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Countdown 5 days – CEO Club closed forum and Isee Innovation Award Presentation guide, please check~

witness the annual innovation benchmark and jointly explore sustainable development. See you in Hangzhou on July 26!
Foodaily daily food held the “foodaily CEO Club closed door forum and the fourth Isee global food innovation award ceremony” at the Marriott Hotel in Qianjiang New City, Hangzhou on July 26. It will work together with 20 + heavy guests, more than 100 food enterprise CEOs, and 150 + innovative brands to share challenges, experience, expand awareness, commend innovation benchmarks, and jointly explore sustainable growth!
In order to welcome all industry partners from afar, we have specially prepared a “participation guide” to explain the event agenda, guest lineup, conference attendance, transportation routes, epidemic prevention and control and other common problems, so that you can participate smoothly. Please read it carefully and collect it decisively before attending the meeting!
Sign in
Activity site
Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town Marriott Hotel (No. 399, Theater Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang)
Check in time
There will be one event in the morning, two events in the afternoon and one event in the evening. Please sign in half an hour before the start of the event. The sign in time in the morning is 08:30.
Check in process
The sign in place of the event is located at the escalator entrance on the first floor of the Marriott Hotel in Qianjiang New City, Hangzhou. Guests can exchange their admission badge vouchers at the sign in place with the “sign in code” in the registered SMS. (the badge has access rights to different venues, and it is verified at the entrance of each venue. Please keep it properly).
Airport Transportation
Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town Marriott Hotel is 26 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, about 35 minutes by car;
Railway station / Bullet train transportation
Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town Marriott Hotel is 5 kilometers away from Hangzhou railway station, about 15 minutes by car; 7 kilometers away from Hangzhou east railway station, about 20 minutes’ drive; 17 kilometers away from Hangzhou south railway station, about 30 minutes by car;
Public transportation
Subway: Jiangjin Road subway station, about 10 minutes’ walk after leaving the station;
Self driving
The hotel has a parking lot, and the conference will provide free parking tickets for guests. Parking tickets can be obtained by scanning the code at the entrance and exit on the second floor of the hotel.
Epidemic prevention instructions
In order to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control of the conference and ensure the smooth convening of the conference, the conference affairs group warmly reminds you that all guests participating in this event need to measure their temperature, provide 72 hour nucleic acid negative certificate and Zhejiang Health Code Green code before entering the hotel. Please wear masks throughout the whole process to maintain a reasonable social distance.
If there is a 7-day residence history in low-risk areas of domestic epidemic (i.e. other areas of the county [City, district] where the medium and high-risk areas are located), it must be reported to the community in Hangzhou in advance, and it is temporarily unable to enter the site to participate in this activity before the [3-day daily health monitoring] management measures have been completed. (since the epidemic prevention requirements may change at any time, the latest epidemic prevention requirements at the time of admission shall prevail).
Activity lunch
The organizing committee will provide buffet lunch for the guests during the event, and the meal tickets will be issued when the guests sign in at the venue.
Dress advice
According to the forecast weather, the temperature in Hangzhou was about 27 ℃ – 41 ℃. Guests should dress neatly, generously and comfortably when participating in the summit activities. Business casual clothes are recommended.
Live broadcast online
On the morning of July 26, the “fourth Isee global food innovation award ceremony” will be broadcast live to witness the birth of the award! The live broadcast room is full of surprises and benefits. There are 3 hours and 20 rounds of Raffles, 400 food and drink blind boxes for 60 brands, and super Koi awards! Make an appointment for the live broadcast~
program outline
The 4th Isee Global Food Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony
Foodaily CEO Club closed door Forum



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