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Yuanqi forest answers ten questions about Cola flavored soda sparkling water from Yuanqi forest

Yuanqi forest answer Yuanqi forest.
After three years of countless push down and start over, push down and start over, push down and start over again, with the latest production and R & D process, we can achieve our goal of “making a bottle of ingredient list extremely simple (without sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and phosphoric acid), while using a more refreshing taste to replace sugar (erythritol), at the same time, the taste is good, and it is best to drink a whole bottle”, Yuanqi forest decided to launch Cola flavored soda sparkling water in the near future.

But this decision will definitely arouse a lot of attention and curiosity, so we decided today:
1. Are you plagiarizing the cola drinks on the market now?
There are innovators and latecomers in each category. In 2019, we made the sugar free bubble water category. In recent years, this track has blossomed, but we never think that latecomers in the market are plagiarism. They provide consumers with more choices and enrich the market. This is the situation we most expect to see.
We highly recognize the value of classic Cola flavored drinks, and also believe that more latecomers and innovators can emerge in this track. There is a threshold for Chinese enterprises to make Cola flavored beverages in China, but there is no door.

2. Is this product launched to compete with the giants at the sugar free Cola track?

From the beginning, we have no intention to actively participate in any competition. The positioning of the new product is one of the flavor of Yuanqi forest bubble water series. Our product does not add sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, and this product is also the first to try not to add phosphoric acid. In addition, this product does not have a large-scale market plan at present, so there is no commercial competition.
In addition, we have always believed that Chinese consumers can have more and more free choices.
One day, when consumers stood in front of the freezer in a convenience store and wanted to choose Cola flavored drinks, they could choose from three, four, five, six, seven or eight choices. If they wanted to drink foreign brands, they could drink foreign brands, if they wanted to drink domestic brands, if they wanted to drink sugary or sugar free, if they wanted to drink sugar free, they could choose products using different sugar substitutes. If you pay more attention to the ingredient list, you can also choose products that do not contain sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.
This is the greatest significance of our exploration and attempt, and also the greatest value of vitality forest in this market.

3. How much is this product priced?

Coke flavor is only one flavor of Yuanqi forest bubble water series products, so the price will continue to follow the price system of white peach, summer black grape and sea salt pineapple.

4. The price is more expensive than sugar free cola flavor products on the market. Why should we choose Yuanqi forest cola flavor soda bubble water?

Cola flavored soda sparkling water is one of the flavors of our sparkling water series. We have many friendly consumers of sparkling water. We hope they can have another choice in this series. Before research and development, we conducted market research and found that basically sugar free cola drinks contain sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Now our Cola Soda sparkling water will become the only sugar free cola flavor drink on the market that does not contain sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, does not contain phosphoric acid, and uses erythritol instead of aspartame. This can also provide a new option for consumers who like the taste of coke but have new needs for the ingredient list.
We also feel that with the improvement of the national economic strength and the improvement of everyone’s consumption level, as well as the increasing number of ingredients, including many girls will pay attention to the presence of preservatives when buying cosmetics, and their awareness of the equal importance of health and taste will become stronger and stronger. If the taste is good, consumers can probably feel the sincerity of this product.

5. Why is there no large-scale market plan now?

The product you see now can only be regarded as a conceptual version, and there is no large-scale market plan, because we think there is still room for optimization of this product, so we are also continuing to iterate on this product. We want to do it slowly, collect user feedback slowly, improve bit by bit, and get everyone’s approval.
What’s more, I want to have a try, and try it first with the mentality of probable failure.

6. Why is it launched this year? It’s bad performance. Do you want to win a lot?

We don’t have much commercial consideration for this product. We call it “natural and unrestrained walk” internally. We just want to have a try, but we can’t adjust it again. We want to do better next time, and try again. We hope to develop and launch it according to the standards of our own products.
After three years of research and development, we didn’t have confidence at the beginning, and we also took many detours. We have been pushing back and asking ourselves what kind of sugar free Cola users need.
In addition to research and development, in the past three years, we have also seen that there is a demand for bubble water with 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie in the market; The feedback of the upstream market on erythritol, a new generation of sugar substitutes, is also very positive.
More importantly, in the past three years, we have successively built five factories, and our supply chain has become more stable, which is also our greatest confidence. From technology accumulation, R & D capacity to production process, Yuanqi forest can now make the whole line of bubble aquatic products free of preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, and remove phosphoric acid, which has basically reached the standard in our hearts.
These three years are a process of quantitative change leading to qualitative change. Yuanqi forest always has its own rhythm in making products. If we always focus on the external business competition environment, our actions will be easily deformed, which also deviates from our original intention of making products, which is not what we want to do.

7. How to consider the scheme without adding phosphoric acid? What are the difficulties in actual operation?

We reached an agreement in the project team at the beginning of the project that we should not add phosphoric acid. In fact, we all grew up drinking coke, including our friends who love Coke, but we have a lot of concerns when drinking it. For example, members of the project team shared a story with us. His friend had coke teeth because he had been drinking coke for a long time. Therefore, we hope to make a coke flavored product that allows consumers to drink without worrying about some ingredients in the ingredient list.
But removing phosphoric acid does affect the feeling of the first bite, which is often said that a three dollar drink is worth two dollars at the first bite. In order to make up for this part of the taste and taste, the R & D colleagues tried nearly 100 kinds of raw materials, drinking 5-8 liters of their own drinks every day, and finally got the version in your hands.

8. You think this product will probably fail. What mentality do you hold to make this product?

Fail again, fail again, fail again.
In fact, there is not only one product that will probably fail in Yuanqi forest. Now you can see that there are more failed products behind our products in the market. Therefore, we have never been a company that will never recover if we fail. And you may fail if you do it, but you will never succeed if you don’t. After making products, I really understand what “failure is the mother of success”.

9. Why not make it as transparent as bubble water?

In these three years, the transparent version is also one of thousands of trial and error processes. It took us about three months to remove the caramel color from the ingredients list. Caramel color is actually the source of the color of traditional cola drinks. After removal, it actually has no great impact on the taste.

But later, in the research, it was found that the color of cola drinks in the user’s cognition was dark, and the products with other colors were not this category. Finally, it is decided to use the original color in the user’s cognition.
10. There are many cola flavor products in the market, such as white peach, vanilla, etc. will more flavors be introduced in the future?
We feel that the current version alone is not the most perfect version in our mind, although it may have solved some user pain points in the market. But we still don’t know whether consumers will recognize it when it is really launched. So at present, we hope to continue to polish and iterate this version, and take no small steps to a thousand miles, but the line is coming, so we still hope to take the first step of the long march well before we plan for the future.
Finally, I hope you can give more comments and suggestions on this new product after it is launched recently. Your feedback is the direction of our iteration and progress! Thank you!
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