active in all age groups. Whether it’s tea and wine, or healthy and delicious fruit smoothie, outshine bar can cope with it with ease. Similarly, the brand will also show a more official production method on the social platform INS: if you want to have a delicious iced tea, just add a lemon outshine bullet and a piece of decorative lemon to the tea. For the “crazy fans” of outshine, it can do more than that. At the most important marriage moment in life, the unique wine made by outshine popsicles and cocktails makes the new couple and many relatives and friends feel this special sweetness and beauty.
Source: outshine ins
Source: outshine ins
Even in some parent-child moments, the outshine bar can integrate into it without surprise. Simple DIY is made into a small game to accompany children during holidays. On the official website of outshine, a large number of recipes are displayed, from lattes to breakfast bowls suitable for the whole family, and even cartoon animal fruit plates will show detailed production materials and methods, including weight, difficulty and time required. Not only that, these recipes cover a comprehensive range of age circles and applicable scenarios, integrate into all aspects of life, and explore more possibilities.
Source: outshine ins


At present, healthy, high-end, national fashion elements… Have become the main theme of the domestic cold drink market. The consumption structure has changed, and the consumer groups have become more diverse. Ice cream is not only a snack to relieve the summer heat and cool off, but also an item to carry emotional needs. Old popsicles who are popular because of nostalgia should not only attract consumers with cool shapes, fashionable tastes and high-value packaging, but also explore different and unique playing methods. Outshine is a case worthy of reference: a simple product changes a different way of eating, integrates the product into life, and becomes a high-demand product that goes hand in hand.
The frequent high temperature warnings around the world make the summer of 2022 the hottest season in 122 years. The rampant high temperature brings great opportunities to the cold drink market. Brands have made great efforts to turn traffic into sales. Can outshine’s successful experience bring a cool breeze to this dry and hot market?
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