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2022q2 new consumption potential white paper! 6 categories, 21 sub circuits, insight into the future trend of e-commerce consumer market!

insight into 2022q2 new consumption trends!

Half of 2022 has passed quietly, and the most prosaic 618 session has just ended. In 618, where the four leading anchors were absent this year, the consumer carnival was no longer, and various platforms have folded their edge and kept silent about Gmv. Every brand owner or investor will have such a question: “in the post epidemic era, is the e-commerce business still worth doing? Is there any way for new consumer brands to impress consumers? Can they continue to develop the market?”

In the annual White Paper of the year 21, we have brought you annual market hotspots such as “convenient camp”, “miniaturization of household appliances” and “mother and baby consumption”; In Q2 of 22, “caffeine”, “bouncing”, “high protein potato chips”, “convenient camping”, “ball hair lotion” and other high growth concepts are quietly entering the consumer market. A good product should meet three elements: 1. Good consumer experience; 2. Consumers can get spiritual satisfaction; 3. At the same time, it has certain indulgence and addiction

In 2022q2, we found 10 super brands with year-on-year growth of more than 10% and sales of more than 1billion + and 17 super brands with year-on-year growth of more than 40% and sales of more than 600million +.

Not only that, magic mirror also upgraded the content dimension of the white paper. It not only presented the growth of conventional categories in popular markets such as home appliances, snacks and beverages, electrical appliances, outdoor sports, mother and baby, medical care, etc., but also found 21 high growth segments and concepts. So what track has achieved high growth? Which brands have done a good job of retention and improved re purchase with differentiated play?

Where is the new consumer market in 22 years? What potential opportunities and popular market concepts should the founders of major consumer enterprises seize? Let’s walk into the data world brought by the Q2 white paper of magic mirror 22.

Source: magic mirror Market Intelligence (id:mktindex), reprint has been authorized.
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