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Amushi pushed the fresh yogurt, and the Oreo cheese cake was newly launched… | it was hot in a week

Foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.

1. New ice cream products are sold in Chali tea, with a unique tea flavor to ensure a happy summer
2. Oreo cheese cake is newly launched, with layers of delicious food to enjoy
3. Focus on regional food culture, Mengniu new yogurt drink
4. Anmushi launched steamed bubble yogurt to add buff to summer
5. Oatly selects freeze-dried coffee powder and updates it, unlocking oatmeal latte freedom at any time
6. New hope West China promotes high calcium crystal ball yogurt, and the three ingredients make the body take the initiative to supplement calcium
7. Ö armilk the new handy series on our island milk, creating DIY exclusive Greek yogurt bowl
8. Daily Heiqiao introduces a new possibility of semi cooked Heiqiao and oatmeal cream reconstruction
9. Like tea, push the new products of bingning tea, ginger bingning, ginseng bingning, dream linkage King glory
10. Yuanqi forest will launch a new sugar free cola flavor product, the project code is yyds
11. Uni President Group acquired all shares of Carrefour Taiwan with NT $29billion
12. Coca Cola bottling system adjustment involves China, Vietnam and Cambodia
13. Lihewei completed round D financing, and zhenzhai, its high-quality prefabricated vegetable brand, completed a new round of upgrading
14. A new round of financing is completed every day, and the cumulative amount of several rounds of financing is nearly 100 million yuan
15. Huahua food, a brand of prefabricated Western food, has received tens of millions of angel round investment, which was founded by Chen Jianhua, former president of jiawo food

16. Youxian received 200million yuan of equity financing every day



On July 21, Chali Chali ice cream came into the market. The new product is cup loaded tea flavor ice cream. It uses authentic fresh tea grinding ingredients, raw milk up to 75%, and does not add a drop of water to improve the overall flavor. 75g protein content per cup is ≥ 3G, 0 trans fatty acid, 0 pigment, and there are two flavors of Peach Oolong and Dahongpao. Now the price of the applet is 6 cups of 88 yuan, 12 cups of 168 yuan, and 24 cups of 328 yuan.

Source: Chali tea


On July 22, the 110th anniversary of Oreo announced the launch of the first cheese cake, which will reinterpret the pure Oreo flavor. The new product is checked from the upper layer of raw materials and technology, with Oreo biscuit crumbs, rich dark chocolate, imported cream cheese, imported animal cream as raw materials. The upper layer of the product is dark chocolate mixed Oreo biscuit crumbs, with cocoa mousse and cheese in the middle, and sponge cake in the last layer. There are two types: light cheese cake is delicious and light, and one heat is only 143kcal; The heavy cheese cake is mellow and dense. The middle layer is thickened cheese. The delicious food is enjoyed layer by layer. The packaging is full of fun and ceremony, which is right for the gift giving scene. The new products need to be stored in cold storage. Now any two boxes in tmall flagship store sell for a total of 8 pieces /91.6 yuan.
Image source: Yizi official flagship store


On July 16, Mengniu launched a new yogurt drink suitable for catering scenes to help the development of the “meal + drink” new track. The new product focuses on the two positioning of “new” and “fresh”. It adopts raw milk fermentation technology, is rich in lactic acid bacteria, and specially adds prebiotics. It tastes smooth and unique, and provides two taste choices, which suits the dietary gap between the north and the south. At present, this product is not sold for C-end.
Picture source: Mengniu nutritional life hall


Recently, anmushi launched a steamed bubble flavor fermented milk. The new product uses high-quality milk sources, uses 9 kinds of bacteria for fermentation, and matches with dense bubbles to quench thirst and greasiness, making it more refreshing. The new tmall flagship store sells for 215g * 12 bottles /118 yuan.
Image source: amoshi flagship store


