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How did KFC build “family bucket” into a brand super advertising platform?

from the perspective of brand, talk about design.
The chief brand think tank has opened a new “design has a set” column, which aims to explore wonderful product design, provide case reference for brands, and provide a display platform for good products and good design.
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Kentucky Fried Chicken
(Kentucky Fried Chicken)
After McDonald’s launched cat’s nest, KFC also began to collect money from officials.
Recently, KFC and pet brand “Weika” launched a co branded cat nest.
What kind?
The answer is not hard to guess – it’s a family bucket.
It has to be said that as the most popular product of KFC, KFC family bucket, like the colonel of KFC, can be called the face and IP of KFC.
Although it is often roast by netizens that it should be called “Bachelor bucket”, because the whole family is not enough to eat, only enough for one person. But this does not affect everyone’s love for KFC family barrel for decades.
When you search “family bucket” on the Internet, the first thing that comes out must be KFC family bucket. And there are countless discussions about KFC family bucket by netizens.
Is the family bucket enough for the whole family? Or is it that the whole chicken family is in the bucket?
What kind of experience is it to eat KFC family bucket alone?
How can KFC family barrel be cheaper?
One person can enjoy 99 yuan KFC family bucket. Try whether you can eat enough?
What is the best order for a person to eat KFC family bucket?
Netizens’ enthusiasm for exploring the whole family bucket is comparable to chasing idol. They love and hate idol. They love and hate idol, but they don’t hate that it’s not enough to eat, but they also want to know its past and present lives clearly.
However, how does KFC turn the whole family bucket into its top stream IP?
Brand analysis
·Brand highlights / brand feature
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC for short) was founded by its founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, in 1952. It is one of the multinational chain restaurants in the United States, and also the second largest fast food and the largest fried chicken chain in the world. As a well-known fast-food brand, KFC is particularly good at building differentiated brand awareness through differentiated products. Family bucket is one of them. For KFC, “everything can be a family bucket”, and KFC has successfully made the differentiated product IP “family bucket” popular.
·Customer analysis
Research shows that KFC takes family members as its main target consumers. The main consumer group is young people aged 11-30. Perhaps influenced by this, KFC’s promotion focuses on young people who are more likely to accept foreign cultures and new things. All of its food and service environment are also targeted and designed. KFC tries to attract the attention of young people and hopes to influence the presence of family members of other ages.
It can be seen that freshness and differentiation are important ways for KFC to attract consumers.
Keyword 1. Logo
Brand logo is the visual badge of the brand
The whole family bucket was launched in the millennium, and soon became very popular and became a trump product of KFC.
This product uses barrel containers, and the barrel body is equipped with KFC’s classic Santos grandpa logo, which is very KFC at a glance.
Brand is a kind of memory technology, and brand logo is essentially for the convenience of consumers to “distinguish and remember”. It’s like a brand’s visual badge. When we want to identify a brand, it’s the fastest to look at the brand logo.
At the beginning of the launch of the whole family bucket, KFC especially emphasized the “Santos grandpa logo”, which is actually a way to put a “visual badge” on its products, so that people can see at a glance that this is KFC’s product.
Key words 2. Color
Brand color is the extension of brand visual badge
In addition to the brand logo, it is not difficult to find that KFC family bucket has always adopted the classic “Red + white” color matching of KFC.
To a certain extent, color and logo have the same effect. It can also be said that color is the extension of the brand logo, continuing the “difference memory” function of the brand logo.
Studies have shown that in terms of traffic signals, red means stop. KFC makes the bottom color of its signboard red. When you see red, you will unconsciously stop. The clothes grandpa wore on the sign were white, giving the impression of a professional chef. It is easy for consumers to have a sense of trust.
Some studies have shown that from the perspective of color psychology, red can cause stimulation, appetite and hunger; And yellow is the color that produces happiness and closeness.
It can be seen that KFC’s decades long adherence to the visual design of “red and white” not only continues to attract consumers to the door, but also engraves the visual symbol of “red and white” into the minds of the public, making “red and white” the exclusive color of KFC’s brand. It has triggered continuous discussion among the public, and the first thing people think of when they mention KFC is “red and white”.
△ in 2015, in order to celebrate the Malaysian people’s love for KFC, KFC launched the poster “red and white” and won the 2015 London Advertising Festival Awards.
