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Exclusive dialogue “one whole root”: one month after its launch, the marketing cost only 10000 | Chinese hot money

It was really an accident to leave the circle. When the order came, the factory stopped
Q: Case Showcase; A: Tang Fei, Li Zhiqiang and sun Ze, the founders of hard core Yan Research Institute (the answers are collected by the three)
Q: how is the current sales situation?
by the end of June, we have more than 10000 stores selling, and the current sales volume is about 50000 to 60000 bottles a day.
Q: since so many projects failed before, when do you think the probability is up this time?
went online on May 17, and I saw bloggers send notes on May 18. That night, I saw the note soar from 64 likes to more than 1000 likes, and the next day it increased to more than 3000, and then more than 5000. By May 19, my mobile phone (Tang Fei) was exploded, with orders from dealers in various channels across the country, invitations from investment institutions to establish a federation, and continuous feedback from various departments on the latest situation.
Q: how much of this is natural flow?
90% depends on water and fire. It’s on fire before we start working. A total of 10000 yuan has been invested in omni-channel, mainly to do some searching, and try which platform works better.
we really didn’t expect a fire. Originally, it was just a small-scale pilot. We made 900 boxes of about 10000 bottles of products. Rosen in Sichuan and Chongqing said it would take at least 15 days to sell out. If we are prepared, the factory will not be in a stopped state when the replenishment order comes the next day.

Q: How did these orders be digested later?
ginseng water has its particularity. We don’t have any brands or products to refer to. The production is our own SOP (standard operating procedure), so we can’t find more manufacturers to undertake production so quickly.
so the output can’t go up all at once. It can only produce 3000 bottles the first day and 5000 bottles the next day. It took us 20 days to produce 100000 bottles a day.
Q: this can be said to be a relatively slow speed. What is the biggest difficulty in the supply chain now?
the most difficult thing is to find the right ginseng.
our core raw material Changbaishan white ginseng has no standard in the market. Just like there was no standard for selling apples in the past, all apples cost 1 yuan, but American ginseng and Korean ginseng have standards, including 1 yuan, 20 yuan and 100 yuan. In addition, ginseng can only be produced and harvested once a year. We receive the goods in the market. Now we have to distribute the goods like buying bags: if we want to buy good ones, we have to buy some times. Substandard products cannot enter the product production, so the proportion that can be used is very small.
even if you have received ginseng for four to five years, you can’t use small ones, and you can’t use agricultural residues and heavy metals that don’t meet the standard. Now the cheap ginseng spread on the Internet is actually not up to the standard, which will wipe out a large part of the currency of the market. So in general, the loss is large.
at the beginning of this month, I went to the factory and stopped two factories. The faster the production speed is, the more product quality needs to be controlled. We still hope to ensure the quality of output and be more stable.
Q: after the launch of this product, there are two questionable points, one is about the functionality of staying up late, and the other is the price. The most important adjustment of
recently is to remove the word “stay up late water” from the label. At first, we used this point to call it out. The original meaning is that ginseng water can refresh and replenish energy. But after this product became popular, it was misled by many media into encouraging staying up late. We don’t want to pass on the wrong values. On the
package, according to the feedback, we have increased the transparency of the bottle, increased the budget of the label, and made the cover thicker. Ginseng water is a brand-new product, and SOP is made by ourselves. We should unify the standard no matter from the packaging or ginseng form. We just want to give consumers less understanding of costs.
ginseng water is a brand-new product, which should be unified in terms of packaging and ginseng form. We just want to give consumers less understanding of costs.
take ginseng for example. At first, it was only years old. Later, more standards were set, including a few centimeters long and a few centimeters wide. Whether it sank or floated in the bottle.

