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Is it a new model for the future of domestic high-end ice cream to open ten new stores in Shanghai?

from retail brand to catering brand?
Recently, Yili’s high-end ice cream brand xujihuan officially opened ten new stores in Shanghai, including the WorldExpo source store, which will open on July 30, and Xuhui riyueguang store, which will open on July 20. From the official publicity picture, we can see that the overall style of xujihuan’s offline store is mainly Chinese design, and the main color is red, “silver candle autumn light cold picture screen, light Luo small fan fluttering fireflies”, which looks full of Chinese style.
Different from the tea shops we are familiar with, the stores of xujinhuan look more smoky.
So why does xunjuan want to open offline stores? What products does xunjuan in offline stores rely on to attract consumers? Can the model of must enjoy become the standard of China’s high-end ice cream in the future?
The story begins with Haagen Dazs.
In 1996, when most people ate Wumao ice cream, the lowest price of Haagen Dazs in the Chinese market had reached 25 yuan. But at that time, Haagen Dazs was not roast by consumers like today’s ice cream assassins.
Because under the banner of high-end ice cream, Haagen Dazs has become the driving force of most people’s efforts.
The classic slogan “love her, take her to Haagen Dazs” is destined to make Haagen Dazs the dream of young people.
Haagen Dazs, which entered China, did not compete with the local ice cream market. Instead, it opened stores in high-end shopping malls, launched ice cream hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, as well as exotic flavors such as tomatoes and soybeans, and penetrated into restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets and other channels.
As of July 14, 2022, Haagen Dazs had 491 stores in China, while since 2022, Haagen Dazs has opened 12 new stores.
Nowadays, the price of Haagen Dazs is not too high for consumers, because a cup of high-quality milk tea may also sell at the same price as Haagen Dazs.
Occupy high-end channels and create personalized marketing. Although Haagen Dazs sold at a high price, no consumers scolded him, because most of the time, as long as you don’t enter Haagen Dazs stores, we won’t have intersection with him.
Regardless of whether the product is worth the price, Haagen Dazs’ development model is indeed worth learning from domestic high-end ice cream brands.
In fact, there is a difference between the store opened by Xu Jihuan and Haagen Dazs. From the design style and product positioning of the store, Xu Jihuan does not want to attract some consumers, but hopes to arouse the hearts of most young people through national style design.
In terms of products, instead of selling only ice cream like Haagen Dazs, xunjuan has launched a number of upgraded products for consumers through the combination of tea and ice cream. It is understood that xujihuan has recently launched five new products, namely Osmanthus fragrans Fuyun tea, jasmine Fuyun tea, milk cheese round fan ice, mango duoxujihuan ice and hazelnut Qiaoqiao round fan ice.
The very Chinese name is combined with the product of xujihuan to form a cup of product suitable for social communication. Below is tea and above is xujihuan.
On the door, in addition to the brand name of xujuhuan, ice cream & Chinese tea is also written. This clear positioning allows consumers to understand what is sold inside at a glance.
From the perspective of whole food online, the reason why Xu Jihuan will add Chinese tea is that tea has become a category of high-frequency consumption of young consumers, especially in summer. Secondly, the integration of tea drinks can help Xu Jihuan expand consumer groups, expand sales scenarios and improve brand power.
If Haagen Dazs’ stores make consumers feel that ice cream is worth the price, if Starbucks attracts consumers by creating a third space, if happy tea attracts consumers by making tea on the spot, then must enjoy attracts young people by relying on the category innovation of ice cream + Chinese tea and exquisite national style design.
Then someone will ask whether this mode of must do joy can work.
First of all, the combination of ice cream and tea is not new in terms of categories. Xiangxi tea, Naixue tea and Starbucks have all launched related products, but the combination of xunjuan looks more hard core.
In the past, ice cream + tea were presented through on-site soft ice, and the whole product was directly put on the product that must be enjoyed, which had strong visual impact and was also in line with the style of young people’s clock in communication. So from the perspective of product attraction.
Of course, in addition to the hard core combination of ice cream and tea, the store of must enjoy also launched fuyunding cow milk tea, lemon tea, pure tea and ingredients, which actually looks like other tea stores.
In terms of price, the price of ordinary tea is lower than that of brand tea, with an average price of about 16-20 yuan. The more expensive product is the ice cream with xujunhuan, with a price of 22-38 yuan. Therefore, from the perspective of price, it conforms to the current mainstream price range and can be accepted by most consumers.
In terms of service, like most stores, you can place an order or take out through a small program, which saves consumers’ waiting time.
Do you think the offline store that you must enjoy is more like a tea shop?
Xu Jihuan, who was born in high-end ice cream, has won the attention of consumers through offline stores. In fact, as early as 2021, Xu Jihuan opened three stores in Shanghai and launched a patented live fungus ice cream, which attracted many consumers to punch in. Now, Xu Jihuan has opened ten new stores in Shanghai, which is enough to prove that both brands and products have been recognized by the market.
The successful example of Xu Jihuan also provides an idea for the development of high-end ice cream in China.
At first, as a high-end ice cream brand under Yili, xunjuan has been selling in e-commerce channels. Later, it entered new retail scenes such as HEMA and landed offline. However, because the price is relatively expensive, it is more competitive in the ice cream category, so xunjuan explored a new model of stores.
The reason why we should try our best to break through successfully is that we first changed from selling products to selling brands and experiences. Nowadays, it is not only the product name of ice cream, but also a real brand, so as to provide a basis for the expansion of its boundaries.
Secondly, Xu Jihuan broke its inherent positioning, changing from selling ice cream products to ice cream + Chinese tea. This cross-border integration of categories provides more potential consumers for Xu Jihuan.
Back in the ice cream market, most domestic high-end ice cream is still recognized by the market by highlighting the advantages of products, but in fact, consumers have their own positioning for ice cream or ice cream, especially after the ice cream assassin incident, consumers’ consumption of ice cream categories will be more rational. It is difficult for consumers to pay for high prices by relying solely on the selling points of products.
Therefore, for high-end ice cream brands, it is more important to be a brand than a product, because products can be iterated, surpassed, or even eliminated, but the brand will always appreciate.
For example, Haagen Dazs, Michelle ice city, Xicha, DQ and other products with high consumer awareness really only rely on product strength to obtain market recognition?
In fact, it is more through brand influence that the unique cognition is formed in the hearts of consumers, and the second is to attract consumers to repurchase by products.
For domestic high-end ice cream, the case of Xu Jihuan also provides us with new ideas.
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