Foodaily observed that a new type of freeze-dried coffee powder was selected in the flagship store of oatly, and the layout of the new circuit for mixing and drinking was arranged. Imported coffee beans are selected for the new products, which are carefully combined to produce three types: moderate roaster classic, deep roaster infatuated with fragrance, medium and shallow roaster zero sense slightly drunk. They are soluble at full temperature at 0-100 ° C. they can be matched with 250ml oatly milk of oatly coffee master, which is convenient and fast. They can also be drunk alone to unlock the freedom of coffee at any time.
Image source: oatly flagship store


On July 19, new hope West China dairy launched a new white peach flavor vitality calcium high calcium crystal ball yogurt, which can be supplemented with calcium, promote absorption and lock calcium. The new product contains 180mg calcium per 100g, and two bottles per day can meet the daily needs of 90% calcium. Vitamin D is added to promote calcium absorption, and calcium locking factor CBP is also included to help maintain bone mineral density, and calcium containing crystal balls are added to improve the overall flavor. Now tmall flagship store sells at 200g * 10 bottles / box /79.9 yuan.
Image source: West China dairy flagship store


On July 15, Ö armilk Kojima milk officially launched a new series of handy. The new product is based on Greek yogurt, and you can get a cup by filtering 4 times raw milk. There are four flavors: original flavor, sugar free, mango and strawberry, providing consumers with different sweetness and taste choices. The outer package of the new product is a small saucer shaped bowl with an open mouth, which is convenient to add various ingredients. DIY belongs to its own yogurt bowl, which can be used as snacks, afternoon tea, etc. now the group purchase price of four flavors is 80g*12 cups /118 yuan.
Image source: Kojima Greek yogurt


On July 22, daily Heiqiao launched a new product, semi cooked Heiqiao, which subverts the traditional ingredients of Shengqiao. It uses oat cream with daily Heiqiao milk chocolate, and uses inulin instead of white granulated sugar to add. It tastes silky and sweet. It has two flavors: original flavor and fruit blueberry flavor. In order to enjoy the package, there is a built-in sealed box and custom fork. Now the price of tmall flagship store is 135g/ box /99 yuan.
Source: Heiqiao daily


On July 22, Xi Cha announced that it had reached a cooperation with King glory to launch a series of King glory authorized Xi Cha bottled products. Based on this cooperation, in addition to the customized packaging of the existing three kinds of POM tea products, the hi tea bottled beverage has also developed new flavors of ginger POM and ginseng POM corresponding to Cheng Yaojin and Cai Wenji in combination with the attributes of the hero role of the game: ginger POM is added with ginger juice, which is spicy and refreshing, and matches the strong strength of Cheng Yaojin, which is specially provided for offline channels; Ginseng lemon is specially added with health preserving medlar powder and ginseng elements. It has rich taste and brings “spiritual rebirth”, which corresponds to Cai Wenji’s rebirth skill and is exclusively for online channels.
Image source: Xi cha


On July 22, Yuanqi forest disclosed many details of the upcoming sugar free cola flavor new product for the first time in Beijing. Compared with traditional cola drinks, Yuanqi Cola has achieved three levels of quality upgrading: first, the phosphoric acid in the traditional Cola formula that will affect bone health is removed; second, the chemical preservatives commonly used in traditional Cola such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are rejected; in addition, more natural ingredients are used as much as possible to improve taste and health, For example, the natural substitute erythritol replaces the artificial substitute aspartame commonly used in traditional cola, and the natural citric acid replaces the currently widely used sodium citrate. At present, the official has no sales expectation for the cola flavored water.
Image source: wandering stars


On July 19, uni president group bought Taiwan Carrefour for NT $29billion (about 6.554 billion). It is reported that after the completion of the transaction, uni president will hold 70% of the shares of Carrefour in Taiwan, and uni president supermarket will hold 30%. The delivery is expected to be completed in the middle of 2023. This acquisition enables uni President Group to have different retail formats such as supermarkets, supermarkets, mass merchandising and online e-commerce, and Taiwan Carrefour will become a 100% Taiwan funded enterprise. After the completion of the transaction, uni President Group will obtain the right to operate 340 stores in Taiwan (including 68 mass merchandising stores and 272 supermarkets), 129 shopping malls, the right to use Carrefour trademarks, and the self owned land and assets of some mass merchandising stores and logistics centers.
Image source: Google


