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Feihe faying police, Youran animal husbandry faying police, lady m takes back the operation right in the mainland, Oreo makes a cake, Mars Wrigley appoints a new chief growth officer, and tmall Hong Kong will shut down

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Feihe issued a profit warning and will promote adult functional milk powder in the second half of the year

Today, Feihe issued a profit warning, which is expected to record a revenue of about 9.5 billion yuan to 9.8 billion yuan in the six months ended June 30, 2022, a year-on-year decrease of about 14.9% to 17.4%; It is estimated that the profit recorded during the period is about 2.2 billion yuan to 2.5 billion yuan, less

The company said that the decrease in earnings expectations was mainly due to: the decline in the birth rate in mainland China; The “fresh” strategy further reduces the channel inventory of products such as xingfeifan, maintains a high freshness of shelf products, and implements stricter control over the overall inventory level of distribution channels. The decrease in profit expectation is mainly due to the decrease in the income of infant formula products.

However, Feihe said that the group’s management is confident that “it will continue to maintain a leading market position throughout 2022” and will continue to launch new products in the second half of the year, including xingfeifan and xingfeifan zhuorei products and adult functional milk powder products that have been registered with the new national standard formula. According to the seventh national census bulletin released by the National Bureau of statistics, China has a population of more than 264 million people aged 60 and over. Feihe believes that the market space of adult functional milk powder products developed for this part of the population is huge.

At the close of the day, Feihe rose 0.36% to HK $8.32 per share. (company announcement)

Youran animal husbandry faying police

Youran animal husbandry announced today that the profit attributable to equity holders of the company for the six months ended June 30 is expected to be about 168.3 million yuan to 233.8 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 75% to 82%, mainly due to the decline in the medium-term gross profit margin of milk; The increase in losses from changes in the fair value of biological assets less selling costs is not less than 900million yuan, mainly due to the above reasons, resulting in an increase in losses due to changes in the fair value of biological assets; Financing costs increased. (company announcement)

Youran animal husbandry appoints a new president

Youran animal husbandry announced today that Zhang Xiaodong has resigned as the executive director and President of the company, and Yuan Jun has been appointed as the executive director and President of the company, effective from July 22. 43 year old non-executive director of Inner Mongolia saikexing breeding Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Youran animal husbandry. (company announcement)

The revenue of China Resources Group in the first half of the year was 371.3 billion yuan

Today, China Resources Group held a working meeting for the first half of 2022 in Shenzhen. In the first half of the year, the group achieved a total operating revenue of 371.3 billion yuan, an increase of 6.9% year-on-year, exceeding the GDP growth rate in the same period, and most business units achieved year-on-year growth; The group achieved a net profit of 33.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.8%, and the growth rate of net profit exceeded the average growth rate of central enterprises; The net inflow of operating cash improved significantly year-on-year. For the second half of the year, it is required to fully complete the annual target tasks and achieve the goal of net profit growth of 6.5%. (issued by the company)


Lady M group responded to the withdrawal of operation rights in mainland China: brands are not just about pursuing profits

Yesterday, the operator of online red cake brand lady m in mainland China, Shanghai Muxin Catering Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Muxin”) issued an announcement on the termination of stores in mainland China. It is reported that the license agreement between Shanghai Muxin and Lady m has expired on April 9, 2022. Instead of choosing to renew the contract, the brand side of Lady m plans to transform lady M’s stores in mainland China into a direct sales model. In response, ladym brand responded today that ladym group’s goal is to operate the brand. The brand is not just to pursue profits, but to improve the sense of quality obtained by consumers. Direct marketing will enable it to better achieve this goal. The company hopes to grow the brand potential of Lady m in mainland China, which is the original intention of direct marketing. (Interface)

Christine said that all stores were open in August

Recently, Christine, a famous baking chain brand in Shanghai, was exposed to be suspected of abnormal operation. On the 21st, Christine issued a notice in the official mall, saying that some of the negative news about Christine published by the media recently was obviously untrue. The company had made preparations for the resumption of the handicraft factory, and all stores would be open on August 1. (China news finance)

Market regulators in many places raided Pizza Hut

After Pizza Hut stores were exposed to the problem of expired ingredients, many places carried out surprise inspections on pizza hut stores. On July 20, Wuxi market supervision and Administration Bureau carried out food safety hazard investigation on 34 Pizza Hut stores in the city, and two Pizza Hut restaurants were investigated for expired ingredients. In addition, the market supervision departments in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Jinhua and other places also carried out spot checks on pizza hut stores in their jurisdictions on the same day. (Beijing News)

