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The results of the eight awards, witnessed by 150 + innovative brands, were announced at the fourth Isee global food innovation award!


Isee Award: highlight the innovative spirit of the food industry, so that good products can be seen by more people!


After more than half a year and through various efforts, the fourth Isee global food innovation award was grandly held and successfully concluded in Hangzhou on July 26. 150 + innovative brands, 50 + partners from colleges and universities, upstream and downstream industries, content, traffic and business platforms, witnessed innovation and talked about innovation on the stage of the annual industry innovation gathering.

With the development of the times, the innovation standards of the food industry are constantly evolving. From food safety to nutritional health, consumers in the new era have higher requirements for the intrinsic value of food. Food sustainability is the inevitable direction of industrial development.
At the beginning of the award ceremony, led by the “global food sustainability and innovation alliance” launched by foodaily daily food, Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Jiangnan University, and sun Dongxiao, academician of the New Zealand Academy of food science and technology and senior editor in chief of Food Chemistry in Elsevier district I, served as the co honorary chairman of the alliance in cooperation with the China Institute of standardization, Implement the spirit of the national standardization development outline and the outline for building a powerful country with intellectual property rights (2021-2035), strive for the support and guidance of the national standards management committee and the State Intellectual Property Office in the application standards and standardization construction, and start the preparatory work of the norms and guidelines for the sustainable development and innovation of China’s food industry.
After the launch ceremony, the fourth Isee innovation award ceremony officially began. Since the Isee registration was launched in November last year, 458 brands, a total of 1624 cases, including five categories of people, enterprises, technologies, brands and products, have been reviewed for more than half a year, and the results of the eight awards are finally announced today.
Next, let’s unveil the final award of Isee innovation award with a sense of ceremony to witness the innovation of food.
This article will include:

1. People / enterprises / technology / products / brands announced
2. The grand prize was announced
Here, enterprises with outstanding performance in i-innovation, s-sustainable development, E-excellent management and e-user experience are gathered.
3. Special planning
1) China’s first “standards for innovative norms and guidelines for sustainable food development” was formulated and launched;
2) 100 people initiated the new food era;
3) Update every day, so that good products can be seen by more people. Foodaily daily food, focus media, Alibaba mom and other industrial and commercial platforms, as well as people’s good things, I don’t want to eat for free, my emperor cat and other content traffic are deeply involved;
4) The probiotic innovation alliance was established to jointly promote industrial innovation;
5) The new Xiu selection meeting will enable good products to be seen by more people.
Isee Innovation Award [people] Award Announced
The “people category” award sets up the “innovative person of the year”, which aims to excavate and commend the innovators of brands and categories, pioneers of new technologies, and business leaders of new models. After the unanimous decision of the evaluation committee and the Evaluation Bureau, the winner of the fourth Isee Innovation Award [annual innovation figure] was finally released:
Isee Innovation Award [enterprise] Award Announced
Excellent business practices
The establishment of “excellent business practice” is a business practice that hopes to explore leadership change, strategy and implementation, innovation, mergers and acquisitions and integration, marketing, operation management, organization and culture, and corporate social responsibility in the food and beverage industry under the new business environment. The types of enterprises participating in the selection include domestic and foreign giants and enterprises at the stage of 10-100 leapfrog development.
The cases presented in this award contain innovation cases such as digitalization, sustainability, innovation, marketing and operation. Next, let’s announce the fourth Isee Innovation Award [excellent business practice]:
Breakthrough and innovation pioneer
“Breakthrough innovation pioneer” aims to explore the innovative exploration and practice of enterprises and brands at the stage of 1-10 leapfrog development in category and scene expansion, brand matrix construction, innovation mode, operation management, marketing and corporate social responsibility.
Finally, the winner of the breakthrough innovation pioneer award is:
Isee Innovation Award [technology] Award Announced
For the food industry, to turn an innovative idea into a physical product and finally deliver it to consumers, the driving role of technology is often crucial. With the growth of new consumer brands emerging in recent years, we also see that more and more brands are strengthening their investment in technical research and development and other professional strength.
”The “innovative technology award” aims to explore innovative solutions in the fields of raw and auxiliary materials, formulas, processing technology, equipment, packaging materials and so on. The winners of this innovation technology award are:
Isee Innovation Award [product category] Award Announced
As the smallest particle size to condense innovation, the product category award aims to explore the pre packaged innovative products of dairy, beverage, food and catering in the food and beverage industry. It is also the largest category in the Isee awards at present. The award is divided into the best single award and the comprehensive innovation award.
Comprehensive Innovation Award
The comprehensive innovation award recognizes the annual innovative products with excellent comprehensive performance in dairy, beverage, food and catering according to the six evaluation dimensions of Isee award. The products that won the comprehensive innovation award, silver award and bronze award this year are:
Best individual award
The best single award recognizes innovative products that have outstanding performance in a certain sub category. In addition, we also have special recognition seats in the dimension of packaging design. With more than 60 sub categories, which of the popular categories stand out? A total of 34 innovative products in sub categories won the fourth Isee best single award. The list of winners is:
Isee Innovation Award [brand] Award Announced
The most valuable new brands of the year commend the newly rich in the category with a pioneering spirit. They either have the “youth ability” to understand and echo the consumption insight of the new generation, or have the “digital ability” to grow and transform efficiently in the new business environment, or have the “branding ability” to obtain product premium, Or with the “professional ability” to control the core supply chain, who won the most valuable new brands of the fourth Isee year? They are:
Among the winners of this year’s most valuable new brand, ripple, an American pioneer brand of pea protein, and LoHiLo, a high protein ice cream brand listed on NASDAQ after seven years of establishment, won the grand prize.
During the event, although the two brand founders were unable to come to the scene, they also specially recorded videos for the award ceremony to express their excitement.
At the same time, Mr. per, chairman of the global Swedish Chamber of Commerce, came to the site to receive the award on behalf of the Swedish brand LoHiLo, and shared his feelings about LoHiLo’s award-winning and entering the Chinese market.
In the future, Isee awards hope to bring overseas excellent brands into China, and also hope to bring Chinese food innovation to the world, so as to promote the double cycle of innovation at home and abroad.
[Grand Prize]
This Isee innovation award also set a surprise moment for eggs. In this year’s award-winning cases, according to the connotation represented by the four letters i/s/e/e, the jury unanimously decided to award four full court awards to commend enterprises that have excellent comprehensive performance in innovation, sustainable development, excellent management and user experience. They are:
Special planning

