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Li Ning invested in rice wine. What brand did he like?

crossover masters play “Chao” wine, this time it’s Li Ning.
Li Ning has crossed the border to make yellow rice wine!
Xinhuanet recently announced that Li Ning, the founder of the “Li Ning” brand, officially entered the rice wine industry and invested in and launched the “Twelve reading” rice wine.
For a long time, the yellow rice wine industry has appeared in front of everyone with a gentle image, and in recent years, it is also trying to transform to a younger and fashionable industry. Now, what new possibilities will Li Ning bring to this market?
Why did Li Ning choose rice wine?
Among so many kinds of wine, why should Li Ning invest in yellow rice wine?
Li Ning, as the founder of Li Ning brand, has led the new storm of domestic products, making it the representative of the original spirit of domestic sports brands, and is a well deserved light of domestic products.
“Li Ning” has many successful cross-border cases, from athletes to the creation of sports brands, from New York fashion to “Li Ning in China”, from “Li Ning Sports Park” to LNG E-sports club, from QQ dazzle dance to yuanuniverse IP “boring ape”
It is no exaggeration to say that Li Ning “plays” the brand, playing tricks, but also playing a result.
What about yellow rice wine?
In the public impression, yellow rice wine is traditional and Oriental. In fact, yellow rice wine is very fashionable in essence. As a well deserved quintessence of China, in the new market environment of consumption upgrading and the rise of domestic products, its advantages such as drinking experience, quality technology and cultural concept are further highlighted.
Yellow rice wine plays a unique role in Chinese wine culture. For thousands of years, literati of every era have competed to speak for rice wine. It was yellow rice wine that awakened the talent and poetry of literati. Li Bai’s “jade bowl filled with amber light” created after drinking yellow rice wine has been handed down for thousands of years.
In a dream of Red Mansions, yellow rice wine is also the C position of toto, with the highest frequency. Most of the women in the Grand View Garden are willow like women, who are soft and weak. It is best to drink a little yellow rice wine, otherwise a glass of wine will directly get drunk, and the work will lose its interest.
Literati prefer yellow rice wine.
Rice wine was also an indispensable thing in the ancient party. Orchid Pavilion preface · literati open-air landscape, Han Xizai night banquet · rich and noble night banquet, Song Dynasty spring banquet · simple and elegant, as long as there was a bang at that time, yellow rice wine was the C position of the eight classics. It’s just that today’s world is too fast and everyone is too busy. There is no time to sing about wine and drink wine, and yellow rice wine is a little low-key.
In modern times, yellow rice wine not only appeared in the works of famous writers such as Lu Xun, but also witnessed the highlight moments of diplomacy of many major countries – yellow rice wine has been seen in major events such as the Geneva conference, the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, the Beijing Olympic games, the Shanghai WorldExpo, the G20 Hangzhou summit, and the quintessence of Chinese culture has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
Moreover, the yellow rice wine culture has gradually become the mainstream.
The TV series “daughter red” and “flower red flower fire” have also set off a wave of yellow rice wine in the whole society, and have attracted more attention in the world. At the annual Internet Conference, yellow rice wine frequently appeared in the meals of Internet “bigwigs”.
At the international level, yellow rice wine has also attracted increasing attention. When talking about yellow rice wine, the famous Syrian poet Adonis once said, “I drink wine. No matter how much I drink, I will feel that I have enough wine. Miraculously, no matter how much I drink, I can’t get drunk.”.
From this point of view, Li Ning’s investment in yellow rice wine is a dialogue between classics and a cross-border expert playing “tide” wine.
Li Ninghui and yellow rice wine
What sparks come out of the collision?
In recent years, the popularity of cultural innovation in the Forbidden City, the fire of national treasure, the exit of Henan satellite TV, and the screen brushing of only this green… All have the help of young people.
The younger generation has a natural affinity for Chinese culture. As a representative of Chinese traditional culture, yellow rice wine has obvious advantages and is waiting to be awakened and refreshed.
In addition, many voices say that this generation of young people “lie flat”, but in fact, contemporary young people love life, love tipsy, and are serious about life; They are more likely to drink, more able to drink, sober and restrained.
Young people’s real daily life, early C (coffee) and late a (alcohol) is already the norm. They get up early for coffee, get drunk at night, and a at night is mainly to meet light social needs and moderately release the work pressure of the day. Judging from the needs of young people, as a glutinous rice fermented wine with a temperature of about 15 ℃, the “low alcohol slightly drunk” created by yellow rice wine, which can be decompressed and cured, happens to grow on the aesthetic point of young people.
In fact, the change of consumers’ drinking reflects that “self pleasing consumption” has become a major feature of current consumption. AI media consulting research and analysis, at present, consumers’ consumption behavior pays more attention to self innovation and change, and happy consumption is gradually becoming the mainstream.
Research from different institutions also shows that young consumers, ranging from jewelry, luxury goods, flowers and clothing to cars and real estate, pay more attention to pleasing themselves and personalization, are willing to taste fresh food, are keen on domestic goods, and pay attention to experience. Yellow rice wine and its category advantages have been standing on the tuyere of “self pleasing drinking”.
In the view of analysts, the advantages of yellow rice wine “cultural charm + its own ‘trendy’ attribute + low-grade slightly drunk feeling” are mutually empowering, making it prominent in the consumption upgrading market represented by young people’s self pleasing consumption.
Therefore, Li Ning’s investment in yellow rice wine is natural.
The night before the “popularity” of yellow rice wine came
Songshuyu, the president of the China Wine Association, once said that yellow rice wine is the most cultural kind of wine, which is integrated with Chinese culture. Up to today, but more innovation is needed in the dissemination of brewing skills and culture, drinking scenes and ceremonies.
Li Ning’s investment in twelve reading rice wine not only inherits traditional culture, but also aims at the diverse needs of young people, which means that there will be more new ways and more possibilities to appear in rice wine.
Therefore, Li Ning’s entry will bring more conjectures about the superposition of youth, fashion, national fashion, E-sports and other elements to the rice wine industry, stimulate the “fashion” attribute of rice wine, make it appear more in various light social occasions such as live house and camping, and become the favorite of new consumer groups.
Li Ning’s investment in twelve reading rice wine will also bring unprecedented “innovation”.
Cross border yellow rice wine, with Li Ning’s influence and appeal, as well as the industrial capital and social resources it holds and drives, will bring great attention to yellow rice wine. The exploration of twelve reading rice wine in “young fashion” is also of great significance to the consumption scene of rice wine and the innovation of consumption culture.
The popularity of yellow rice wine is worth looking forward to.
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