Helens sells barbecue at a large stall

Recently, Helens announced through its official account that it had opened the first large-scale stall type “Helens Yue” in Lichuan City, Hubei Province. This is a popular nighttime consumption business integrating large stalls, bistros, barbecue stalls and so on. Helens Yuedian restaurant, which joined the barbecue, still maintained a low price, and said it would achieve “a double leap over bistros and traditional large-scale stalls”. (Interface)

Oreo has a cake

Today, Oreo announced the launch of its new product “Oreo cheese cake”, which has two options: light cheese cake and heavy cheese cake. (issued by the company)

Nowwa x Guinness beer promotion

Today, nowwa coffee and Guinness beer launched a new 0 ° surge American style, and tmall mall has officially launched. (issued by the company)

Happy tea bottle linked with the glory of the king, and launched the hero lemon tea with ginger juice, ginseng and medlar

Today, Xi Cha announced that it has reached a cooperation with King glory and launched a series of authorized Xi Cha bottled products. Based on this cooperation, not only will there be three kinds of Funing tea products in Xi tea bottle, but also the packaging of King glory hero version of Luban No. 7, Li Bai and Daji, and the new flavor products of Jiang Funing and ginseng Funing, which correspond to heroes Cheng Yaojin and Cai Wenji respectively, will be launched in Xi tea bottle. (issued by the company)

Yuanqi forest official publicity cola, smell and soak in water

Today, Yuanqi forest disclosed many details of the upcoming “Yuanqi Cola” product for the first time in Beijing. This product is positioned as “cola flavored soda bubble water”, which is not a cola product in the traditional sense. Erythritol is used to replace “this is”. The company said in a press release that “vitality Cola” will be sold online and enter some offline channels as soon as may, and there is no plan for large-scale market in the short term.

McDonald’s China opens “big potato day” Carnival

Today, McDonald’s China announced the opening of the 8th “big potato day” annual carnival. From July 23 to July 24, McDonald’s members can enjoy the discount of 1 free potato purchase and 1 free potato delivery through the restaurant meal collection and Melo delivery platform. From now on to August 9, customers can receive free sweet potatoes after purchasing the designated snow ice or Ice Latte products of wheat coffee. It also launched the “fun with friends” big potato day limited series of peripherals, including kites, frisbees and inflatable sofas, with a total of three big potato themed peripherals, which were officially launched on the “mall” page of McDonald’s official app, wechat and Alipay applet from today. (issued by the company)

Yili becomes the dairy partner of G20 summit in 2022

Recently, the 2022 G20 summit with the theme of “common recovery, strong recovery” is being held in Indonesia. Yili Group has become a dairy partner of the G20 Indonesia summit in 2022. (China Finance)

Baisui mountain signs WTT World Table Tennis Federation

Recently, Baisui mountain signed a contract with WTT World Table Tennis Federation to become the world’s top sponsor of WTT World Table Tennis Federation. The two sides will cooperate in the future WTT Grand Slam, WTT World Cup finals, WTT championship, ITTF World Table Tennis Championships and other events to promote the influence of table tennis in the world. (issued by the company)

Mars Wrigley appoints new chief growth officer

Mars Wrigley today announced the appointment of G ü len bengi as the global chief growth officer, effective from October 3. Cathryn sleight, its current global chief growth officer, will stay in office until December to complete the transition in cooperation with bengi. (issued by the company)

Domino’s profit fell due to rising costs and labor tension

Yesterday, the quarterly profit released by Domino’s pizza was lower than market expectations due to soaring costs and staff shortages. In the second quarter of this year, its gross profit margin fell to 36.3% from 39.5% a year ago, although it tried to ease the soaring costs by raising delivery fees and menu prices. (Reuters)

Beyond meat is accused of blocking the launch of new products

Bloomberg reported yesterday that beyond eat and Yum! More than a year after brands established a partnership and promised to provide vegetable meat to pizza hut, KFC and Taco Bell, the above restaurants have not yet provided fixed dishes of vegetable meat in the United States. It is reported that one of the cooperation challenges between the two sides is the listing of “beyond pepperoni”. Beyond meat was accused of taking more than a year to launch this plant meat pepperoni, but the commercial production process has not been finalized until April this year. Beyond meat said it would continue to work with Yum! Brands cooperates to find new opportunities. Yum! Brands said it valued its global strategic partnership with beyond meat. (Bloomberg)

