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3 days, 150+ keynote speeches, 300+ pioneers… Starting from the “heart”, talk about the new future of the food and beverage industry

new brand, new image, new lineup, new journey… Foodaily Expo 2022 conference agenda heavy release!
In 2022, the foodaily fbic global food and beverage Innovation Conference was comprehensively upgraded and officially renamed foodaily Expo daily food innovation Expo (hereinafter referred to as foodaily Expo). We will embark on a new journey from the “heart”. With “content as the king, resources as the fulcrum, and innovation as the driving force”, we are committed to letting more people see Chinese brands, letting the world know Chinese brands better, and helping more brands achieve sustainable development.
In the future, foodaily will continue to create an open and cooperative multi win ecosystem, create a new field linking innovation and industry development, explore more possibilities for a better lifestyle in the future, and explore the common future of the industry.
As an important part of foodaily innovation Expo, the conference section will focus on brand ecology and innovation development, take “brand ecology” as the core, and focus on “global high-level Innovation Summit, six theme chapters, seven category chapters” to gather international giants, industry experts, cutting-edge brands, head capital, creative designers and other ideological leaders in various fields to conduct diversified dialogues in the context of the new era, presenting content precipitation Innovative thinking, overall strategy
Global high level Innovation Summit
– China’s innovation bridge linking the world
In the new era of consumption upgrading, innovation is changing the world. The global high-level Innovation Summit will upgrade its vision, invite influential industry leaders around the world to focus on the hot spots of industry development, interpret the future ecology from a global perspective, innovate and break the growth problems of enterprises, integrate with international diversification, and promote the innovation with Chinese characteristics of local brands.
Theme Forum
– multi point interconnected cross-border bridge
In the era of integration and symbiosis, cross-border thinking subverts vision. The theme forum will focus on “Design & packaging, channel retail, innovation & Venture Capital”
Category Forum
– a bridge for brand integration
In the era of commercial innovation, the food industry under the artificial dividend is people-oriented, making continuous innovations and breakthroughs to enhance its core competitiveness. The category forum will focus on “dairy, catering and catering +
Foodaily Expo is not only an industrial innovation platform, but also a stage and link bridge for the industry. Adhering to the open innovation under the design thinking, we have established free, open and inclusive ecological links and cooperation territory based on content precipitation and business links. From brand, to business, and then to industry, food innovation is within reach, helping Chinese brands become international and demonstrating Chinese innovation to the world.
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