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When shrimp collides with cheese, Dr. cheese shrimp crispy interprets the new cognition of children’s snack high calcium | daily new product stew Vol.20

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Introduction to product features:

Real shrimp collides with real cheese, creating the concept of double calcium
Dr. cheese’s new high calcium cheese shrimp crispy is upgraded in flavor and nutrition on the original baby shrimp crispy products. Adhere to the concept that the brand wants to convey the nutritional value of cheese, select imported cheese and add it to shrimp slices. The amount of cheese added is more than 51%. Instead of shrimp flavored powder, it is processed with authentic shrimp. It is non fried and non puffed, and adopts baking technology to retain the original flavor and nutrition of cheese and shrimp meat, so as to achieve high calcium and high protein. The protein content is nearly 9 times that of milk. Shrimp and cheese combine to achieve dual calcium care, reaching nearly 7 times the calcium content of milk.
Source: Dr. cheese
The formula is clean, delicious and interesting. Mom can rest assured!
The product adopts clean formula, and 0 adds essence, pigment and preservative. It is made by non frying and non puffing baking process, which retains the original flavor of cheese and shrimp meat. The baby eats delicious and healthy. A box of four small bags is packed separately to help the mother achieve scientific control of quantity. The rhombic reticulate shape is suitable for the baby to grasp and eat thin and crisp pieces.

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

Integrate cheese elements into traditional shrimp snacks
In the childhood memory of the public, the delicious and crunchy shrimp slices are indispensable snacks to accompany people when they grow up. Traditional shrimp slices are usually made from shrimp juice and starch, and then fried or expanded. The common shrimp slices on the market contain less shrimp meat, have relatively simple nutritional components, and have higher calories after frying. With the increasing awareness of health and nutrition, young parents also hope to provide more nutritional value for their babies in terms of acceptable product forms.
Source: Dr. cheese
Based on this, Dr. cheese takes real shrimp as raw material and adopts baking technology to maintain the nutrition and taste of shrimp slices. At the same time, the product is also preferably added with cheese, which is made with fresh shrimp. On the basis of high calcium and high protein, it can upgrade the freshness, deliver delicious food, and deliver the nutritional value of cheese at the same time.

Basic product information:

Country of origin: China

Company & Brand: Dr. cheese

Category: baking / cake, pastry and dessert

Applicable population: Children

Ingredients: cheese (addition ≥ 51%) (pasteurized milk, Lactococcus lactis subspecies, Lactococcus lactis subspecies, edible salt, potassium chloride, crude rennet, milk clotting enzyme), protein liquid, wheat flour, shrimp (addition ≥ 10%), trehalose

Nutrient composition table:

Storage conditions: store in a cool and dry place

Specification & Price: 28g * 1 box /35.9 yuan

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Source: Dr. cheese

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