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Yili built the largest butter factory of Chinese dairy enterprises overseas, the first “Nestle coffee” ice cream was launched, post office coffee came to Beijing, three squirrels responded to the damage of deoxidizer, and Budweiser Asia Pacific built the largest fine brewed brewery in Fujian

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China flying crane shares fell significantly,

At the close today, Feihe fell 13.34% to HK $7.21. The company estimates that the revenue recorded in the first half of this year will be about 9.5-9.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 14.9% – 17.4%; The bank maintained the “buy” rating of Feihe and the target price of HK $11.9. (Caishi media, snack generation)

Three squirrels responded “product deoxidizer is damaged”

Today, a consumer sent a video saying that the deoxidizer package in the company’s nut products was damaged every day. The company contacted the consumer for the first time. Judging from the pictures in the video, the reason for the damage of this deoxidizer is the MIS cutting caused by the deviation of the optical eye during the delivery process. Subsequently, the supplier will be linked to adjust the version and reconfirm the position of the photoelectric eye in the design. The deoxidizer is mainly composed of iron powder, silicon dioxide, activated carbon, water, edible salt, etc. As of 15:00 on July 25, the company has been trying to contact consumers, but has not yet contacted and expressed great concern about the health of consumers. It is willing to actively cooperate with the families of consumers to have a health examination and bear all costs and relevant responsibilities. (Zhitong Finance)


From the perspective of the site, the store is green. From the perspective of products, the store mainly sells coffee, tea, baking and peripheral products. Among them, the price of coffee products is between 12.8 yuan and 28.8 yuan, and the price of cake products is 18.8 yuan. (Beijing business daily)

Yili New Zealand butter new production line put into operation

Recently, the renovation and upgrading of wazira dairy hokittica factory under Yili Group and the launch ceremony of the new production line of westgold butter were held in the factory. After the new production line was put into operation, the annual production capacity of high-quality forage butter doubled to 42000 tons, making it the largest butter factory on the west coast of New Zealand and the largest butter factory built overseas by Chinese dairy companies. (issued by the company)

Budweiser Asia Pacific’s largest fine brewed brewery landed in Putian

Recently, another Budweiser Asia Pacific Investment Project in Fujian, Budweiser Putian fine brewed beer factory, was officially completed and put into operation in Putian Hanjiang Budweiser InBev food industrial park. This plant is the largest refined brewing plant in Budweiser Asia Pacific region. In addition to producing world-famous refined brewing brands such as Goose Island and Boxing cat, it will also become a local refined brewing brand base for Budweiser group in combination with Fujian cultural characteristics. (Beijing Youth Daily)

Snowflake beer Shantou company was listed for transfer, with a listing price of 260million yuan

Recently, according to the official website of Shanghai United equity exchange, China resources listed and transferred 100% of the equity of snow beer (Shantou) Co., Ltd. The transferor is China Resources Snow Beer (China) Investment Co., Ltd. the subject matter of the transfer is “100% equity of snow beer (Shantou) Co., Ltd. and the transferor’s creditor’s rights against the target enterprise of RMB 10.80456428 million”, and the transfer base price is about 260.44 million yuan. (Netease)


Tianyancha app shows that Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. applied for the trademarks of “Yuanqi Cola” and “beicola” in August 2020 and January 2021 respectively, which are internationally classified as beer, beverage, wine, food, etc., and the current trademark process status is “pending rejection review”. (jiupai News)

Exchange and discussion between Maotai Group and Xijiu group

Yesterday, Maotai Group and Xijiu group held an exchange and discussion at Maotai international hotel. Both sides agreed to give full play to the advantages of the origin and main production areas of Maotai flavor Baijiu in the Chishui River Basin and help Guizhou build an important national Baijiu production base. (issued by the company)

Vitasoy produced more “plant-based” products in the last fiscal year

The 2021/22 sustainable development report released by Vitasoy International Group Co., Ltd. today shows that 90% of products meet the new Vitasoy nutrition standards, all products are packaged with positive nutrition labels, more plant-based products are produced, and more drinks meet the “medium to zero sugar” index. (company announcement)

CEO of Jardine Matheson: it is difficult to fully transfer the cost to consumers

In Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Myanmar and Vietnam, Li Longji, CEO of Jardine’s catering group, which operates fast-food brands KFC, Pizza Hut and PhD, said recently that in order to reduce costs, the industry has tended to reduce the number of suppliers in the past 20 to 30 years, so as to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs. He admitted that even if the cost rises, the fast food industry is highly competitive, and it is difficult to fully transfer the cost to consumers. Even if the price is increased, the whole industry is synchronized. Therefore, the group can only resolve the factor cost first, improve production efficiency at the same time, and then save the costs of all parties by digitizing the data. (Ming Pao)

Ke Yan’s joint name Wang Laoji

Recently, Keyan and Wang Laoji jointly launched the “golden day Daji Limited gift box”, and the two sides jointly opened the “Calendula cool tea shop” in Guangzhou, the “capital of herbal tea”. (issued by the company)

Nestle makes another appearance at consumer Expo

Today, Nestle made another appearance at the China International Consumer Goods Expo with more than 100 products from five business departments. (issued by the company)

Danone appears at Hainan consumer Expo

Today, Danone announced that at the Hainan consumer Expo, it would display the “world’s most complete product line” of Atami, the full range of products of the “dare step” nutritional food series, and the “full link food allergy solution” of newconte. (issued by the company)

Yum China releases its first TCFD Report

Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China, said that recognizing the potential risks and opportunities brought by climate change to the whole value chain of Yum China, the first TCFD report of Yum China is an important step to strengthen the business climate resilience.


Today, the 2022 summer summit of ESG China Forum was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the “China corporate social responsibility reporting guide 5.0 (cass-csr5.0)” jointly prepared by the research team of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and China flying crane was released simultaneously. (Hexun)

The first ice cream featuring “Nestle coffee” was launched

Nestle headquarters today announced the launch of its first ice cream featuring “Nestle coffee”, which is said to be made from real coffee ingredients in the shell and filling of ice cream, rather than “coffee taste”. This cappuccino flavored ice cream will be launched in Malaysia in the next few months and is expected to be further promoted to the global market. (issued by the company)

Belgium post recycles coffee capsules for Nestle customers

Nespresso (Nongyu), a subsidiary of Nestle, recently said that from July, consumers can deliver or recycle coffee capsules through Belgium post. Through this new service, Nespresso coffee consumers do not need to go to the Nespresso store or return the used capsules when the next order is delivered. Belgium post is responsible for sending the recycled capsules to the recycling company. (China Post Express)

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Special food producers and operators spot check and assessment small program online

Recently, the special food department of the State Administration of market supervision held a video conference to promote the random supervision, spot check and assessment of food safety managers of special food producers and operators. Through the online training of the small program of spot check and assessment of food safety managers of special food producers and operators, it guided local special food supervision departments to carry out supervision, spot check and assessment. (China market supervision News)

EBay, a 23-year-old e-commerce platform, will be shut down

Recently, eBay announced that Shanghai Yingshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. decided to stop the operation of the eBay network platform and close the eBay website due to the company’s adjustment of its operation strategy. The announcement said that before 24:00 on August 12, 2022, eBay will close the trading function of all goods and shops on the website, and close the user registration, login and recharge functions of eBay, as well as the website server. (CNR)

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