The use of KFC’s “Red + white” color matching on the whole family bucket has achieved a high degree of unity in its brand VI design. Like the KFC logo, KFC silently announced to the public that this is KFC’s product.
Key words 3. Color painting
Let the product itself become the information dissemination platform of the brand
Of course, in the later stage, after KFC confirmed the “lineage” of the whole family barrel to the public, it is not difficult to find that KFC began to play more tricks on the barrel.
1 Express brand personality and convey brand connotation.
In addition to the basic functional value of “blooming products”, product packaging also has the functions of adding product attraction, reflecting brand recognition, expressing brand personality, and increasing product premium. This is also vividly reflected in KFC family bucket.
In the later stage, the whole family bucket gradually became the expression medium of KFC culture.
During the Spring Festival, it is already a routine operation to pass holiday greetings by “changing clothes” for the whole family.
△ on the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival, KFC and the National Museum of China jointly launched the “Dragon Boat Festival auspicious bucket”.
Every Christmas, KFC will also paint Christmas elements on the whole barrel.
△ during Christmas 2017, KFC invited four creative groups to design packaging for its family barrels. Each team got an empty family bucket and interpreted KFC’s advertising slogan “roll together, eat together” in their own style.
△ the Christmas version of fried chicken bucket launched by KFC in the United States in 2019 was created by Nicholas John Frith, a well-known children’s writer and illustrator. Red and green Christmas traditional color illustrations, full of Christmas atmosphere.
KFC has also launched the “first pot of gold” for the Spring Festival in recent years.
The “first pot of gold” of the Spring Festival often uses the red and gold tones common in the Spring Festival, and combines them with the elements of the Chinese Zodiac to match a nickname.
For example, the year of the dog’s “gold bucket prosperous wealth” draws on Chinese puppets, copper coins and other elements; The “smell the chicken and dance” in the year of the rooster adopts the style of traditional Chinese New Year pictures; In the year of the pig, the “golden pig piggy bank” is a piggy bank that many people had in their childhood.
△ KFC’s first pot of gold – “dance on hearing the chicken”
△ KFC’s first pot of gold – “golden pig is full”
The whole family barrel body, the advertising board of KFC.
Of course, with the continuous popularity of family bucket, the packaging of family bucket is no longer KFC’s “one person’s advertising space”. It began to turn the family barrel packaging into an “open advertising space” through joint branding.
△ in 2015, KFC cooperated with the League of heroes to launch the “happy gathering hero bucket”, so that the image of fighting side by side with players in lol appeared on the bucket.
△ in 2019, KFC united with the National Museum to launch the intangible cultural heritage pattern family barrel.
Key words 4. Creativity
Creative IP development, everything can be a family bucket
Of course, the reason why the whole family bucket can become KFC’s “Changhong fried chicken” is also inseparable from KFC’s continuous creative development of its IP image.
1 develop creative design to give the family bucket more functions.
KFC’s ideas on the family bucket are endless.
It once introduced laser engraving limited family barrel.
Turn off the light, put the mobile phone in the hollowed out bucket, and a “family bucket” toilet lamp was born. With the function of KFC mobile app, you can also listen to stories while eating fried chicken.
The toilet lights are all out, and it’s no problem to turn the family bucket into a bathtub and a fisherman’s hat.
KFC’s creative development of family barrel is not just at the level of creative design. It has also combined creativity with high technology to create a “family barrel printer”.
△ KFC installs a printer on the bucket of the whole family so that you can print photos.
2 develop creative gameplay and develop the meaning of family bucket IP.
When creative design is enough, KFC will play creative ways.
KFC once launched an activity to let people wear their family buckets on their heads for various sports and provide a lot of jokes.
Officials often make fun of buckets, which also triggered the creativity of netizens. They used their skills to show their creativity, transforming buckets into headphones, drums, umbrellas, wall clocks, helmets and so on:
By constantly developing the playing method of family bucket IP, KFC has not only transformed family bucket into a hot IP, but also made family bucket a sharp weapon for KFC to rub hot spots.
When Prince Harry got married, KFC took advantage of the situation to launch the Royal Wedding bucket, replacing the red of the original family bucket with the royal style of gold + white, which can be described as a good heat.

