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Midsummer is coming, see how ice drink brands grasp the trend and open new businesses

how can the story of ice drinking move the hearts of consumers?

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Tea contains a variety of medicinal and food homologous raw materials. The trend of plant-based has blown ice cream. Do you think the ice drink is still what you think? When the hot summer comes, I want to inject some “summer spirit” into myself, but I find that ice drinking has become a different place. These innovative new products no longer play a solid role in meeting the needs of cooling and relieving summer heat, but a new carrier carrying a variety of values and connotations.

Picture source: @ Yuanqi forest, @ middle street 1946
Foodaily observed that with the change of public shopping habits, more and more ice drink brands expand their sales channels through Tiktok e-commerce and build deeper contacts with consumers. Cao Xulong, the operation manager of Tiktok e-commerce food and beverage industry, revealed that the brand occupancy rate of Tiktok e-commerce water and beverage industry was nearly 90%, and the payment population also increased by more than twice over the same period last year.
So why do more and more brands choose Tiktok e-commerce? What is the development trend of ice drinks? With different ice drinking trends, how can different players adjust their business strategies and achieve growth with the help of Tiktok e-commerce? What impetus will Tiktok e-commerce play in the development of ice drinks?

Richer ice drinking stories,

Lifelike presentation of e-commerce relying on Tiktok

1. Consumer demand is more segmented, and the value of ice drinks is more diversified
Summer home, with a bottle of bubble water, ice, fruit juice, you can easily make refreshing and greasy ice drinks; Sunny outdoor, low calorie and high beauty ice cream can not only relieve the summer heat, but also become a “trend item” with street photography; Stay up late to work, and drinks rich in a variety of nutrients can become a “good health product” to maintain good health
Picture source: 2022 Tiktok e-commerce domestic food and beverage consumption insight report “huge calculation
Juliang arithmetic mentioned in the 2022 Tiktok e-commerce domestic food and beverage consumption insight report that the diversified needs of the new generation of consumers in the field of food and beverage are becoming more and more obvious, and health, delicious, fresh taste, convenience, meeting social and emotional needs can become important factors for them to choose products. Among them, personal interests and hobbies, experiencing delicious food and the health needs of balanced nutrition and supplementing energy or water have become the most important factors.
In addition, according to the Tiktok e-commerce compass strategy data, the proportion of senior middle-class, exquisite mothers and generation Z among ice drinking consumers in 2022 was higher than that in 2021. Take the senior middle class as an example. When consuming ice drinks, they pay more attention to the “Sports” scene, and the element composition prefers “0 fat” and “0 card”. The consumption preference of bubble water, mineral water, fruit juice drinks and other products is more obvious.
It can be seen that today’s ice drinks are not limited to the role of quenching thirst and summer heat, but also endowed with multiple attributes and values, such as emotional value, social attribute, health preservation demand, DIY demand and so on. This highlights that in the new era of consumption, consumer demand is more diversified.
On the one hand, today’s consumers pay more and more attention to the emotional value of pleasing themselves, hoping to meet the taste bud experience and the need for sharing and socializing through ice drinks with diverse flavors or novel and interesting flavors. On the other hand, healthy and nutritious elements have gradually become the standard configuration of the public’s daily diet, and the combination of low fat, low heat and high protein is the ideal choice for fitness professionals. In addition, with the enhancement of national self-confidence and the rise of Guochao culture, citizens pay more attention to the cultural connotation beyond ice drinking itself in addition to the edible value of quenching thirst and summer heat.
Diversified needs require more novel ways and scenes of emotional expression. Through short videos, live broadcasts, etc., these stories derived from ice drinks can be changed from abstract concepts to dynamic displays, which can convey information more intuitively and vividly, and establish emotional interaction more directly.
2. Two way rush between category and platform
When the functional attributes of ice drinks are more and more subdivided, the demand value of establishing resonance between products and consumers will become richer and richer, and the ice drinks market will also usher in a broader space for growth. But at the same time, when the stories that can be told by categories continue to increase, and when brands continue to seize the market, how can we firmly grasp the limited perception of consumers in the dazzling products? Accurately cutting into the specific consumption needs of the target consumer group has gradually become the key for the brand to stand out.
Photo source: advance with “food” – 2022 Tiktok e-commerce food industry trend white paper
In recent years, from the live broadcast and short video, the interest represented by Tiktok e-commerce is redistributing the online traffic and the direction of consumers’ attention. According to the “advance with food – 2022 Tiktok e-commerce food industry trend white paper”, 33% of consumers said they would buy food and beverages while watching live shopping, and another 25% of consumers would choose short video e-commerce. In the past year, the proportion of consumers who purchased food and beverage through live broadcast or short video channels ranked first and second, surpassing the proportion of consumers who increased the frequency of food and beverage purchases through integrated e-commerce and other channels.
Tiktok e-commerce compass strategy data shows that the group with the highest proportion of ice drink consumers pays great attention to “hot money”, “exclusive to talent” and “exclusive to talent fans” in the consumption process. Get to know the ice drink products through Daren live studio and short videos, and buy as you see, which has aroused consumers’ interest and consumption, and has become the driving force for the rapid development of interest e-commerce.
Based on the product derived content and matching with the massive user needs, the business logic of Tiktok e-commerce and the attributes of strong content such as ice drinks coincide with each other. Having insight into the important opportunities for category development and the platform advantages of Tiktok e-commerce, some category players timely captured business opportunities, complied with the sharp increase in demand for ice drinks in summer, and reached consumers more accurately through Tiktok e-commerce.