Recently, according to the announcement, Coca Cola company and its Chinese bottling partners Swire Coca Cola Co., Ltd. and COFCO Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. will split the production and operation of the non aerated beverage business of the former Coca Cola bottling manufacturer Holding Co., Ltd. into Swire Coca Cola Co., Ltd. and COFCO Coca Cola beverage Co., Ltd. through equity transfer. After the reorganization, the bottling plants wholly owned by Swire cola and COFCO Coca Cola will be increased by six and five respectively. This transaction means that after the establishment of the “dual bottler” model in 2017, Coca Cola has made another major adjustment to China’s bottling system.
In addition, Swire Pacific will also acquire its Coca Cola bottling business in Vietnam and Cambodia through its subsidiary Swire Coca Cola with us $1.02 billion in cash. After the completion of the transaction, Swire Group will own and operate three bottling plants of coca cola beverages Vietnam and one bottling plant of Cambodia beverage company.
Image source: DW


Recently, Lihe flavor, which focuses on the field of food, completed round D financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Huaxing new economic fund and Yinshan capital, and jointly invested by maixing investment, Jianfa Xinxing investment, CICC capital’s CICC Chuanhe fund and micro light venture capital. Taihe capital continued to act as the exclusive financial adviser. The newly increased funds will be used for the research and development of new products of high-quality prefabricated vegetables and the construction of industrial chain polymerization capacity, so as to further enhance the advantage of Lihe flavor at the end of the supply chain.
Zhenzhai, its high-quality prefabricated food brand, has also officially completed the brand upgrading of its high-quality prefabricated food brand “zhenzhai” in the conditioned food sector by using this round of financing funds, and will continue to invest in its own R & D centers and R & D systems in Shanghai, Chengdu and Qingdao.

Image source: Lihe flavor

14、 每日的菌完成新一轮融资,数轮融资累计金额近亿元

On July 20, the daily brand of probiotic diet announced that it had completed a new round of financing, which was led by Jinyu Bogor, a 10 billion level fund focusing on the field of new medicine and general health, followed by Lianjie Qichen and Lanshang capital. The old shareholder linge venture capital continued to add, and the small table value-added business department acted as the exclusive financial adviser for this round of financing. This round of financing will be mainly used for capacity upgrading, brand digitalization, product R & D and innovation, and strain microbial technology development.
It is reported that within one year of its establishment, the daily bacteria has completed several rounds of financing, with a total financing amount of nearly 100 million yuan. Taking probiotics as the starting point, daily bacteria is positioned to help consumers establish a balanced lifestyle. As a representative of cutting-edge brands in the field of probiotics, it takes improving consumers’ sense of well-being as its product concept, and focuses on making probiotics products that make the intestines of the new generation of Chinese people healthier.

Image source: Daily bacteria


Recently, Huahua food group, a pre prepared Western food brand, announced the completion of tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing. This round of financing is led by naiou capital, followed by Hainan Shengyi investment and Shanghai Tongcheng investment. This round of funds will be mainly used for product development, team building and business development.
Huahua food industry was founded in 2022. Its founder Chen Jianhua chose to start with Western food prefabricated dishes based on his personal experience, and set up an international Western food chef team, a taste research team, and a technical team specializing in guiding the taste restoration of prefabricated dishes to jointly polish products. At present, Huahua food industry has invested nearly 10 million yuan in early product research and development.
Image source: fast carp


On the evening of July 14, Youxian announced on its investor relations platform that it had reached an equity investment cooperation agreement of 200million yuan with Shanxi Donghui group. Daily Youxian and Shanxi Donghui group will exchange their resources and business practices around agricultural operation, sales and marketing, and carry out a series of strategic cooperation in the whole industrial chain such as brand agriculture and order agriculture.
Shanxi Donghui group is a multinational enterprise group with diversified operations, involving energy, non-ferrous metals, cultural tourism and modern agriculture. At present, it owns and operates a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shanxi, Beijing, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Hainan and Queensland.

Image source: CFP



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