△ KFC royal wedding bucket
This summer, KFC also followed the hot spot of “ice cream Assassin” and launched an ice cream. The shape of fried chicken bucket is matched with KFC classic logo with “Red + yellow” classic color matching. Full recognition.
In addition to rubbing hot spots, you can also rub other brands, and work together for a win-win situation.
Previously, on the 80th anniversary of the launch of its “original chicken”, KFC joined hands with Karl Lagerfeld, the “fashion emperor” Buddha, to launch a “family bucket” style handbag.
KFC also built a “black and white bucket wall” with countless family buckets, attracting countless trendsetters to punch in.
Suzuki minwen, a world-class entrepreneur and the founder of 7-ELEVEN in Japan, once pointed out in his book retail psychological warfare:
A long-term unchanging position is the foundation of innovation and management, but in the unchanging position, we should also constantly add materials, continue to innovate, and keep customers fresh.
The more delicious things are, the more likely they are to become greasy. In order to meet the needs of customers, businesses must provide delicious food, but at the same time, it means that it is inevitable to develop products that are “delicious to make people greasy”.
In fact, businesses must continuously launch products that are “delicious and boring”, so as to provide customers with “products that are difficult to be bored” at the time level.
Looking at the whole change process of KFC family bucket, it is not difficult to find that it has always adhered to the unchanging position of “Red + white” color matching, “KFC logo” and “barrel packaging”. On this basis, it has added endless “new materials” to constantly inject new attraction into this product.
△ in addition to the ever-changing barrel body, KFC also takes full advantage of the openness and diversity of the whole family barrel, and constantly injects new elements into the whole family barrel under the slogan of “enjoy yourself”: such as adding Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival, leaving a green ball on the Qingming Festival, and the whole fresh meat moon cake on the Mid Autumn Festival
This series of creative designs and playing methods also continue to inject new vitality into the product of “KFC bucket”, and continue to deepen the public’s understanding of the product IP of “KFC bucket”, making this product IP more popular.
Write at the end
Based on differentiated cognitive structure
Build your product into a brand unique IP
Seeing here, it is not difficult for us to find that KFC has not only built KFC family bucket into a “Changhong” product through various playing methods, but also built it into its brand’s unique product IP.
The reason why KFC family bucket can become a major IP Product of KFC is inseparable from KFC’s differentiated cognitive construction from point to area.
Dr. Wang Sai, a partner of Kotler China and a well-known market growth strategy consultant, once pointed out that cognitive differentiation is one of the important elements in building the differentiated structure of enterprises. It can effectively distinguish products from competitive products in the minds of consumers and occupy a favorable position. The construction of brand cognitive structure has four dimensions: point, line, area and body.
·Point: cognitive point.
Philip Kotler once said that in the process of brand recognition and positioning, enterprises need to consider pod (points of difference) and pop (points of parity) at the same time, and try to tap pod (differences) on the basis of realizing pop (common ground).
Pod is a brand attribute or benefit that consumers strongly associate with. They will give positive comments and believe that this attribute is difficult to find in competitive brands to the same extent.
·Lines: positioning.
The core of positioning theory, put forward by AI Reese and Jack Trout, is that “every brand needs a sentence to express the difference between it and its competitors”.
Reese and trout believe that positioning is your mental effort to future potential customers, that is, positioning the product in the hearts of your future potential customers.
·Face: brand core value. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
If we say “line positioning” in the differentiation structure, the solution is “why do consumers think of your brand?” Problems of; Then the core value of the brand, which is the face of the differentiation structure, is to solve “why do consumers use your brand?” Problems.
The key of brand core value lies in what unique value attributes the brand can provide to consumers.
·Body: brand equity.
“Body differentiation”, which ranks last among the four elements of “point line surface body” to build a differentiated cognitive structure, mainly refers to brand equity.
Brand equity is the sum of all brand cognitive values that can be accumulated and extended. It includes brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand awareness, brand association, and other proprietary assets (such as trademarks, patents, channel relationships, etc.), which will not be repeated here.
From the case of KFC family bucket, we can see that KFC has been building differentiated cognition around “bucket”. It closely follows the differentiated cognitive point of “bucket”, constructs the differentiated product positioning of “family bucket”, and passes on the core value of the brand through endless family bucket playing methods, thus making family bucket become the unique IP asset of KFC brand.
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