With the help of good wind,

How does the ice drink story touch the hearts of consumers?

To establish effective resonance with consumers, ice drink brands need to accurately capture the changes in consumers’ social ways and shopping habits, and also pay attention to the selection of scenes and the transmission of ideas. Looking at the market changes of beverages, ice cream and other ice drinks, foodaily selects some typical category players in different scenarios to analyze how they build a stronger consumer mind and achieve business growth with the help of Tiktok e-commerce?
1. Close to lifestyle, fashionable new products reflect personality
Tiktok e-commerce compass · strategy data shows that young consumer groups represented by generation Z, small town youth and cutting-edge white-collar workers prefer new products, popular models, anchor recommendations, star endorsements, etc. in ice drink consumption. In this scenario, the brand can enhance the appearance of the product, endow the product with social attributes and sharing experience, and let consumers realize the expression of personality and attitude from the emotional value of the product.
Image source: Tiktok E-commerce
Standing in relief shape, the mellow milk is a flow experience of bursting pulp. The 1946 flow heart series ice cream in middle street has always been a representative player in the ice cream industry who is both delicious and high-value. With the growth of demand for ice drinks after the summer in June, Zhongjie 1946 linked Tiktok platform selfie / lovers / food / parent-child KOL promoted the new flow heart ice cream, created content through # a suckable ice cream and # Zhongjie 1946, and centrally output 22 KOL video content to form a centralized exposure.

Picture source: @ I’m your CC, Xiaoyu mushroom
Taking the popular content creation launched in 1946 on Zhongjie street as an example, gourmet experts choose strange and unexpected online popular food, which can arouse people’s curiosity through unexpected creative food, so as to improve the video playback volume. Daren enhanced the effect of planting grass by implanting the artfulness of middle street flow into the hot topic of “ice cream bibimbap”, and carrying out a large amount of product exposure and trial sharing. Or combine the characteristics of the product, such as flow heart and milk, and make ice cream with a variety of flow heart sauce into different delicacies, which is both creative and appetizing.
According to the brand, these popular cases have triggered 100million + topic broadcasts, attracting many UGC participants and breaking the circle in scale. During the launch period, the search index of Tiktok volume of Zhongjie 1946 increased by 1683.25% year-on-year and 1383.61% month on month. With the launch of Daren short video, Zhongjie 1946 realized the transformation from marketing communication breaking to business growth. Compared with before the launch, the daily average transaction amount and commodity exposure times increased by 100% and 900% respectively.
2. Under the fitness boom, the health function is Scenarized
With the fire broadcast by Liu Jianhong and Tiktok setting off a nationwide fitness boom, Tiktok fitness vertical content also ushered in a peak period. Tiktok e-commerce compass strategy data shows that the popularity of fitness, sports, running and other terms has soared in the past 30 days. For people with body management awareness, in addition to the choice of fitness forms, ice drinks represented by energy drinks and sugar free coffee have also become their must-have items.
Image source: Tiktok E-commerce
Aware of the consistency between the product and Tiktok fitness content in the consumption scene, the electrolyte beverage brand alien constantly looks for opportunities to integrate the product into the scene through short video grass planting, talent live broadcast, brand self broadcast, etc. In the aspect of talent live broadcast cooperation, aliens expanded vertical anchors such as fitness, body and yoga, effectively strengthened the combination of fitness scenes and product selling points, and targeted improved product conversion rate. Take @ calorie teacher, @ Rego and other sports talents as examples. During the live broadcast of sports, they will explain the efficacy of products through the whole live broadcast in combination with the fitness scene, and get good user feedback.

