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Card position children’s nutrition track, ripple opens a new world of vegetable milk | daily new product stew Vol.21

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product features:

Professional endorsement, good nutrition and responsibility
This is a vegetable milk specially designed for children, which was jointly developed by ripple and pediatricians. It is scientific and professional in the proportion of materials and nutrients.
The product is made of pea protein, sunflower seed oil and corn fiber. It does not contain nuts, soybeans, gluten and genetically modified ingredients. It is a high-quality source of nutrition for children’s growth.
Source: ripple official website
The original in this series tastes delicious and mellow. Each 240ml contains 8 grams of protein, 2G of dietary fiber, 50 mg of DHA omega-3 (which helps support brain development), as well as rich choline (which helps transport DHA to promote brain development), magnesium, riboflavin, vitamin A, D and B12. The calcium content is 50% more than that of milk, and the sugar content is only 1/2 of that of milk. According to the official website, ripple uses a patent pending method to extract pure protein from peas in order to produce rich, delicious and creamy low sugar vegetable milk.
Image source:
In terms of nutrients, ripple original is more “interesting” than grain milk drinks, which can be matched with all kinds of snacks to bring new taste experience. Store at room temperature, open and drink anytime, anywhere.
The outer package of the product is made of recycled plastic, which can be described as “carrying out environmental protection to the end”!

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

The Pathfinder of pea milk has forged a category legend in 8 years
Green consumption has spread all over the world, and plant-based food has also developed rapidly. Among all kinds of plant-based foods, vegetable milk is active on the public table because it comes from green, low calorie, cholesterol free, rich in protein, high-quality fat, dietary fiber and plant metabolites. All kinds of life bloggers on social platforms are even more realistic, and it is all the rage to integrate the beauty of vegetable milk into daily healthy life.
Source: ripple official website
Vegetable milk was originally designed to solve lactose intolerance. Later, it was sought after by vegetarians, and now it is valued by environmental groups. In the vegetable milk camp, soybeans, nuts and grains are relatively common raw materials, and the energy consumption cost in the production process is low. However, compared with milk, the content of protein, calcium and vitamin D is far less than that of the former (for example, almond milk contains only 1g protein per share, while coconut milk and cashew milk are lower), and the type of amino acids contained is not as rich as that of milk (except soymilk). Therefore, finding a more ideal source of plant protein has become one of the original driving forces of ripple.
Ripple finally aimed at peas. On the one hand, the protein content of fresh peas is about 7%, which is processed into pea milk, and its protein content is equal to that of milk; In addition, the matching of amino acids in peas is relatively reasonable, especially the lysine content that human body lacks is rich.
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Studies have shown that pea protein can activate the release of hormones in the body and provide a considerable sense of satiety; Rich in branched chain amino acids, it allows the body to maintain the muscle exercise mode all day, reduce abdominal fat and bring more energy; Moreover, peas are easy to digest and belong to hypoallergenic ingredients. People who eat them will be full but will not feel abdominal distension.
Unlike almonds, which require a lot of irrigation water in the planting process, and cows, which feed a variety of forages, peas have little impact on the environment. Because peas grow in areas with abundant rainfall, they need little water or even no irrigation, effectively avoiding deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.
Source: ripple official website
As a dark horse in the plant-based food industry coming out of Silicon Valley in the United States and an excellent representative of start-up technology companies, ripple has always maintained its original intention for 8 years since its establishment, and practiced the low-carbon principle with sustainable raw materials, sustainable production and sustainable waste treatment. Its product line has also expanded from the original ready to drink pea milk to half & half (half fresh milk, half fresh cream), frozen dessert (frozen dessert), nutrition powder (protein powder), and children’s milk and other relatively complete pea milk product families.
Deeply cultivate pea milk, ripple will inherit the concept of plant-based diet to the next generation
Nowadays, the concept of vegetable milk diet has long been popular in European and American countries, and the forms of vegetable milk, plant fermented yogurt, plant-based dessert, plant cheese and other products are becoming more and more abundant. However, vegetable milk drinks designed for children’s dietary characteristics are still relatively rare. This children’s pea milk drink fully considers children’s nutritional needs in terms of raw materials, formula and nutrition. The 48 Ounce package is obviously designed for home scenes. The household vegetable milk consumption chain is completed by combining with other ripple ready to drink and ready to serve products. Ripple’s development sequence from adults to children also foreshadows the intergenerational inheritance of plant-based diet.
Ripple’s development ideas on vegetable milk products may bring some inspiration to the domestic vegetable milk market, which is also in full swing.
Source: ripple official website

Basic product information:

Country of origin: United States
Company & Brand: ripple
Category: milk and dairy products / plant-based dairy products
Applicable population: Children
Ingredients: water, pea protein mixture (water, pea protein), sunflower seed oil, sucrose, the content of the following components is less than 1%: soluble corn fiber, magnesium citrate, riboflavin, vitamin B12, DHA algae oil, choline tartrate, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, potassium hydrogen phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, sunflower lecithin, sea salt, mixed tocopherols, natural flavor, guar gum, gellan gum
Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place
Specification & Price: 48 Ounce bottle/$5.50
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