ginseng water is not an IQ tax. We should de traditionalize health preservation
Q: before that, hard core Yanjiu also made instant bird’s nest “a light white”, and many failed products.
right. In 2019, we went to Thailand and found that the instant bird’s nest in Thailand was only about 30 yuan, and it could be bought in convenience stores. We also want to buy it when we return home. Search Xiaoxian stew for 99 yuan. It’s so expensive! In Thailand, why not in our country?
so we want to make a trendy and cost-effective instant bird’s nest, which is sold in Rosen and the whole family. But its sales volume is not particularly good. Every store sells an average of 0.3 bottles every day. We repeated the offer and found that the biggest problem is that our team doesn’t drink by itself. How can users buy it? There are three reasons why the
team didn’t drink: first, our team was young, but the state of bird’s nest was still more traditional at that time. 2、 Its portion size is too small, only 40 ml, the experience time is too long, and the unit price is too high. Let young people spend 30 yuan to buy a bird’s nest. He may try, but the re purchase must be small. 3、 Lack of social attributes, after drinking the bird’s nest, I throw away the bottle, and there will be no social.
many reflections on this project have been adjusted in the “one whole root”: now we are going to de traditionalize “health preservation”, which is a reflection starting from “one light”.
Q: why should we focus on “light health preservation”?
we always believe that the product is upgraded step by step. In the past, people had only rigid needs: I was thirsty, and I drank water to quench my thirst. When the living conditions are good, I will not only solve my thirst, but also drink delicious sweet water. When the conditions are better, I will also drink effective and healthy water.
so the overall trend of drinks is actually turning to efficiency. Therefore, our brand concept is “don’t drink useless water.”
at the beginning, we also chose relatively new products such as “electrolyte water”, which are called “relatively fashionable”. However, we finally chose the more traditional product route of “relative soil” with raw material background.
generally speaking, when you see that Chinese ginseng is exported to South Korea at the original price, and then sold to China at ten times the price after South Korea pastes a label, you always feel that you need to do something. At a young age, we all know that ginseng, bird’s nest and Cordyceps sinensis are effective and tonic, but now young people don’t eat them anymore. Traditional elements are good things that should be known by young people.
Q: how is the “one piece” product designed step by step?
start with raw materials.
at the beginning, we found more than 60 single products with the same origin of medicine and food. Dendrobium, snow clam, Cordyceps sinensis, medlar and ginseng entered the finals. Finally chose ginseng. Its advantages are obvious: it has outstanding value, cognition and efficacy. The disadvantage is also obvious, that is, it is too traditional, and everyone’s understanding of it is too old. Ginseng is like a fifty year old thing. If you want a twenty year old to drink it, you must wear twenty year old clothes.
ginseng is like a fifty year old thing. If you want a twenty year old to drink it, you must wear twenty year old clothes.
so we should put it in a relatively young package and put it in a relatively young scene.
Q: putting ginseng into a bottle and displaying it is the most popular highlight of “a whole root”. How did this idea come into being?
the focus of thinking is to have a “visual hammer” – the whole ginseng is a visual hammer that catches everyone’s attention; Second, highlight the real talents.
some people make ginseng. They make ginseng slices and ginseng powder. They can’t see the original appearance of ginseng. We just thought: is ginseng something that is not worth seeing by users? I just want users to see my ginseng and see that I make it with real things. The label of
bottle was designed according to this principle at the beginning. After designing a label, we put the bottle on Rosen’s shelf, which is inconspicuous. Using jump colors and bright colors can let consumers see it for the first time, but ginseng is already “earthy” enough, plus bright colors and complex elements, it is even more earthy. For the overall youthful feeling of the product, we finally chose the “black and white” label.