Picture source: @ PI you, @ Tian Yuan Deng Gang

In terms of short video grass planting, aliens have unique ingenuity and outstanding effect in grass planting of sports talents by virtue of the high matching between product selling points and healthy sports scenes. For example, dig deep into the fishing circles that have increased the popularity of Tiktok content this year (“Tian Yuan Deng Gang”, “Tian Yuan Wang Wen”, etc.), put content hot lists frequently (Tian Yuan Deng Gang, 150W + likes), and interact frequently in the user comment area, “is aliens poking the nest of fishermen?”. In addition, the video of PI you x Zhang Jike’s linkage also caused a good response. With the blessing of the outdoor golf scene, the selling point of “alien electrolyte water” to supplement electrolytes to the body after sweating is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, the first linkage of PI you x Zhang Jike in the short video also caused widespread response, and related topics ranked at the top of the off-site sports list. According to the alien, the alien brand self broadcast achieved a good result of 1million Gmv per session during the 618 promotion.
3. Refreshing and greasy, innovative mix and match to meet the dual needs of taste and taste
With the fall of July, the high temperature and summer heat are easy to make people become hot and hungry, and refreshing and greasy ice drinks have become a rigid need. Ice drink brands can innovate and upgrade the drinking experience by mixing fresh fruits with refreshing bubbles, greasy tea grounds and other elements, so as to meet the dual needs of different consumers for the taste and taste of beverages.
Image source: Tiktok E-commerce
Coca Cola launched peach flavored soda in China this summer, upgrading both the packaging vision and the product formula, and joined hands with # Wang Xinling, Coca Cola peach flavored new product recommender # to bring cool taste to consumers and create a “sweet shock” in summer. At the same time, small universe ah- HA! It also launched the brand’s first “white wine flavor” beverage product – red bayberry Baijiu, which is flavored with water. It combines the flavor of Red Bayberry and Baijiu, with sweet and sour taste, dense and sweet bubbles.
In order to reflect the characteristics of new products and cooperate with the launch of new products, Coca Cola, in combination with current trends and hot spots, has conducted a special outdoor camping live broadcast in terms of the scene building of the brand live broadcast room to strengthen the interaction with consumers. In terms of talent cooperation, we will focus on the cooperation in live broadcast or short video with relevant vertical bloggers such as fashion, food, outdoor and fitness, so as to expand brand awareness and station volume, so as to realize the process from planting grass to transformation.
After launching three limited flavors in the summer, Yuanqi forest took the opportunity of launching the new flavor online to penetrate the target users in a short time by planting grass through the short video of Daren. At the same time, the brand’s self broadcast room cooperates with the new taste online node, takes advantage of planting grass short video materials, and mainly promotes the new taste pallets to realize the full link efficient transformation. Foodaily learned from Yuanqi forest that the new taste drives the store sales up by nearly 50%.
4. Combined with seasons, direct supply from the origin, high quality and natural flavor
With the improvement of living standards and the awakening of self-awareness, people pay more attention to the needs of pleasing themselves and quality in the consumption of ice drinks. Among them, the use of seasonal fruits or raw materials of origin, focusing on the concept of fresh, authentic and no addition, has gradually become a product feature that consumers pay attention to. Tiktok e-commerce compass · strategy data shows that among consumers who prefer “authentic” or “factory straight hair” as the selling point, people represented by the middle-aged and elderly in the town and urban silver hair prefer products such as passion fruit tea and seabuckthorn juice, while exquisite mothers prefer coconut juice.
In response to these consumer needs, fruit juice brands such as jiaguoyuan and waiting food use the topic of summer ice drinking to create more kinds of summer drinking scenes and topics of coconut water and small lime juice. Take continuous brand self broadcast to strengthen the education of product origin and the advantage of selling points in summer. Jiaguoyuan also combines the overseas characteristic live broadcast of procurement and quality control in Thailand to show the resource advantage of jiaguoyuan juice origin.
Based on the consumption and supply under the above diversified scenarios, the Tiktok e-commerce compass strategy data shows that the strong content attributes of ice drinks naturally coincide with the attributes of Tiktok e-commerce platform. The trend of ice drinks content is obvious, showing four main trends: health function scenarioization, seasonal localization, new experience of upgrading taste, and cross-border new beauty of trends. By having an insight into the development trend of Tiktok e-commerce ice drinks, and combining the trend, creating content by using the characteristics of the platform to realize the consumption path of consumers from planting grass to re purchasing, these businesses seized the development opportunity. From the whole process, we can find that Tiktok e-commerce plays a crucial role.
As a platform to link consumers and products based on content, Tiktok e-commerce seems to become a window for content interaction and user communication. The brand not only has an insight into the needs of consumers through Tiktok e-commerce, sees through the trend changes of the ice drink industry, and quickly explores new product opportunities, but also points out the business direction and business strategy reference basis for ice drink players through content presentation, so as to find growth opportunities.

