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Post office coffee “rush to the exam” in Beijing

China Post Office has 54000 outlets nationwide.
The post office coffee has arrived in Beijing.
On July 24, post office coffee officially opened its first store in Beijing. It is understood that this is the fifth store opened by post office coffee and the first store opened by post office coffee in first tier cities.
Beijing first store
The first post office coffee store in Beijing is located in commercial building 9, Wangjing street, Chaoyang District. From the outside of the store, the overall decoration style of Wangjing Xiaojie store is the same as that of stores in other cities, and it still continues to be “postal green”. In addition, both the logo on the store appearance and the stickers on coffee products are full of China Post elements.
It is worth noting that the first post office coffee store in Beijing was not upgraded in the original business hall, but operated on a commercial street in Wangjing. It is reported that Wangjing street is very regional, with cultural and fashionable international style.
Compared with the previous four stores, Wangjing Xiaojie store has nothing special in terms of products. It is reported that the main category of the store is still coffee, and it is also equipped with tea, cakes, snacks and other products. Among them, the selling price of coffee products is 12.8-28.8 yuan, and that of cake products is 18.8 yuan. The clerk said that after the store is connected to the local distribution function, consumers can buy online and offline.
In addition to coffee and dessert, Wangjing Street store also launched personalized self-service postcard printing services. Consumers can enjoy Postcard customization after paying 10 yuan to upload pictures. The customized postcards can be postmarked and delivered on site.
Why did you come to Beijing?
Beijing is one of the cities with the strongest coffee culture in China at present. According to data, Beijing has more than 4000 coffee shops in the market, ranking second in the stock of coffee shops in China. At present, most mainstream coffee brands have layout in Beijing. For example, Starbucks has 461 stores in Beijing and Ruixing coffee has 445 stores. If post office coffee can gain a firm foothold in the Beijing market, it shows that it has the capital to expand across the country.
As for the reasons why most coffee brands want to enter super large cities, Zhu danpeng, a Chinese food industry analyst, once said that there are two reasons: first, mega cities can endorse coffee brands themselves; Second, coffee brands can win more consumption opportunities in the region, and have a certain blessing on their overall operation in the future.
Test challenge
Although post office coffee has opened its first store in Beijing and received high attention, it will face more challenges whether it can survive in Beijing for a long time.
From the perspective of the industry, at present, in the Beijing market, there are many coffee brands, and the competition in the coffee track is extremely fierce. Not only have a number of brands become large-scale, but also brands continue to impact the Beijing market. As of July 4, the number of Starbucks stores in Beijing has reached 461, and Ruixing coffee has 445, according to the narrow door dining room data. Moreover, in recent years, many coffee brands have entered Beijing one after another. Just recently, it has been reported that “lucky coffee”, which focuses on affordable coffee, has opened two stores in Beijing.
Under such fierce competition, post office coffee needs to meet several conditions to gain a foothold in Beijing.
On the one hand, whether post office coffee can quickly realize the scale of stores. Data show that at the beginning of 2020, Beijing post had about 767 outlets. If these outlets were upgraded, post office coffee could expand its stores to hundreds in a short time.
However, there will be many problems in the actual transformation. First, the problem of store location. The corresponding consumer groups of coffee are medium and high-end consumer groups, but many outlets under postal service are not distributed in commercial streets with large crowds and high consumption levels; Second, store property issues, many outlets under China post currently have no spare space to add “coffee business”; Third, although these outlets can be upgraded, they also need to pay a high cost.
Previously, the relevant person in charge of post office coffee told Beijing Business Daily that at present, post office coffee focuses on three types: CBD stores, scenic spot stores and campus stores. In the future, post office coffee will rely on the network of China Post to layout the national market. From the above three store types, post office coffee may abandon its outlets to find suitable stores to operate in the future expansion. However, although this method can be closer to consumers, renting stores also means that it will bear high costs and daily business pressure.
On the other hand, post office coffee should also consider the characteristics of the product and whether it can attract consumers to repurchase.
From the perspective of Beijing’s first post office coffee store, the products of the store include coffee, tea, cakes, cultural and creative peripherals, etc. Among them, the price of coffee is between 12.8-28.8 yuan, the price of cake is 18.8 yuan, and the price around cultural innovation is 10 yuan. Compared with Ruixing and Starbucks’ products, the price is slightly civilian.
In terms of coffee, post office coffee has classic American style, original latte, cappuccino, cloud white and other varieties, which are not unique compared with coffee products on the market. Previously, although Dong Kexin, the co-founder of post office coffee and CMO, said that next, post office coffee will launch three special coffees nationwide, it is still difficult to predict the popularity of the products at that time.
In addition, post office coffee has no characteristics compared with the outside world, such as post order orange Italy, post order litchi and other drinks, as well as black forest cake, mousse cake and other desserts.
Since the opening of its first store in February this year, post office coffee has been connected to four cities. Although each new store can attract a large number of consumers to punch in, how long can the enthusiasm for placing orders due to curiosity and curiosity last? This is a problem that post office coffee must face at present.
Author: Fan Yining; Source: Yilan Commerce (id:yilanshangye), reprint has been authorized.
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