Q: the name of “one whole root” is also the biggest highlight. Is the name also determined according to this visual concept?
yes. It turns out that we have written more than 100 names, “super fuel” and “ideal bomb”, which are not very good, because they all need explanation to be remembered. For example, “super fuel”, I must explain why it is super fuel.
at nine o’clock one evening, a colleague was really bored and said: Alas, let’s call it “a whole root”. The next day, the company was still talking about a whole, a whole. Everyone said, just use this name. Because you don’t have to explain why it’s called “one whole root”, which can just achieve the effect of audio-visual integration.
Q: from planning to listing, how long did it take for “one whole” to be launched?
from September 2021 to May this year.
Q: why choose the pricing strategy of 19.9 for one bottle and half price for the second bottle when it goes online in May?
you must have a reason to buy anything. For example, I can drink Nongfu mountain spring at home, but I want to drink Baisui mountain outside if possible. I put the product offline today. You can buy an extra bottle for 19 yuan today and take it out for a day. This is the performance of improving the quality of life. This is the first reason.
the second is that we want to be as close to users as possible. Many brands make ROI through various investments online. I don’t think this is a real ROI. Our original intention of making products is to understand users. After the product was put on the shelves, all colleagues squatted at the door of Rosen. Whoever bought it, we asked him why you bought it.
offers a second bottle of discount to reach more users. Maybe many people feel that ginseng tastes too strong when drinking the first sip, and they don’t want to drink the second bottle. But you have bought the second bottle at half price. It’s impossible to throw away such a thing as the glass bottle, right? If you drink another bottle, you may feel much better after you get used to the taste of ginseng. Even if I don’t drink it myself, I will give the second bottle to others. Alas, I have another user.
this is also a social attribute.
Q: expect many people to feel bad at the first bite? What do you think about the taste of the product?
for many young consumers, we are the first brand related to “ginseng water”. Since we want to sell ginseng products, we should try our best to make everyone accept it. So we deliberately kept the original flavor of ginseng.
many people say they are not used to drinking. We think it’s normal. This is a new product after all, and it takes time to accept it. American coffee is so bitter, or so many people drink it, so why can coffee be, but I can’t ginseng?
let’s first push out the current “one whole root” No. 1 water. On this basis, we will push some flavors, which will be much better than ginseng water.
Q: many people also say that your ginseng pricing is “falsely high”, and the profit is very high.
because there are no relevant standards in the industry, consumers have no price awareness of our “white ginseng”. The kind of ginseng with oneortwo pieces that many people say is not the same standard as what we use.
in fact, I’m very happy to find out the popularity of questioning prices, because everyone pays attention to these because there are no standards in this industry. If we can set standards, the brand will be successful.
we are not asking for price out of thin air. About 150 user visits were made before pricing, and several gears were divided for everyone to choose. We found that if it was lower than 19.9, everyone would doubt whether it was a real person. If it was higher than 19.9, the acceptance level was low, so we finally set the price, and it happened that I could make a little money.
Q: some other voices say that “one whole root” is collecting IQ tax.
we drink it ourselves every day (Tang Fei took a big sip of a bottle) to refresh ourselves.
the history of eating ginseng for thousands of years of the Chinese nation is the best proof of the value of ginseng. Before, many people questioned that we are cold soaked ginseng and cannot extract the effective ingredients of ginseng. In fact, we have a rigorous processing technology, using UHT instantaneous sterilization, high temperature extraction, centrifugal purification and other processes, which can effectively extract the essence of ginseng.
each bottle of “a whole root” contains effective ginsenosides. We also found a third-party authority SGS and issued a test report.

Q: there are also some voices guessing your entrepreneurial background. And you have made carbon blocking milk tea, VC bubble water and other products before. They are all products with high conceptual attributes that are more like netred.
some people say that we have capital behind us. What capital is behind me? Some words would not have done that before (laugh).
at the beginning, our logic was to make a good product and sell it. As long as users approve it, we can make a profit. But after entering the FMCG industry, I found that this logic is not applicable. FMCG is to find markets, pain points and channels, which will make you lose money. We have no money to burn this market, so the probability will fail.
later thought, simply do a new field of their own, to see if they can do it.
FMCG is to find markets, pain points and channels, which will make you lose money. We have no money to burn this market, so the probability will fail.
Q: we tried to summarize the characteristics of a whole play: making traditional supplements affordable, interesting, instant and younger?
yes, we hope to transform some high cognitive products.

trend is the way to break the circle, and efficacy is the foundation of standing






It’s not easy for a single product to become popular. But fighting in the fully competitive market of beverages, Tang Fei and his team have a long way to go:

How to do user positioning more scientifically and understand users? Occupy the target audience’s mind?

How to develop the next explosive?

How to stabilize the supply of ginseng as a raw material?

How can “brand” really lead the trend of light health care for young people?

Author: Zheng qianning; Source: case Showcase (id:langaward), reprint has been authorized.
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
Join the community: Cherry (wechat: 15262433826).

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