In the global interest e-commerce ecosystem,

Tiktok e-commerce has great opportunities for ice drink brands

At the second ecological conference of Tiktok e-commerce held on May 31 this year, Tiktok e-commerce announced that it would upgrade its interest e-commerce to a global interest e-commerce. In the global interest e-commerce ecosystem, Bingyin brand can find greater development opportunities from Tiktok e-commerce.
In the global interest e-commerce environment, it covers not only the goods search in the short video, live broadcast and other content recommendation scenes, but also the people search in the mall, search and other active scenes. With the arrival of global interest e-commerce, Tiktok e-commerce not only continues to strengthen the construction of content scenes, but also strengthens the construction of centralized scenes such as shopping malls and search, so as to meet the discovery shopping needs of more users, such as active search and re purchase, and bring more comprehensive services to users. It will bring users a “one-stop” shopping experience through the collaboration and interworking of short videos and live broadcasts, shopping malls, search and other fields.
The strong “grass planting + grass pulling” attribute of Tiktok e-commerce platform and high user stickiness have attracted Coca Cola to settle in Tiktok e-commerce earlier. After upgrading to a global interest e-commerce, wuwanming, general manager of Coca Cola e-commerce channel, said that businesses can not only communicate with consumers through various short videos and live broadcasts, but also communicate with consumers through shopping malls, soudo and other scenarios, forming a complete consumption link, including generating interest – transforming purchase – paying attention to re purchase.
Taking advantage of the opportunity of the outbreak of summer ice drink category, from July 13 to 21, Tiktok e-commerce food and beverage industry jointly launched the “Tik in baiweishang · ice drink right red” activity with the theme of # showing off ice in summer # from the massive engine, Tiktok mall, Tiktok e-commerce compass strategy, as well as Weiquan, Nongfu Shanquan, Starbucks, oatly Oh Maili, Nestle coffee and other head brands. Cao Xulong, the operation manager of Tiktok e-commerce food and beverage industry, said that as a new soil for brand management, Tiktok e-commerce hopes to provide more business assistance for brands through the “ice beverage day” activity in the absolute peak season of the industry. At the same time, we also hope to take this activity to help brands get through the full link of Tiktok e-commerce business and adapt to the new pace of development.
Tiktok E-commerce
During the event, Tiktok e-commerce invited many high-quality stars / head masters to interpret the theme of ice drinks day “ice in summer” through cooperative creative short videos, explaining the consumption scenes and emotions of ice drinks to the mind. The current topic has exceeded 630million; Take the large amount of coupon reduction of “15 yuan less than 99, 30 yuan less than 199” as the core interest point, set up “super ice cool live broadcast room”, author live broadcast task competition, short video cargo competition and other games, and comprehensively promote the businesses and talents in the ice drink industry to participate in the activities; At the same time, Tiktok mall will be jointly launched to provide consumers with a variety of high-quality and cost-effective product choices.
“Shake in baiweishang · Bingyin Zhenghong” activity has provided assistance for many brands. Wu Wanming said that with the resources of this activity, it is in line with the theme live broadcast of super Bingshuang live studio, the short video of water drink creativity, as well as the matrix style of cooperating with the head and middle waist, and combined with the internal and external streaming resources of the brand, the new products you want to promote can quickly break the circle, attract more consumers, and expand the popularity of the brand.
On the one hand, as a social currency, it can derive more content from ice drink categories and expand channels to promote growth, and on the other hand, it is an e-commerce platform that can produce a large amount of content and realize transactions. When the two deliver to each other, the product value can better deliver more high-quality content to consumers through a high exposure window.
From the business strategies of these successful cases, we can clearly perceive that after accurately grasping the category opportunities and development trends, we can take advantage of the wind and achieve growth by opening up the whole link from ring breaking marketing to business transformation through perfect field, goods and crowd strategies.
In this process, Tiktok e-commerce has also been helping more new brands grow through diversified innovation activities and support methods. In the future, we look forward to seeing the rich stories of ice drinks can be told more brilliantly through the platform represented by Tiktok e-commerce.
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