1) The standard formulation of “norms and guidelines for sustainable development and innovation of China’s food industry” was officially launched


At the award ceremony, the standard formulation of “norms and guidelines for sustainable development and innovation of China’s food industry” was officially launched. Mr. Li Qiang, deputy director of the Agricultural Food Institute of the Chinese Academy of standardization, Professor Lu Wenwei, deputy director of the National Functional Food Engineering Technology Research Center and executive president of Wuxi Institute of special food and nutritional health, on behalf of academician Chen Wei, Mr. Li Guodu, chairman of China Light Industry Investment and Development Association Cheng Xi’an, general manager of Novozymes Yikang biotechnology and Jiang Wei, vice president of Greater China of Royal DSM group of the Netherlands, took the stage to launch the formulation of norms and guidelines for sustainable development and innovation of China’s food industry.


Mr. Li Qiang, deputy director of the agricultural and Food Institute of the Chinese Academy of standardization, said that he hoped that food enterprises would actively participate in promoting the implementation of standards together with foodaily and the agricultural and Food Institute of the bid winning Institute, so as to pave the way for positive innovation for the food industry.

2) Launched by 100 people in the new food Era


The NGO organization in the food and beverage industry, jointly initiated by Ms. Cynthia, CEO of foodaily, and industry bigwigs, will bring together the leaders / founders /ceos of international giants, local heads, traditional upgrades and cutting-edge pioneer brands in the spirit of “open innovation under design thinking”, to jointly explore the profound judgments of the industry and consumers, the in-depth thinking and practice of the future business direction, share experience, break through cognition, cross the cycle, and move forward together.


3) Update every day, so that good products can be seen by more people


Discovering and commending innovation is the original intention of Isee awards. We hope that through our insight into global innovation and our understanding of innovation in the new food era, we can find Isee’s chief innovation recommender from the dimensions of content, traffic, official, industry and business platform, so that good products and brands can be seen by the industry and consumers.


As the winner of the fourth Isee Innovation Award, Jiang nanchun, chairman of people’s good, gravity Yuhua, Wuhuang cat, focus media, and Zeng Xin, founder of foodaily daily food, will spread and link innovation with Isee in the future.


4) Probiotics alliance was established to jointly promote industrial innovation


Foodaily has always hoped to link the upstream and downstream industries through innovative industrial alliances, promote the combination of industry, University and research, and help the new species of the track. Among them, the popularity of probiotics has continued to grow in recent years, both in the industry and on the user side. We also see that industry players are promoting the development of this track. Today, the daily depth of probiotics, together with Wuxi Institute of special food and nutrition and health, and foodaily daily food, jointly launch the probiotic innovation alliance to promote the further development of the probiotic industry.



5) new Xiu selection meeting, so that good products can be seen by more people


Foodaily daily food creates [new Xiu selection meeting] to provide Isee innovative brands with communication opportunities to accurately connect with high-quality channels. 50 brands and 50 channel providers are deeply linked here to show new products and good products.




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