Yinglian food will welcome a new CFO

Yesterday, M & s said that Eoin Tonge, its head of Finance and strategy, would leave to work for British alliance food. Tonge, 49, was accused of missing the post of CEO of M & S, and he will join allied foods before February 2023 to replace John bason, the retired CFO. (Reuters)


Yesterday, a spokesman for 7-Eleven, a convenience store chain, said that with the final organizational structure determined, the company would cut about 880 jobs in the United States. “After the $21billion acquisition of speedway, we entered the integration process for only more than a year and made significant progress. As with any integration, our approach includes evaluating the consolidated organizational structure.” The spokesman said. (Reuters)

Mexican bread maker bimbo doubled its second quarter net profit

Yesterday, the second quarter results of Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican bread maker, showed that its net profit doubled to 6.1 billion pesos (US $305million), and its revenue increased by 18% year-on-year to 96.4 billion pesos. The company raised its sales and operating profit outlook on the grounds of strong demand in markets such as the United States and Europe. (Reuters)

Mars announced the establishment of m&m’s Fund Advisory Committee

Today, m&m’s, a candy brand of Mars, announced the establishment of an m&m’s Fund Advisory Committee composed of a group of experts, which will promote the implementation of the plan of diversity, inclusiveness and sense of belonging of m&m’s brand worldwide. (issued by the company)

Wal Mart releases new progress in greenhouse gas emission reduction in 2030

AP today, Wal Mart said the company has achieved half of its 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction target. (Financial Associated Press)

Quick reading of food industry information



Report: in the second quarter, China’s fast-moving consumer goods market was uneven, and overall stable

The latest report released by the Kaidu consumer index (which belongs to CTR in China) shows that the sales of China’s fast-moving consumer goods market in the second quarter increased by 2.8% year-on-year, the same as the growth in the first quarter. Under the influence of the epidemic, the categories driven by the growth of China’s FMCG market are quite different from last year. Food and household cleaning products were the main categories that drove the growth of the FMCG market in the second quarter, with sales growth of 9.5% and 5.7% respectively over the same period. Influenced by the fact that consumers in some key cities are living at home, the development of beverages slowed down in the second quarter, with a year-on-year increase of only 1.2%. The downward pressure of personal care was more obvious, with a year-on-year decline of 4.4%. (Kaidu consumer index)

From January to June, the cumulative retail value of grain, oil and food commodities increased by 9.9% year-on-year

Today, according to the Ministry of industry and information technology, from January to June 2022, the cumulative retail value of grain, oil and food commodities was 903.18 billion yuan, an increase of 9.9% year-on-year; The cumulative retail value of beverage commodities was 147.36 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2% year-on-year; The cumulative retail value of tobacco and alcohol commodities was 247.52 billion yuan, an increase of 6.7% year-on-year. (Securities Times)

Ministry of industry and information technology: in the first half of the year, the output of dairy manufacturing enterprises above designated size increased by 1% year on year

According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, from January to June 2022, the output of dairy manufacturing enterprises above the national scale reached 15.109million tons, an increase of 1.0% year-on-year. Among them, the output of dairy products in June was 2.751 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 0.3%. (Securities Times) will support 10 drinking water brands with revenue of more than 1billion

Yesterday, supermarket released the “2022 supermarket mineral water consumption trend report”. The report showed that in the sub categories of drinking water, the sales of mineral water increased by 43% year-on-year, and the growth rates of drinking natural water and purified water reached 35% and 31% year-on-year respectively. Wang Xiaojun, general manager of the leisure water and Beverage Department of JD retail fresh food business department, proposed that JD will support 10 drinking water brands to enter the revenue era of 1billion yuan in terms of brand co construction, technical cooperation, precision marketing, product planning and market development in the next five years. (Yibang power)

Tmall Hong Kong plans to shut down after being online for less than 15 months

Alibaba changed its formation, and its “tmall Hong Kong” planned to stop operation less than 15 months after its launch. In response to the query, tmall Hong Kong said that based on the adjustment of business strategy, the entrance will be officially closed at the end of October. It is understood that all goods of the local online shopping platform “tmall Hong Kong” are delivered locally by Hong Kong merchants to customers, so this adjustment will not affect the daily cross-border purchase of goods on tmall Taobao, and Taobao Hong Kong Station will focus on improving cross-border logistics capabilities in the future. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

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